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For Maisui, who was doted on from the start, it was second nature for her to assume that it was a given for her mother to treat her like a princess, so she was never really required to consider any other factors.

For example, in the case of her going off to the county town, she didn’t pause to consider the possibility of her mother or her younger brother falling ill, nor did she consider any other circumstances.

Instantly, the little girl thought that her mother went over to find her.


The typical attitude of one who assumed the world revolved around them.


Of course, the original owner was the one who made the biased treatment a habit, so it was a given for her to think that way.


Naturally, Lin Lan wasn’t going to continue treating her that way.


First and foremost, she didn’t like children; her taking care of them now was out of obligation.

Two, she wouldn’t be soft-hearted since they weren’t her own children.




As soon as she returned home, Lin Lan heard the voices of the old lady and the Han family’s second sister-in-law coming from the hall.


The Han family’s second sister-in-law was angry and enraged, “How could there be such a person who borrows money from the Brigade to go to the hospital How are we supposed to know if she just wanted to spend the money on herself under the guise of her child Why didn’t she take the child to a doctor before and care for them And now, why is she starting to pretend”


The money was always managed by the old lady Han— every single cent and penny was to be given by the old lady herself.

The young aunt was upset by the fact that she didn’t even get a single fraction of the money yet, the shrew actually had the guts to borrow it on her own from the Brigade.


How shameless!


She drank pesticides and pretended to be dead to escape from working.

That matter wasn’t even over yet, and she still went to borrow some money How the heck did she become this shameless


The old lady Han was also angry, but the old man had calmed her down and extinguished most of her anger.

He told her that Xiao Wang’s illness would have to be treated sooner or later; otherwise, they would be gossiped about.


She took 5 dollars for the treatment but it wasn’t completely cured anyways.

The third house can just give up and they wouldn’t have an excuse in the future to argue about.


Old lady Han was slightly open-minded in regards to her thoughts— she wasn’t going to argue with the shrew as he was also her grandson after all.


But thinking about the vixen who dared to borrow money from the Brigade— a loan of 5 dollars, she felt that she was going to lose her life.


Every penny of the family’s money was always distributed or given from her hand.

Therefore, having even a penny taken by others was also a provocation against her authority, which was really unbearable.


What’s more was that 5 dollars was not a small amount; how many people could just simply hand that amount over upon request


The old man said directly to her, “Didn’t Old Three (1) send you a few thousand dollars How can that be compared to a mere 5 dollars”


(T/N: Parents would address their kids as ‘old’ followed by the sequence the child was born in.

For example, the 2nd child of the family would be called ‘Old Two’ and the 3rd would be called ‘Old Three’ and so on.)


When he mentioned the word ‘thousand’, the old lady Han started to feel her muscles ache as she hurriedly ushred the old man to stop speaking.

She didn’t want any outsiders to spread the rumor of her taking advantage of the Third House’s money and cause an even bigger ruckus.


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