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Maisui lost her reputation and rushed to Sanwang to fight, “Why are you everywhere!”


Sanwang ran away.


At this time, Dawang came back on a bicycle, carrying a large bundle of branches.

In late autumn, some villages would cut down some trees, so the other members could take advantage of the loads of branches to make a fire.


However, it was also only Dawang who dared to go to the neighboring village to pick them.


Sanwang hid behind Dawang, “Big brother, big brother, my sister is going to kill me.”


Dawang glanced at Maisui.


Maisui was not happy, “You’re speaking of nonsense again.”


Sanwang, “When am I speaking nonsense I have seen it several times.”


Lin Lan shouted, “Hurry back and wash your hands to eat.”


She persuaded Erwang again, “Why are you unhappy It’s just out of battery, but it’s not broken.”


Erwang, “Batteries are so hard to buy, so without it, isn’t the radio as good as broken”


“It’s okay, don’t worry about it.

Your father is back now, so just let him figure out a way.”


Erwang was more comfortable now, but he still didn’t forget to say something about Maisui, “Mother, you have to be careful; don’t raise Maisui to be a little girl who only knows how to show off.”


You were originally a lot more problematic than Maisui is.


“Don’t I have you My Erwang is so capable— you’re hardworking and you live a simple life, how bad can your sister end up With you leading her by example, mother doesn’t worry,” She rubbed Erwang’s hair to encourage him.


Erwang was very happy, “Then you have to make her listen to me.

She always says that she is the elder sister, asking me to listen to her.”


“Okay, okay,” Lin Lan smiled, turned around and said to Maisui, “Look at how capable Erwang is— his cooking is delicious and he does the work for you.

You should coax him and praise him a bit.

Boys will always do work diligently if you do so.”


Maisui giggled, “Then will you coax my father”


Lin Lan, “Hurry, let’s eat.”


The family was having their meals and Lin Lan said, “School is going to start in these two days.

I have to talk to the principal and let you all go to school.”


Not one of them will miss out on the opportunity besides Xiaowang, who still could wait for another two years.


Sanwang, “Mother, can you stop saying this kind of stuff when we’re having a good meal” What a killjoy!


Erwang and Maisui were just the right age and had been following Lin Lan for a while, so they were brainwashed to the point that they were no longer against going to school.


Xiaowang was still young, so there was no hurry on his part, while Dawang is slightly older.

However, the most conflicted one was Sanwang.


“I used to say that those who go to school are crazy, but that’s just a joke.

Mother apologizes, but now I think going to school is the only way to be successful.

You can gain a lot of knowledge and not be ignorant.”


Sanwang touched the scar on his forehead as it was a little itchy, but he still didn’t want to go to school.


Lin Lan glanced at him, “You like swimming, but do you know why people can float in water Do you know why they drown when they choke on water”


Sanwang, “I float up when I tread water.

Just like choking when I eat, I know I can choke to death with water as well.”


Erwang said, “But a drowned person can float without needing to tread water.”


Sanwang couldn’t figure out what they were trying to say, but he still didn’t want to go to school.


Lin Lan didn’t say much.

Anyway, going to school was a must, so she waited for Han Qingsong to come back.


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