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According to her understanding, this kind of theft was usually handled by the Revolutionary Committees of the major teams themselves.

They would be parading the streets, holding a meeting to debate things out and then continuing to work.

Crimes like these wouldn’t be that easy to brush off either, but if the offenders were people of power, things could be changed.


Of course, there was a lot of room for maneuvering here.


Everyone in this village colluded with each other— as long as they didn’t kill anyone, they would generally forgive the offenders.

For example, Liu Chunhe.

  Although breaking into the house in the middle of the night and stealing was a hateful act, the crime was not fatal.

He had relatives in the same village, so as long as he was not in the darkest section of the blacklist, Han Yongfang would naturally be slightly lenient.


Those from other villages have to be sent back to their own village to be punished.

The villagers here have no right to deal with them.


Whether they will be punished or not sent back depends on the decision of their own village cadre and the relationship between that person and the village cadre.


For someone with a few connections like Zhao Jianshe, the best thing to do was to educate them after returning to the county.


At most, he would end up like Skinny and Shorty.

He might be criticised in a meeting and it will be a permanent mark on his record, but he would be fine.


If this was the case, she felt that they were left off too easily.

Instead, she felt that it was a relief Dawang had bashed them up with those sticks.

Even if they were let go, they weren’t unscathed.


Anyway, in her opinion, these burglars were more hateful than those so-called political prisoners.

Many political prisoners did not really commit crimes, but they either wrote something that did not meet the requirements or said something wrong that had to be punished.


For example, when there was movement, the superiors demand that the unit also engage in a movement.

They demanded mutual exposure, criticism and self-criticism, but were then thrown into prison when someone made an error in typing the words in the newspaper, made a wrong calculation and so on.


It was purely just a stupid power struggle.


But these people were not wronged at all.

The attempted burglary in the middle of the night would have turned into a wounding robbery, which was very bad.


Han Qingsong nodded, “They will be locked in the commune temporarily and the final punishment will be issued in two days.”


According to the process, they need to investigate and collect evidence to see if the offenders have any prior criminal records.

Most importantly, they need to see their rate of involvement in crime.

If they had a clean record, then their punishment might be lightened due to this being their first offence.


As for the meaning of the Director of the Revolutionary Committee, it was estimated that they also have to consider whether these people have any influential background.

For example, Zhao Jianshe’s uncle seemed to have a few connections with the County Revolutionary Committee.


But Han Qingsong didn’t mention any of these.


Lin Lan was very happy.

If things went well, those bad rats could be heavily punished!


In Old Man Han’s family, Old Lady Han didn’t eat any food.

She covered her face with ointment and groaned, complaining as to why Old Three didn’t bring the fourth child back.


At this time, Liu Chunfang helped Yu Wuzi in, “Sister-in-law, please be benevolent-“


The eldest brother Han watched and stopped them, “What are you doing here Go to the commune and shout all you want there.”


Liu Chunfang said in a trembling voice, “Brother, my mother wants to have a word with the aunt.”


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