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The eldest sister-in-law sneered, “You are so honest to the point you don’t understand anything.”


Old Man Han didn’t talk these days.

He didn’t like to eat and he didn’t face anyone, so he basically hid in the fields to work.

It was clear that he wanted the old lady to make trouble with Old Three, forcing him to bring the fourth child back.


Asking him to come back to preside over the overall situation was merely a dream.


Didn’t they see the second brother and his wife, constantly shrinking their heads and not showing up like a turtle


If the fourth child were to come back, they, who had the biggest room, would definitely be at a disadvantage.

So they locked themselves up properly and halted activities within the house.


But this stupid eldest couldn’t even tell, what an idiot.


The eldest sister-in-law was so angry, but she knew her husband’s temperament.

He wouldn’t listen to her at all when it came to his own beliefs.


After dinner, Lin Lan was about to continue sewing the quilt.

Afraid that Han Qingsong would see the mess, she asked him, “By the way, haven’t you changed jobs What kind of work has been arranged for you Do you want to go to work”


Han Qingsong said, “I just need to go to the commune to manage the security, but I have reported in the morning.

There is nothing to do, so I don’t need to go every day.”


Although he had three positions, in fact, the Public Security Bureau was just a decoration now.

The members were all detained by the Production Team to work and there wasn’t much trouble going on.

It’s nothing more than receiving a few political prisoners and he didn’t need to escort them himself.


His three positions were mainly given to raise his wages so that he would not be at a loss even if his career was changed.


Lin Lan pondered that the position was similar to the Security Director, “They let you be the militia Company Commander of the commune”


It’s an equal level, but the Militia Company Commander couldn’t compare with his Company Commander role in the army— it’s far from it.

But the salary was also pretty good, and it was definitely better than him being put into a farming position.


Han Qingsong nodded, “Something like that,” Anyway, the militia company was now under his control.


Lin Lan didn’t have much hope for his job.

The Security Director in the village didn’t get paid and he just subsidised some work points.

The previous Company Commander also didn’t earn much from this position before.


It was estimated to be less than ten Yuan a month.


She had more than 2,000 Yuan in her hand now, so she couldn’t care less about the ten Yuan.


However, since he was also a cadre, food stamps and some non-staple food stamps would probably be issued.


This was Lin Lan’s favorite part.


Not only did the villagers have no cash, they had nothing at all except for cloth tickets, cotton tickets, kerosene tickets.

Now that Han Qingsong had a job, he could buy more at that time.


She thought that he had just returned, and besides the commune, he probably also had to go to the Brigade to contact the cadres, so she said, “You go and do what you need to do.”


Han Qingsong looked at the quilt on the kang, “There’s nothing to do, are you sewing the quilt”


He stretched out his hand to pull the quilt that Lin Lan folded on the kang.


Lin Lan hurriedly stopped, “Leave it alone, I can sew it myself!”


Han Qingsong has already pulled the quilt open with his hand, revealing the mess of tangled threads inside.


Lin Lan used to thread a little long before, sewing two stitches and knotting them again.

Now, it became a lump that she made a silent mockery of.


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