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Who knew that Han Qingsong was licking himself clean with the tip of his tongue, and just so happened to also lick the palm of her hand.


Lin Lan felt the tickle as if she had been electrocuted and quickly retracted her hand.

In order to hide her embarrassment, she took a sip of water from the tea jar to suppress her shock.


After finishing the drink and remembering that this was what Han Qingsong drank, she felt a little embarrassed.


Han Qingsong noticed that the expression on her face changed— sometimes, it would be a shy expression, sometimes a sly expression and now a natural look.

He didn’t understand what inner activities were going through her head, but he felt it was very mysterious.


Lin Lan felt that his gaze was full of heat and she was a little flustered, so she quickly said, “The bag hasn’t been packed yet for you.”


She hurried to pack up Han Qingsong’s big backpack.


It’s mostly clothes.


There were two sets of sweaters, two sets of long sleeved clothes and military uniforms.

There were also two pairs of shoes, a few pairs of socks with patches, and some other odds and ends.


Han Qingsong washed them clean by himself.


There were also two bars of soap, two razors and a box of blades.


Lin Lan also found a small stack of various tickets.

The army’s meal tickets were universal throughout the country, as well as a few feet of cloth tickets and candy tickets.


Lin Lan found that the meal ticket had oil on it, so she could buy food and cooking oil!


She took out another aluminium lunch box and almost flicked her wrists heavily.


Why is this so heavy Is there gold inside it


She opened it to take a look and her eyes flashed brightly.

It turned out to be some military medals.


First class, second class, third class— there was a full lunch box of achievements!


She picked it up and looked at it, wondering how desperate and hardworking he had to be to gain so many.


She couldn’t help but turn her head to look at Han Qingsong.


He sat upright, facing her sideways, and the sun gave him a perfect silhouette.

With thick eyebrows, a high nose, moderately thick lips and slightly forward chin, he looked pretty handsome.


Han Qingsong thought she had something to say, so he turned to look at her.


Lin Lan immediately bowed her head a little embarrassedly and continued to pack his backpack.

There were a few red treasure books and a palm-sized notebook.


A letter fell out of the book.


She found that there was no mailing address and sender, but only the receiving unit.

In this case, it was usually an anonymous report letter.


Since she was curious, she took it out and had a look, which surprised her.


In the letter, it was reported that Han Qingsong was messing with some women and he was not fit to continue to be an officer.

He should rush home.


Lin Lan sneered in her heart.

The writing was full of loopholes, and at first glance it was made up… Oh God, ​​she suddenly remembered.

This was what she had someone write on her behalf before the original owner drank the pesticides!


Lin Lan was so embarrassed that she broke out in a cold sweat.


Han Qingsong should have guessed that ‘she’ did it He didn’t immediately question her when he came back.

Would he hold back his strength and find a chance to settle accounts with her


Lin Lan’s heart suddenly felt like it was going through little bouts of ups and downs and she couldn’t help but peek at Han Qingsong on the kang.


He felt her gaze and looked at her again.


Lin Lan pretended not to know anything and quietly stuffed the letter back, and as if nothing had happened, she took out a Red Treasure Book and pretended to be surprised, “You even brought the book back.”


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