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Lin Lan said,  “Principal, my Dawang, Erwang, Sanwang and Maisui will probably be in first grade.

They are going to start tomorrow, so if you don’t mind, please pay attention to them.”


She saw that Han Qingping seemed to have been struck by lightning and she didn’t want to continue to scare him, so she smiled and left.


Han Qingping took a deep breath. Wow, and I thought it was an amazing day to die.


Huo Yuan was also very curious as she could tell that the third daughter-in-law of the Han family was really interesting.

For a while, she was a crazy woman.

To reason with her was like reasoning with the Gods; talking to her was like talking to some sort of youth who believed that she was always right as well.


Listening to the way she used the phrase ‘please pay attention to them’, it really wasn’t something that normal folk would say.


Han Qingping was more surprised than her because he had scolded Lin Lan before.


At that time, he wanted Dawang to go to school, so he went to Lin Lan.

However, Lin Lan said that all the people who went to school were insane and she wouldn’t send her kids to school to learn a bunch of blasphemy.


 “What use is there in going to school Wouldn’t they return to the farm in the end If it’s useful to go to school, why do the educated youth still return to the countryside Why does Chairman M let them go to the vast world in the countryside to make a difference Why not let the farmers all go to the city to make a difference instead “


The moment he persuaded her again, she scolded him directly, “Do you think that it would be good to not be able to look at us Look at yourself, you claim that you are a scholar, but where’s your worth You can’t rely on your physical abilities, and if it wasn’t for our Secretary Head taking care of you, you would have been locked up in the cowshed long ago.

Yes, you all are the scholars who would have been locked in the cowshed and the cellar, are you not Who knows what bull** you have read in your studies that resulted in your imprisonment Asking us to let our kids study Save it.

If you are going to be locked up, don’t drag other people’s children into that mess as well.”


Han Qingping was so angry that he pointed at her and kept shivering, “Y-you! Look at you! You have a good appearance, so why are you spouting such words and being the shrew that everyone expects you to be After marriage, have you truly become a dead fish(1)”


(T/N: A term to describe someone that looks dead inside but is merely surviving)


For that lecture, the original owner had chased the Principal down several streets before.

She would start an argument with him every time they met, saying things like even the educated people were not as nice as they seem.

She would also claim that they looked down on her. 


At this moment, Han Qingping was truly not used to her speaking in a good tone.


Huo Yuan smiled and said, “Principal, she’s not a fish with dead eyeballs now.”


Han Qingping wiped the sweat from his forehead, “No, I think she’s alive now,” He just didn’t know if her words were true or not.

Was she really going to send her children to school tomorrow


After dealing with a major event, Lin Lan went home happily.

On the way, she met Liu Chunfang who was lingering behind her house.


Lin Lan glanced at her and left without saying hello.


Liu Chunfang, “…”


When they got home, Erwang and Maisui had already prepared the meals whereas Dawang and Sanwang were standing under the eaves.


Lin Lan said casually, “Yo, why are you behaving so well”


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