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Although his mother could scream, she didn’t hit them.

Even if she did hit them, it was not that painful.


But his father was a different story altogether!


The slap that Sanwang received on his backside still remained numb even to this moment.


His eldest brother got it even worse.

Dawang got a deadly kick from their father on his own backside, making him fall to the ground due to the impact.


Their father also said that starting from tomorrow, they would have to wake up early for morning exercises.

If they overslept or were unable to keep up, they would face punishment that was to be determined.


Most of them will probably be whipping, ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) ah!!


Sanwang couldn’t help but lowered his head and glanced at the cane at the base of the wall.

No one should underestimate the cane that was merely as thick as his little finger; when used against the body, it really hurt.


Sanwang subconsciously squeezed onto his eldest brother and shook Dawang frantically.

Dawang threatened him with his eyes, but he was not afraid. 


After eating, Han Qingsong continued to sew the second quilt.


Lin Lan whispered, “Will the brothers have dinner”


Han Qingsong, “You have the final say.”


Lin Lan went out and said, “Eat.”


Dawang snorted,seemingly a bit unsatisfied, but Sanwang rushed into the house.

He held the bowl and snorted as he drank the porridge, “Delicious, delicious!”


He was starving.


Lin Lan didn’t care about Dawang.

Anyway, since Han Qingsong was at home, she wasn’t worried about him being rebellious.


Lin Lan took out the military satchel, “This is the school bag your father brought back.

Over the New Years, whoever scores the best in the exam will get this as a reward!”


She hung the army green school bag on the wooden wedges on the wall in order to make the children drool over it every day, acting as a motivation for them.


Erwang and Maisui both want it.


Sanwang also swallowed a mouthful of saliva out of want.


Dawang didn’t even look at it as he was seemingly unaffected.


Lin Lan took out the pencils and notebooks she had bought— one child would get a pencil and a book each, whereas two would share an eraser.

When they go to school tomorrow, she would ask the teacher to find a way for the two of them to share a book.

After all, it would be sufficient.


Four children, two tables and a book for two was enough.


She put the school bag she sewed on the table and she made a roll-up pencil case with a piece of robe.

Then, she rolled all four pencils inside to protect the nibs of the lead.


If there was another chance, she would buy another pencil case back home.


Erwang and Maisui were very interested in the rolled-up pencil case as they had not seen such a thing before.


It seems easy enough to use, but it’s really quite plain.

Why isn’t there a flower embroidered on it or something Erwang thought.


He glanced at Han Qingsong who was still sewing the quilt, wondering if Director Han could embroider.


When they went to bed at night, Lin Lan and Maisui hugged Xiaowang and the three of them put on a new quilt.

It was warm and pleasantly comforting.


The men were covered with the army quilt brought back by Han Qingsong.

Han Qingsong shared with Erwang whereas Dawang paired with Sanwang, so the quilts were a bit small.


Sanwang tossed around in bed and grabbed the quilt, so Dawang couldn’t cover himself at first.

Later, Dawang was covered tightly and Sanwang’s head was arched into his eldest brother’s arms.

Sanwang’s lower body was practically leaning onto the wall and he twitched several times here and there as if he was swimming.


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