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The weather morphing from sun to rain, a daughter becoming a daughter-in-law, a son that wants to change his career— these were things that could not be controlled by mere human capabilities.


After a moment, a wailing cry was heard coming from the West Wing.

It was none other than Han family’s second sister-in-law.


She cried for the fact that her family was poor and the treatment was unfair.

The Second House and the First House had to squeeze themselves into the West Wing— one family sleeping in the Northern kang whereas the other slept in the Southern kang.

The kids followed their grandparents to sleep in the East Room of the main house.


However, Old Three’s House could have the entire East Chamber all to themselves.


She could even pretend that she was dead in order to skip her work every single day to prevent labour, leaving the family to raise her pointlessly.


On what basis!


She saved up the Fabric Coupon for a long time, but she was worried that it might expire.

Still, she had to wait for a long time to save up for the sufficient amount of coupons in order to exchange with someone else.

However, she didn’t have the money to sew the fabric into proper clothing, so she might have had to wait until the New Year’s arrival before trying to get a few dollars from grandmother.


Who would have ever thought that the shrew just went over to the Brigade to borrow some money directly!


If that was the case, then she should go over to borrow some money too!


Sister-in-law Han came back and heard someone crying in the house.

At first she thought it belonged to the Third Family, but when she listened carefully, she  realised that it was from the second family and she suddenly muttered in her heart.


She thought that it was because she had come back late and dinner wasn’t made that made old lady Han angry.

She assumed that the elder had instructed the Second Family’s wife to cook for them as she felt a little guilty.


“Come on, I’ll cook.”


At this moment, Lin Lan emerged from the East Chambers and smiled, “First sister-in-law, let me help you.”


The Han’s first sister-in-law shuddered in fright and subconsciously said, “No need, no need; you took your child to the county town so you must be tired.

Have a break.”


In the past, the original owner would always put on a cloudy expression.

She always looked as if one owed her a bottle of pesticides.

She was grumbling every time she opened her mouth, so no one ever dared to speak to her.


Which was why her friendly demeanour and assertiveness to help out raised several red flags for the Han family’s first sister-in-law.

She wondered if the woman had any other malicious intentions— perhaps adding pesticides into the soup itself and poisoning the entire family.


She was so scared that she hurriedly made her way to cook in haste, all the while thinking that she should probably watch her work carefully and not allow the Third Family’s wife to try anything suspicious.


It was said that a dog that bites never barks— in the past, she was the one who was met with consequences when she always ‘barked but never bit’; however, she wouldn’t be barking from now on, only focusing on bites.


Thinking about things this way, she thought that she really had to find a way to evict the Third Family from their home.


Lin Lan spreaded her arms in defeat.

It wasn’t that she was lazy to make a living herself; the problem was that no one dared to employ her.


She glanced around and took the initiative to sweep the yard.

There were several chickens in the house and the yard was dirty, after all.

Then, she cleaned the patio and had her dinner outside under the cool breeze of the night.


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