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After cleaning, Lin Lan realised that her three boys weren’t home yet, so she went out to find them.


Erwang was fine— his sly tongue packed a bunch of insincere words but he could adapt to daily changes really well.

However, Sanwang was spontaneous— could he be controlled by just being stricter


Besides, she had no experience in educating children; everything she had done so far was by idly being a bystander plus the experiences of the previous owner’s memories that she had inherited.


There was also Dawang who was no longer a little boy.

He had caused her a bunch of headaches as well.


She wanted to go to the Southern River to check, worried that Sanwang might have his leg cramped or something of the sorts.

With the not-so-nutritious diet he was having, a slip-up would easily cause a leg cramp.


And leg cramps were the most worrisome fear when one was swimming.


When she reached the entrance of the village, she saw a few boys playing war and fighting games.


The leader had a shaved head, thick eyebrows and long eyes.

He was young but he had a heroic spirit whereas his small body was as strong as a calf.

He was directing his friends to do this and that, speaking with a tone that was full of righteousness.


It was Dawang.


He enjoyed being the leader of the children and having the other kids listen to him well; whoever opposed him would be hit with his wrath.


However, there was another child who was older than him, unconvinced and provocative.


The two children fought.


The other children surrounded them in excitement, clenching their fists to hype up the mood, “Fight! Fight! Dawang, fight!”


Although Dawang was about two or three years younger than the other child, he was not at all apologetic as he locked the older child in his grasp and wrestled him.


Soon, Dawang tripped the opponent to the ground with a kick, rousing a round of applause from the spectators.


Immediately afterwards, he was pressed down by the weight of the older boy’s body.

The boy put pressure on Dawang’s smaller frame and taunted, “Are you going to yield, kid”


Naturally, Dawang refused to accept defeat.

He neither complained out of pain nor begged for mercy as he tried to push the opponent off.


Soon, he exerted a wave of strength from his waist.

Then, he held the opponent’s shoulders with both hands and slammed the opponent onto the ground.

He managed to be the one sitting on the boy as he bent his knees to suppress the opponent’s arms and squeezed his ears, “I’m not going to yield!”


“Ah— that hurts!” The older child cried instead, kicking his legs indiscriminately in an attempt to kick Dawang away,”It hurts to death! Han Dawang, you dare to beat me up I’ll have my dad and my older brother to do the same to you!”


Dawang didn’t care as he maintained his iron-like grip on the boy’s ears, asking coldly, “Will you yield Will you Are you going to continue being disobedient to me in the future!”


“I will…listen… to you…”


“Call me boss!”




“Hahaha,” the children around him laughed.


At this time, there were adults all over the village calling for the children to eat, which made the children scatter all at once as they made their way back home to eat.


Soon, there was only Dawang left.

He stood there a little dazed, as if he couldn’t accept the sudden loss of followers.


No one called him and he didn’t want to go home either, so he turned around and walked over to a large rock to sit down.


“Dawang,” Lin Lan called out to him.


Dawang was taken aback as he wasn’t expecting anyone to call his name.

He looked up and saw Lin Lan standing not far away from where he sat.

So he stood up, turned his head and ran.


“Dawang, why are you leaving Let’s go home for dinner,” Lin Lan hurried after him.


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