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“Hurry up and get the money out for me! Or…” She looked back and couldn’t find her second child as she shouted angrily, “Old Two, where has he died off to Go and telegram Old Three and ask him to sneak back to fix his wife! Bind her to me and criticise her— she is the bad seed and traitor of this family!”


As soon as the sOld Two had entered the door, he was ordered by his eldest sister-in-law to send Han Wang Xiufen to the infirmary before he could even utter a word.

Hence, he was not with them at the moment.


“Older ones, why don’t you go get the rope!” Old lady Han almost burst into flames with her throat in a burning state.


Eldest sister-in-law looked here and there with a troubled gaze, so she had to persuade Lin Lan, “Third Family’s wife, why did you withdraw the money Hurry and pay it back to the mother soon— that is the family’s survival money.”


The old lady Han was dizzy and she was experiencing a bout of tinnitus.

She turned around while looking for a stick to beat Lin Lan with, “You got good skills now! I thought you were an idiot all along! Who would have thought that with your cunning self hidden behind your demonic persona, you would know how to steal the marriage certificate to get money as well!”


“How can I ‘steal’ my marriage certificate How can I ‘steal’ money from my man”


She got up and took Xiaowang to go back to the house.


“Give me the money!”


“Money It’s all spent,” Lin Lan looked innocent, “How can only 200 be enough How can Xiaowang’s eyes cost only 1000 yuan I still owe seven or eight hundred Yuan…”


“Ah-you failed child! I-I had it with you!” The old lady Han’s sky collapsed and she yelled, bending her head and slamming towards Lin Lan.


And why would Lin Lan gladly take the blow She hurriedly avoided it, only to see old lady Han hitting the wall of the East Chamber before she could stop.


If she really hit it, she guessed that her head would probably start bleeding, so Lin Lan subconsciously pushed her to change direction and throw her southwards to make sure that she would not hit the wall.


“Hey!” The old lady Han thrusted her head to the ground.


A pair of sturdy and powerful hands held her, lest she would end up rolling on the ground.


The visitor was dressed in a green military uniform and his face was cold, but even that could not hide his heroic appearance.


The old lady burst into tears immediately, “My Old Three, you wouldn’t have been able to see your mother if you had been one step later.

Your mother is going to be beaten to death by your shrew of a wife!”


“Quick! Quickly send her back to the Lin family! Our old Han family can’t afford to take care of her-“


What a coincidence!


Lin Lan raised her eyebrows and stared in dissatisfaction as her sight locked onto a pair of pitch-black eyes.

Those eyes were as sharp as a falcon as they stared back at her, exuding a coercion that made the tension around them unbearable.


Seeing how serious he looked, Lin Lan asked herself, should I throw a tantrum like the original owner or remain cold and unyielding


How should one react when a husband meets his wife What kind of scene should be depicted


She didn’t know because she was completely inexperienced in that area.


How awkward.


Lin Lan decisively led Xiao Wang into the house, leaving the complaining old lady Han and Han Qingsong outside.


She endured the pain in her arms and shoulders as she carried Xiaowang onto the kang.

Then, she tried to find something to disperse the blood congestion on Xiaowang’s forehead to avoid it from forming a nasty bruise later on.


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