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It’s just that he thought things were a little strange.

Back in the day, when she grumbled and fussed about how the old lady Han was taking all the money, she wasn’t spared a single cent despite the protests.

Even after he added her name to the remittance slip for several years, she didn’t dare to even take a penny out of it, so how was she so bold this time


Old lady Han exclaimed out of anger because she couldn’t get the money.

Then, she thought about Old Three’s backpack, so she instructed the children in the second room to carry the backpack over.

Because it was too heavy, it was difficult for the children to carry it unless they worked together.


Sanwang went up to stop them and said that it was his father’s bag.

He questioned their rights to take his father’s backpack, but in the end, he was just pushed aside.


Sanwang got angry and shouted in rage “Fine! That’s not my father’s! It’s no wonder that everybody has their own fathers but I don’t!”


After he shouted, he ran out.


Erwang was initially standing in the main room to eavesdrop on the commotion, but as he met Han Qingsong’s gaze, he became so frightened that he hurried to the east wing.


Maisui stood at the door of the east wing as she looked at the main house.

Despite the conflicting emotions, she finally returned to the east wing in pique.


Lin Lan was twisting a handkerchief with cold water before she placed it on Xiaowang’s forehead.

Seeing their angered appearance, she smiled and said, “What’s the matter You guys look as angry as toads with your cheeks puffed up.”


Erwang was lying by the window, “Mom, aren’t you angry Our father just ignored us upon coming back and will only listen to grandma and the others.

You see, a lot of things that he brought back were even taken away by grandma.”


Old lady Han was turning over the backpack.

There were clothes, quilts, shoes, and some books.

Naturally, there were also some goods such as canned food, malted milk, snacks, and candies.


She poured it all out and she must take the food for herself.  She thought that her youngest son adored military uniforms the most, so she set them aside for him.

Seeing that the quilt was thick and light, it should be sent to the youngest daughter who was still attending school…


Han Qingsong saw the mess and he walked over, “Mother, take a break, I’ll do it.”


Mother is already of such old age, so how could he bother her to pack his bags


The old lady Han wanted to take those things, so she was naturally willing to clean them up.

However, Han Qingsong on the other hand, was worried that she would tire herself out, so he put all the things back inside the backpack with his large hand.


In the end, he put the malted milk and the bag of candies on the table.

He gave the malted milk to the old lady and let the children have the candies, “Mother, I will put the luggage in the house.”


The old lady Han was speechless and almost choked herself to death as she watched Han Qingsong take all those things away.


He then shouted that there were goodies for the kids, so the children all rushed over to ask for the candy.


The old lady Han said angrily, “All of you get lost!”


She hurriedly put away the malted milk before splitting the candies.

Older children get one each whereas younger children divided one into two to share; the rest were kept by her.


“Old man, you better remember this.

You must send the bad guy back to her house as it’s a scourge for her to stay at home.”


And when she goes back, she must return me the 260 Yuan— not a single penny shall be less!


Old man Han sighed and mumbled, “Old Three is an officer; what happens with his marriage is not up to the parents to decide.”


But old lady Han didn’t care.


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