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Lin Lan twitched the corners of her mouth.

Did he say that to imply that she wasn’t good at taking care of their children


Men were such scumbags— if they didn’t see women working hard, they would automatically put the blame on them.


She gave Erwang a look.


She was busy fending off the attacks before so she didn’t have time to ask what was going on, but she didn’t have to think about it—she instinctively knew that it was related to the second sister-in-law.


Erwang understood, “Father, you have to seek justice for us.

When you’re not at home, they bully my mother and us children all day long.

Mother took Xiaowang to the county hospital for treatment and came back with a pair of glasses.

But grandma and second aunt would refute every single one of our reasoning and proceed to drive us out of the house.”


Triggering his emotions as he spoke, Erwang began to wipe away his tears and sobbed, “Father, if you hadn’t come back, my grandma would have tied up my mother and fought her, wuuu(1)…”


(T/N: It’s an Onomatopoeia for Chinese cries.

Sometimes, the spelling may differ depending on how many characters are written)


“Get to the main point,” Han Qingsong put the towel back on Xiaowang.


Xiao Wang threw the towel back as he was holding onto Lin Lan’s hand.


Han Qingsong, “…”


Erwang continued, “It was mother who gave Xiaowang a pair of glasses and the second aunt didn’t seem very pleased about him getting the glasses, so she didn’t go to work in the afternoon.

I brought Xiaowang back from mowing the grass and she claimed that he was an obstruction so she pushed him on the ground.

Xiaowang fell on his nose and his glasses fell to the ground.

Second aunt couldn’t resolve her hatred and jealousy, so she stepped on it.

Sanwang and I had tried to reason with her, but she took a poplar stick and beat him up… isn’t that right, second sister”


Speaking of the matter, Erwang went to the straw box that was on the sides and took out Xiaowang’s glasses.

The crystal lenses had fallen off, but the frame was still intact despite one of the glasses’ legs being broken.


Maisui and Erwang were twins, so she had an extra voice backing her up.

The girl tugged at the hair that was pulled to the point where it resembled a chicken coop as she angrily added, “That’s right! I went to restrict second aunt, but Gaoliang came and tugged onto my hair! “


Gaoliang was the daughter of the second house that belonged to the second uncle and aunt.

She was also one year older than Maisui.


Maisui also began to recount the events with grief and didn’t dare to look for Han Qingsong to act coquettishly.

Hence, she said to Lin Lan, “Mother, look at my head! My scalp hurts so badly— do you think it was damaged by Gaoliang”


The room was not bright, so it was impossible to see it clearly.

Despite that, Lin Lan still said, “Perhaps there’s a little bit of damage.

Look, that part of your scalp is already bleeding.”


Han Qingsong looked at her— this was the first time his wife ever spoke so calmly and methodically.


At this time, the old lady appeared outside the window with her face full of anger, “Why did Old Three complain as soon as he came back” She hurriedly entered the house, “Take out the 260 yuan first!”


It just so happened that the second brother Han and the second sister-in-law Wang Xiufen also came back.

Wang Xiufen rushed in and started scolding Lin Lan.


“Third brother, look at your second sister-in-law.

I’m in such a pitiful state because she almost killed me! Tell me, how dark-hearted you are— Forget about hitting my head with the stick, you even pushed me against the wall and made me bleed-“


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