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It’s just that she didn’t move her chopsticks, so the others didn’t dare to eat first.


Old Man Han, however, was hungry, “Let’s eat.”


The old lady took a long breath and said, “The third-“


Han Qingsong responded, “Mother, what’s the matter”


“You really want to change jobs”


“I guess, it depends on the arrangement of the troops.”


“Old Three, do you have a grudge against your mother…”


“Let’s eat quickly,” The old man interrupted her when he saw the Old Lady Han nagging him in front of the whole family.


Old Lady Han suddenly burst out, “What’s the matter What’s the matter You won’t let me talk anymore It’s been like this for many years.

At that time when I served the old grandmother and grandfather, when was I not being cautious and careful When I got married, this place was so poor— I couldn’t afford to wear something that was warm, so the old grandmother(4) threw me a ragged jacket and asked me to sew it.

The ragged jacket was so shattered that the fabric was practically rotten and the cotton was already in shambles.

Let me ask you, can it be sewn Can it be sewn”


(T/N: Refers to the Old Man Han’s mother, I assume)


“You- What are you trying to prove by bringing up something so unrelated” Old Man Han didn’t like the fact that he was ridiculed in front of everyone.


“Why do I have to be careful when I’m a daughter-in-law Now, when I’ve finally become a mother-in-law, should I allow ** from my own daughter-in-law Is there something wrong with me As a grandmother, can I not lay around comfortably Or do I still have to work for you too”


Everyone knew that the old lady was using the topic to rant about her frustrations on her previous hardships.

These words were not heard less often when they were younger; their ears were already calloused by the amount of times she complained and demanded justice.


“Mother, let’s have dinner first.

We’ll have a meeting after dinner, okay” Eldest brother Han was in charge of smoothing things out.


The old lady began to wipe her tears, “Why does no one bother when you guys argue and you’re not worried that the kids would mess around too, but when it comes to me, you’re just scared of everything I do”


Han Qingsong said, “Mother, I didn’t change careers on purpose, it’s all arranged by the army.

You know, people from our village are so much less fortunate.

At my age, I have already taken extra money for several years.”


That’s not wrong.

There were thousands of soldiers who had once conscripted with him, but most of them have been demobilised.

Out of all the peasant men in this village, he was the most promising one.


But it stopped here; and that’s a reality that they had to admit.


Eldest brother Han and second brother Han have both inquired about it, and they felt that the third brother was not lying.


Of course, Han Qingsong didn’t tell them the whole story.


Old Lady Han stared at him, “The army arranged for you to change careers You didn’t do it on purpose”


Wasn’t he threatened by her daughter-in-law or hypnotised by her


Han Qingsong said lightly, “Mother, what are you thinking”


The old lady Han muttered, but picked up the chopsticks and tapped them on the table.

Then, she brought up the porridge bowl, “Eat.”


Having said that, she ate with a snort, as if it wasn’t her who was making a fuss before.


Lin Lan thought, this family can be considered to even win in the commune’s arguments; it must add a lot of laughs to the other families here.


After the meal, Old Lady Han looked at Han Qingsong to ask, “Is there a job arrangement for changing careers A transfer payment”


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