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Those who were demobilized would receive a sum of money.

Although it was not much, her son was a former Company Commander, so he should have received more.

She guessed that there was at least a few hundred Yuan.

If he were to get a paid job, then she had to make sure that his salary would be managed by her in the future.

Han Qingsong had only one sentence to offer, that is, he would listen to the organisation’s arrangements.

After all, he couldn’t decide all of this by himself and he didn’t know how to arrange it either.

Old Lady Han suddenly found out that the silly boy he used to be had changed! When he was a child, he was not close with her— he didn’t talk much as he only worked and what his mother said was what he would do.

That’s why she could bear to let him serve as a soldier in his brothers’ stead although he was young.

She was powerless in the face of such a son.

She didn’t know why, but she felt like her son seemed to be a little different.

In the past, her words were absolute to him.

But this time, she had a feeling that he would hide when she asked him something and opt to not tell the whole story.

Even when he looked at her, she felt like she was being aimed at with a sharp knife as if he could see her heart, which made her very uncomfortable.

She was confident that her third son didn’t have such a heart to say that his piercing gazes were intentional, but if it wasn’t intentional, why would she feel this suppressed

This felt terrible!

It was just like the first time she knew she couldn’t handle the old man after she married him!

If the old grandmother hadn’t died, she wouldn’t have been able to take it anymore.

The more she thought about it, the more angry she became.

She threw the chopsticks again, causing everyone to ask what was wrong.

She was acting as if she was going to die, “Oh, it’s uncomfortable, my chest is tight and I can’t breathe.”

If it was before, Old Three would have immediately said, “Mother, I’ll go get you a doctor”, “Mother, do you want to eat some canned food, I’ll buy it for you”, “Mother…”

Now, Han Qingsong was indifferent, as if he didn’t hear or see her suffering.

The old lady waited for Han Qingsong to get up and help her into the house.

She also waited for him to say ‘whatever you say, mother’.

She stared at Han Qingsong hard, but he still ate as if nothing happened.

Old Lady Han was absolutely furious.

Han Qingsong put down his chopsticks and talked to Lin Lan, “After dinner, go over to clean up; the walls and the fence need a little bit of cleaning.”

Lin Lan replied with a hum and asked the children to eat quickly, “Erwang, come with your eldest brother tomorrow to cut some thorns and come back.

Let’s tie a fake shed after that.”

A fake shed, clean the layer of dust, the ceiling— just those kinds of stuff.

Without those, the house would appear rather incomplete.

Erwang readily responded and Maisui said that she would also go.

Several children in the second room also said they would come along.

After eating their third uncle’s candy, they naturally have to help.

Dawang continued eating as if he hadn’t heard her.

Han Qingsong, “Dawang”

Dawang nonchalantly replied, “What’s up”

Old Lady Han knew that her son was blaming Dawang for not agreeing to Lin Lan’s words immediately.

To educate her son, she immediately caused some trouble and said, “What are you doing What are you doing We don’t educate children when the family’s eating.

Dawang has his own stuff to do, why would you need him to cut the thorns as well”

Dawang dropped his chopsticks and left, looking impatient.


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