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Maomao was a ripped towel, so torn that no color patterns could be seen.

Instead, it had one hole after another all over it.

That was Xiaowang’s Maomo.

If his mother was not there to coax him to sleep at noon or at night, he must have Maomao.

The typical fetish of a child.

Lin Lan didn’t interfere much; it would be fine once he was older anyway.

But who would have thought that Han Qingsong didn’t know about it.

Tonight, when he was washing his hands before dinner, he went back to the house and saw Maomaot.

Thinking that it was merely a rag, he washed it and hung it on the windowsill outside.

Originally, he should be considered rather diligent, but Lin Lan was almost pissed at him.

Although he had five children, he didn’t understand the temperament of any of them!

Intellectually speaking, he had been in the army for so many years and had been in the presence of gracing death many times, so she could understand him when she thought about it.

With the rationality of a citizen in a formerly modern society, she still had great respect for soldiers.

But there really should have been a bit more of an emotional intelligence whipped into him as only he knows his pains and sorrows.

When Han Qingsong came back, he went to the main room and talked to the old lady.

The old lady was upset upon seeing his determination to change careers, but he refused to coax her.

With that, she was so angry that she had a headache and went to bed early.

When Han Qingsong returned to the house, he found that the children were sleeping.

The head and tail of the kang were empty as he hesitated for a moment.

Did this mean that she wanted him to sleep at the head of the kang

Just as he was about to get on the kang, Lin Lan sat up suddenly, hugging Xiaowang and placing him beside her.

Lin Lan snorted as she ignored him and laid down.

Han Qingsong, “…”

Three days later, the new house was completely repaired.

With that, the family packed up and moved in.

As there were no iron pots and other household items in their new place, they still had to return back to the family house to eat.

When they came back for lunch at noon, the second sister-in-law’s family had already moved into the east wing happily, “Oh, finally! We finally no longer need to crowd uncomfortably in one room.”

When the second sister-in-law was younger and still a newlywed, she was never as direct as she was now.

Later on in her marriage, however, she gave up being polite. What’s the use of tip-toeing around them, anyway Instead of feeling awkward by her curtness, she decided to let the other party feel the tension.

And true enough, once she started to do so, the eldest brother and his wife constantly stayed out of her way to avoid any unwanted spurs of negative emotions.

When the second sister-in-law found out that the eldest couple had not been living together as husband-and-wife for a while, she was proudly ecstatic.

She even deliberately tried to push the eldest sister-in-law’s buttons in order to find some sense of superiority over her.

While the women were setting the table, Han Qingsong went to talk to the old lady, “Mother, we have a shortage of iron pans, so I was thinking if we should go and get one.”

The old lady Han looked half-dead as she replied, “Mm, go buy it then.”

Han Qingsong wanted the Old Lady Han to provide him with 20 dollars in order to be able to buy the pots.

“What” The old lady immediately stared at her son with eyes peered open wider than a bull.

“Old Three, do you have a conscience Do you think that it was easy for me to raise you all these years”


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