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Erwang and Mai Sui went over to Lin Lan to complain, “Mother, look at grandmother— she’s so biased; will father be too Will there even be some good things leftover for mother in the future” The children started to protest and whine.

Lin Lan was practically applauding the children’s words in her heart and she almost nodded fervently in agreement as well.

Fortunately, she was able to stop herself.

She felt that she had to work hard to distinguish her thoughts so as to not be led into the ditch by Erwang.

After all, the views of children were influenced by adults.

She couldn’t deny that the environment he grew up in was toxic— Erwang grew into a boy with a slick tongue for words, became very calculative and found it easy to manipulate others for a reason.

She was in total agreement in her heart.

However, on the surface, she spoke, “Erwang, although your grandmother has her faults as well, your father is her son.

Do you think that he could afford being unfilial to his mother just for an iron pot”

“Well then, from now on, she will come and ask for something good as long as we have it,” Erwang was indignant, “And after she takes it, she’s going to give it to the youngest aunt and uncle.”

Lin Lan thought so too.

She truly wanted to teach the old lady a good lesson, but it’s not something she could say out loud to her kids.

After all, she was also a mother and was bound to become a grandmother at some point.

There were just some things that she could say to her daughter but not to her son— this was the difference in treatments.

Who wouldn’t be selfish

Old Lady Han was thinking selfishly for her own sake, so she chose to carry out her actions for her own sake as well.

After all, she wasn’t being two-faced.

She couldn’t face this matter with her children’s angry approach since the adults in their lives would eventually become role models that they would imitate.

If she were to say that Han Qingsong being obedient to his mother was wrong, or say that being filial to the old lady was wrong, wouldn’t her children think that they didn’t have to treat their mother with respect

Lin Lan didn’t want things to turn out that way!

However, being blindly filial was wrong and she had to let her children know.

She smiled and said, “Of course not! For children to be filial to their elders, the elders must be kind and loving.

If the elders do not have compassion, then the younger generations have no obligation to be filial.

We respect the old and love the young.

If the elders are behaving too much like a jerk, then we don’t have to be polite either! Don’t worry, mother has a way to deal with her.”

She had to support her children with everything she got!

The two children looked at her unpredictable and sophisticated demeanor and felt like she was actually a person of high status, immediately admiring her very much.

Lin Lan fooled the children but she had to think about this issue with all her heart.

She wanted to be prepared for the day she confronted the old lady.

The endless amounts of palace-fight themed(1) movies that I watched cannot go to waste!

(T/N: Genre of entertainment where the settings take place in Ancient China Dynasties around a harem.

Usually consists of an Emperor with main characters being the concubines or their children. 

In the end, the two children have to conclude their statement, “Father changed his career well! The money that he couldn’t provide us doesn’t have to go to them either!”

“Don’t worry about it, we will find a way to make money ourselves in the future,” Lin Lan encouraged the children, “The key for you guys to have a bright future, so just follow the right path and don’t think about wicked things.”


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