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If the news of the father sleeping with his sons and not his woman was spread out, the entire village would probably silently snicker and joke about his loss.


Other men would never agree to it, anyway.


Lin Lan was also afraid that Han Qingsong would be stubborn or even rough and she couldn’t help but get nervous.

She wasn’t afraid of what he could possibly do; in front of the children, he couldn’t do much either.


But… she couldn’t relax when she thought that sometimes, for the sake of their self-esteem, there were things that a man could resort to regardless of having an audience with them.


After all, he had been abstinent for too long, so would there be a relatively strong demand Not being home for such a long time, would he feel like his power was suppressed and resort to using force against her


Just when she was starting to feel the unease taking over, Han Qingsong walked to the other side and went to sleep on the kang silently.


Lin Lan let out a sigh of relief.


Fortunately, Han Qingsong didn’t snore while he was sleeping, so Lin Lan slept more soundly, unlike the times when she was in Old Man Han’s house.

The snoring in the east and west rooms was so loud that she didn’t get to fall asleep on the first day till dawn almost broke out.

In fact, it took her several days to get accustomed to it.


On the first night of their separation with the main family, Lin Lan had a good night’s sleep.


For several days, Han Qingsong went for a run early in the morning.

Then, he cleaned up the house, built thatched huts, chicken coops and the walls of the courtyard before turning to the front and back yards of the house to grow some vegetables and trees.


After cleaning up, Lin Lan told Old Lady Han that they would raise two chickens from home.


At this time, the rules of the village was that two people could raise one chicken.

As the numbers in the Han family was high, they could rear a lot of them.


According to the population, Lin Lan’s family could also raise three and a half.

With Han Qingsong’s special status, it was no problem for them to raise four.


Generally, there was not enough food in the family.

At most, two or three animals would be raised.

The eggs would be sold in exchange for money to buy oil and salt or improve their lifestyle, but they would not raise many.


Lin Lan felt that it would be fine to keep two for the time being because the old lady wouldn’t want to provide them with more either.


Who would have thought that the old lady wasn’t agreeing on giving her any.


The old lady Han was bothered when speaking to her now.

Last time, the original owner would always lash out in frustration while the old lady felt satisfied to behave like a true mother-in-law.

However, with Lin Lan’s calm appearance this time, the old lady wasn’t happy with the change.


“I’ll say, third family, I never thought that you were this kind of person.

Are you trying to trick me to play your games The salt I ate is more than the noodles you had(2).”


(T/N: A saying that the older generation has been through more/have more experience in dealing with life’s hurdles than the younger generation.

Though it’s true, it doesn’t automatically mean that every elder you come across is always right, especially when they use this against the younger ones to earn some sort of validation like this woman)


Lin Lan smiled, “Old lady, you really aren’t afraid of nature’s play, I see.

Be careful of your high blood pressure.”


“Don’t you have the money Did you give it all to your family” Even though she didn’t see her return to her maternal family at all, the old lady was adamant on getting answers.


Lin Lan smiled without saying a word.


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