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“Secretary, Leader, let me write a letter of introduction!” Lin Lan was not afraid of being heard.

Instead, she learned to shout loudly, just as the previous owner did before.

The advantage of this was the fact that there were many microphones that were almost synchronized.

The Secretary and the Leader of the Brigade heard it and someone responded for them.

She knew where the two were, so she went to them with her child on her back.

“I’ll say,  Qingsong’s daughter-in-law, are you okay” The cadres didn’t have much prejudice against her and they even took the initiative to care about her.

Lin Lan tried not to be as out of character as she could, so she said with a rough expression, “I’m okay.

I just wanted a letter of introduction to go to the county town tomorrow.”

“Why are you going to the county town”

“Look at my Xiaowang—he is four years old and his eyes are not in a good condition, so I want to take him to the hospital.”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

They were going to see a doctor, not to complain.

She had made trouble before.

She thought that Han Qingsong would not come home and her mother-in-law treated her harshly, so she wanted to file a complaint with the county’s Revolutionary Committee.

If a soldier’s family were to file a complaint or a report, that would become a very serious matter.

Fortunately, she didn’t make it.

The Leader exchanged glances with the Brigade’s Secretary, should we ask the old man Han

The secretary winked at the accountant next to him as the latter hurried to ask the old man.

Lin Lan said again, “Secretary, can I borrow five dollars I will return the remainder if I can’t finish it.

As for the rest, you can just deduct them from my work points later on.”

Soon the accountant came back and made a gesture— there was such a thing.

The Brigade’s Secretary happily approved as he went back to the room.

Taking the paper, he wrote a few words and sealed it before letting Lin Lan press her fingerprint on it.

“Thank you, Secretary.

Thank you, Leader,” Lin Lan accepted the letter of introduction and the money, even asking Xiaowang to thank them again.

Everyone was at a loss seeing her being so polite.

Something is… not right.


The tigress even said’ thank you’ This kind of courtesy belonged to a city dweller that was knowledgeable.

Lin Lan didn’t say much, leaving them to think about it by themselves as she went home with Xiaowang on her back.

As soon as she left, the office broke into chaos and they asked what was going on.

The old man Han was still angry about the fact that a lady had gone to the men’s den.

Later, he heard that she was borrowing money for her child to see a doctor and he felt his old face become flushed again.

That was because his family was the one that treated her third family harshly and refused to help her obtain treatment for the child.

“This woman, she said at home that if she wasn’t busy, she would send him to the doctor’s place.

I didn’t expect her to go there personally, though,”

Those who were empathetic could also understand her point of view—she would get busy as the Autumn Harvest was only a few days away, so when would there be ample time to go by then

Or, it was probably old lady Han who would not give her the funds.

If it was their youngest son or daughter who were ill, she would have rushed them to the hospital long ago.


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