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Han Qingsong went into the house and Lin Lan quickly chased after him.

The eldest sister-in-law hurriedly went after them, insisting, “Let me, let me!”


Han Qingsong was not at home, so he didn’t know what went on all along.


But Lin Lan knew.


She moved quickly and found the small urn where the eggs were usually placed.

It was almost full of eggs and there were also another two jars of noodles.


The old lady made pancakes every once in a while and took them to the county town for her youngest son and daughter.

The whole family ate whole grains just to save the fine grains for the two of her precious children.


The eldest sister-in-law was still one step too late.

She could only smile awkwardly as she grabbed an egg.


Lin Lan took advantage of the situation and took another one.

She was going to make one anyways, so why not make sure that he would be full


Han Qingsong said, “Eldest sister-in-law, you can go back to eat; I’ll do things here.”


It took no time at all to make the eggs.

He boiled a bowl of water at the bottom of the pot and cracked the eggs into it.

Boiling them for a few minutes, they were both cooked.

He even scooped out the soup and pinched a few grains of salt into it.


In order not to provoke their anger, Lin Lan did not go out.

Instead, she called Xiaowang into the house to eat.


Xiaowang was very sensible and whispered, “Mother, you can eat one and I will eat one.”


Lin Lan took a sip of soup symbolically just to show that she was eating, but gave the rest to Xiaowang.


The old lady outside was sour with envy, “He knows how to get his mother to eat, but he doesn’t care about his grandmother.”


After feeding Xiaowang, Lin Lan came back to eat.


She immersed the cornbread in the sticky porridge.

Seeing that Erwang and Maisui couldn’t swallow their share, but forced by the old lady’s arrogance, she winked at them and motioned for them to give it to their father to eat.


Her playful look fell into Han Qingsong’s eyes and he looked at it for a moment.

Erwang then proceeded to take Maisui’s share as well before quietly stuffing them into Han Qingsong’s hands.


Han Qingsong glanced at Lin Lan again, but he silently took and ate them.


After dinner, the men were to go out and work whereas the women would take care of their children and do the housework at home.

Lin Lan took the children home.

On the way, she clarified a few things to Erwang and Maisui, asking them to find an opportunity to see how their eldest aunt makes the food.


Erwang suddenly understood her intentions, “Mother, do you think the eldest aunt is deliberately cooking bad food for us to eat”


Lin Lan motioned to him in a low voice, “It’s not your aunt; it must be your grandma.

I guess she’s angry that we managed to live separately so she doesn’t want to provide our share of food any longer.”


“Really Why is she so bad!” Sanwang squeezed himself into the conversation from one side, “I’ll go take a look.”


He turned his head and ran back, only to be pulled back by Dawang, “The doors are already closed, what are you trying to do”


When they came out, the children’s second aunt had already closed the door.


Dawang then proceeded to slip away with Sanwang.


When they got home, Lin Lan sent the children to wash their faces and feet.

Then, she took the mosquito-repelling mugwort plant and placed it by the door.


She ushered the children back into the house and found a chance to talk to Han Qingsong alone.


“Have you seen the food these two days”


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