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As a result, the old lady ruthlessly said that if anyone dared to tell the truth to the Third family, she wouldn’t let anyone eat anything— not even the children.

So, the second sister-in-law could only remain silent as well.

However, they didn’t expect that the Third family would see through their plans in just two days.

How shameful.

Old Lady Han shouted as she was seated on the kang, “What’s the matter Do you think I spent all the allowances Weren’t the money used to subsidise the family to buy food and rations This time I didn’t receive money, so of course I don’t have food!”

In the Han family, the old lady always liked to mention that everyone should carry their own weight.

But she shouldn’t forget that there was a certain young aunt and uncle outside the house that neither worked nor contributed to the financial aspect of things.

Yet, their meals were paid for by the labour and the hard work of the others.

However, Old Lady Han seemed to love bringing up the fact that she raised 11 children.

Lin Lan didn’t quarrel with them either, “Then, let’s divide our rations and we’ll cook our own food in the future.”

There was no need to mention the possibility of dividing the rations because the old lady would never agree to that.

However, although this incident was indeed her fault, she didn’t want to give the Third family a choice either, “If you want to divide the food, we will talk about it when the autumn rations are given out.

Now, we’re already hanging on by a thread, so there’s no need to talk about distributions, yeesh!”

The Han family’s eldest sister-in-law silently brought out the pancakes for everyone to eat together.

She lowered her head and was embarrassed to look at Lin Lan, for fear that she would go crazy and seek death once again.

If Han Qingsong were to see this, he would definitely think that his wife was suicidal because of the treatment towards her from his own family members.

At this time, Old Man Han and the other men also got up.

They were embarrassed one by one as they stood awkwardly, but they pretended not to know.

Old Man Han spoke, “Go and plough the private space,” He indicated that to the equipment that was placed aside and didn’t even bother to eat the rice that was made.

Eldest brother Han followed his father closely behind as he couldn’t afford to lose his own reputation.

Lin Lan looked outside and Erwang gestured to her.

With that, she knew that Han Qingsong had led Xiaowang over as well.

She took the rice basket and gave Erwang and Maisui the pancakes.

Then, she said loudly, “I’ll say what I have to then— distribute the rations for us to make them ourselves; if it’s not enough, I can’t blame you either.

But if you don’t and I catch you purposely going behind our backs to give us, the Third family, pig food…”

She paused and glanced at both her sister-in-laws.

After hearing Han Qingsong’s footsteps reaching the gates of the courtyard, she said loudly, “I’ll smash the pot and destroy the table— no one will be allowed to eat!”

Both the sister-in-laws were terrified as their children looked at the third aunt in horror.

The shrew was still the same shrew— in fact, she was even more fierce!

Her intimidating look appeared to be more powerful than a tigress!

After saying this, Han Qingsong came over.

Erwang immediately shouted, “Father, look! They made pancakes to eat secretly! But when we come over, they make us eat cornbread!”

Han Qingsong paused before he glanced coldly at the yard full of women and children.

Finally, his gaze stopped on the eldest sister-in-law.


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