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“By the way, I forgot to tell you, but this pot is mine!” Lin Lan snorted coldly and placed the basket in Sanwang’s hands.

She ran to the main room to get a rag and picked up the iron pot.

“What are you doing!” The old lady was startled and immediately went to stop her.

“Third Family, leave it alone!” The Han family’s second sister-in-law was also anxious.

This pot was only patched up twice so it was in very good condition.

The previous pots were fixed five or six times before and would leak if there was too much water, so Lin Lan must take this one away.

Lin Lan said angrily, “My man used his money to support your family.

Over the New Year’s, you give out fives and tens for the others, but it’s always lackluster when it comes to my family.

My kids never had their bellies full with dumplings before, you took my daughter to become a maid, you hadn’t offered a single penny when my son was sick and needed treatment, so explain to me— why the heck should I care what becomes of you”

When Old Lady Han asked for the pot before, Lin Lan, who was accustomed to the modern-day settings of luxury, even despised her behavior. To ask for such a broken pot, what a trample of your ego.

But later, she found out that the iron pot was very important to the family!

Some people don’t even own a broken pot as they even use clay pots and clay cans to cook!

Why did she give them the advantage, indeed; she was going to take it back.

Old Lady Han wanted to pull her, but she was blocked by Han Qingsong’s tall figure.

“First Family, Second Family, stop her for me!” The old lady was held back by Han Qingsong and she couldn’t move at all.

The eldest sister-in-law was embarrassed.

The second sister-in-law went up to try and grab it, but she was pinched and twisted in the waist by Lin Lan.

She rolled to the ground and cried out in pain.

Her daughter and sons were coming over to help, so Sanwang and his siblings rushed over as well.

Seeing that they were about to cause a larger mess, Han Qingsong shouted, “Stop!”

His voice was strong and magnetic, so for it to be yelled out with such anger and demand, it carried a sense of order and threat.

The children were too scared to move forward.

Lin Lan was already holding back her strength, so with that, she pulled the pot out at once!

When the eldest sister-in-law had steamed the pancakes before, she scooped out the water and put it in the soup pot and saved it to drink later on.

She was about to add some water in to make it when Lin Lan jumped over the wall and came in.

The pot was almost cold by now.

Lin Lan put a torn rag on it and pulled it out effortlessly.

A pot like that weighed over twenty pounds!

Lin Lan was very proud.

“Bastard! Put it down!” The old lady howled as if her heart was gouged out as if she was already beginning to die.

Erwang and the others have already run over to help their mother lift the pot.

At this time, Dawang ran in from outside.

He was stunned for a moment and shouted, “What are you all doing”

He originally thought that his mother was looking for a way to die while shaming the family in the process once again, but when he came in, he saw that it was not his mother but his grandmother that was the cause of the drama.

This time, it was his mother who was proud if he were to notice anything from her victorious appearance.

He was stunned that she really learned the word ‘patience’.


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