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The eldest brother Han spoke as well, “Old Three, don’t be like this, it’s unsightly.

Other people might make fun of us; even the Secretary Head is still here.”

Han Yongfang said, “I still have things to do, so I’ll take my leave.”

He came surprisingly and left just as quickly.

Besides coming over to pass over a bag of cornmeal, it almost seemed like he never visited the Han house at all.

Han Qingsong said, “You have to cook now that we have a pot over there.”

Lin Lan took the cornmeal from him.

This was something that he borrowed, so she couldn’t let everyone take advantage and scarf it up while leaving the debts to be paid by him.

Before she knew it, Dawang grabbed the bag of cornmeal from her.

She couldn’t even say anything as he ran back home, Erwang and Maisui trailing behind him quickly.

Lin Lan, “…”

Sanwang didn’t cry anymore.

He wiped a tear on his sleeve before he quickly packed the two-layered pancakes from the basket.

Placing the delicacies in the folds of his shirt, he ran out after his eldest brother.

Lin Lan led Xiaowang out and met Old Man Han at the door.

In fact, the old man had been back for a while, but as he felt ashamed, he stood outside and didn’t show up while they were trying to reason things out.

Besides, precisely because he was standing outside, the nosy neighbours didn’t have the galls to go over and check out the commotion.

Now that he saw Lin Lan carrying the food out, he had to show his face.

He looked pretty angry, appearing as if he was going to hit someone.

Han Qingsong walked over in two or three steps.

The old man didn’t hit anyone, but he held the pipe of the cigarette bag and said angrily, “That’s enough, let’s not make our family a laughingstock; we’re a family so what’s all these Let’s have the Third family cook with us in the future.”

The suggestion of cooking together was an apology in disguise.

In the future, everyone would eat the same meal and there would be no second type of meals.

No matter what, even if parents were in the wrong, they would never stoop to the point of apologising and admitting their mistakes to their children.

Lin Lan looked at the old man’s gully old face, which was full of traces of time’s passing.

She had no objection to the old man at all.

He was a qualified farmer’s head who didn’t talk much, he was diligent and capable.

Also, he was a kind person.

The only point that he didn’t do that well was being unable to keep the old lady in check— of course, it could be said inversely that he loved his wife a lot.

She was about to give him some leeway, but the old lady in the room had already run out of the house as if she was greatly wronged, “When I was a wife who had to serve my in-laws, I too, had to suffer everyday.

Then Did I complain and say anything about it My goodness…”

With that, Lin Lan decided that she wasn’t going to cut corners at all as she lightly said, “Father, you’re back! I’m going to make food for my kids now— I still need to work later, after all.”

After she finished speaking, she led Xiaowang and left.

Seeing that they were gone, Han Qingsong also greeted his father and was about to go home.

The eldest brother of the Han family saw his father’s less-than-pleasant face, so he wanted to persuade his little brother to take care of the family’s reputation.

After all, if they were to walk out like this, it would be very embarrassing for the family.

Han Qingsong glanced at the resolute backs of his wife and children before he said decisively, “Eldest brother, I too, will be going home to cook,” He then chased the silhouettes of Lin Lan and the children.


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