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The second sister-in-law was dumbfounded while she still held onto the steamed cornbread.

She wanted to speak rudely to Lin Lan but she forgot about it due to the third sister-in-law’s fluency in her speech.

She was shocked, holy hell, the shrew must have had her mouth switched with the King of the Underworld!

The second sister-in-law of the Han family remained stunned by the sidelines.

She originally wanted to persuade her to open her mouth and refute everything she said, but her mind wasn’t functioning all of a sudden and she didn’t know what she could say.

The mouth of the shrew was usually sloppy with words.

So the fact that she became so eloquent in defending herself while shutting everyone up around her was terrifying.

Listening to the words she said, they were all things that the second sister-in-law had thought about for a long time but couldn’t say anything due to her standing.

How did she know what to say

Every word spoke to her heart.

That’s right, why do we have to take care of the two useless beings

The youngest aunt and uncle were always hiding behind the pretence of ‘studying at school’, but those were just a bunch of nonsense that were conveniently moulded into excuses.

If they weren’t good at academics, what was there to learn

“If you don’t agree, then we can plead the Secretary Head to make a ruling.

Let us explain every single event that happened in the past few years.

One by one, let’s calculate everything to the last detail; let’s see how you’re going to get away with this! You want us to raise your own children Not a chance! I still have five of my own that I have yet to raise properly!”

Old Lady Han had already started beating her chest and she felt her heart pumping quickly.

Everyone had seen this act of hers more times than they could count.

The moment Old Lady Han couldn’t outwit her opponent with logic, she would always turn to this method as she was truly angered.

Lin Lan still didn’t bother, “I have one more thing to tell you, old lady.

Since we have split up the family, we will not refuse the responsibilities of taking care of the elderly either.

However, that has to be negotiated and discussed— at what age should we start from How should the four brothers take care of you— are they to take turns or send a representative from their families However, before the other brothers split their own families, we would not be handing over a single cent or grain either.

After all, we don’t know if that counts as ‘taking care of the elderly’, do we”

Lin Lan glared at Old Lady Han, who was the culprit of her anger!

The youngest aunt and uncle spent their third brother’s money freely, but look what happened in the end Not only were they not grateful, but they became insatiable and greedy.

They took it for granted.

After their third brother changed his career without providing them their allowances, they immediately complained about his incompetence.

These were all the same to the veins!

According to the story, the youngest aunt used Maisui as a servant and taught her to be vain and twisted.

The original owner couldn’t understand that and even thought it was a good thing.

And Dawang followed his uncle as he was envious of his lifestyle there— riding a bicycle and wearing a green military uniform as if he was a main character, but as a result, he was led into fights and became ignorant.

Otherwise, how could it be possible for the original owner, an unskilled rural woman, to be able to teach her children to become like that

Children that were spoiled or doted on in the village wouldn’t take work seriously and would always find ways to be lazy.

Once kids like these went to the city, where they saw the world and became led astray by others, they were the ones who would most likely become twisted.


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