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Sanwang patted his tiny chest, “No problem, I’ll go get some after a while.”


Lin Lan hurriedly told him, “Don’t soak in the water all day; you don’t know how dangerous it is.

There are leeches in the water, you know What would you do if they latch onto you and sting you”


Sanwang disagreed, “That wouldn’t happen.”


“You say it wouldn’t, but when it does happen, it would be too late.

You are not allowed to go to the Southern drain, so just play around in the West river.”


Deep waters were not the same as shallow waters, after all.


Sanwang still wanted to quibble, but Han Qingsong came in from outside.


When he saw his father, he took the initiative to say hello,”Father, come and eat some scrambled eggs with chives; it smells divine.”


He hadn’t even taken a bite yet, but was already praising its fragrance.

Hearing that compliment, Erwang was thrilled.


Han Qingsong washed his hands and came in.

Seeing that the oil in the wine bottle was almost used entirely, he said, “Let’s grow some peanuts in the front and back of the house in the future.”


Peanuts produce a lot of oil, so the family could also subsidise it.

Otherwise, they could only wait until the supplement division process at the end of the year.


The countryside was different from the city— certain supplies were not something that they could buy on a monthly basis.


Lin Lan looked at his expression before she deduced that he probably didn’t know that she practically scolded his mother.

As long as he didn’t hear it from her personally and relied on third-party stories, they would no doubt add their own twists to the incident.


Who would have thought that Han Qingsong looked as if nothing had happened; perhaps he didn’t know about it yet.


Lin Lan simply didn’t think about it and whispered to Han Qingsong, “How much can those few plants supply us though Is there any other way to get some grain and oil.. Because, uh, relying on the supplies alone are not really enough.”


She felt slightly guilty as she wondered how she was going to get him to use his connections to scramble for supplies, despite knowing that it was morally questionable to do so.


Erwang was still worrying about things; was it really okay to be this greedy


Who knew that Han Qingsong not only did not resort to a fit of anger and instead, he nodded, “I’ll find a way.”


The point of relying on the supplement division was simply not enough for a whole family to eat; this much was quite obvious.


Before the family split up, the old lady restricted everyone from having a full meal.

Now that the family was divided, she had the ability to decide for herself, so she would naturally want her children to eat better food and larger fillings.


What’s more was that there was still the youngest aunt and uncle who did not contribute their share of earning work points.

It was clear that the entire family tightened their belts and starved all day, so it was not surprising that the children’s daily statement was, “Mother, I am so hungry, when are we going to eat”


After the family was separated, Han Qingsong’s top priority was making sure that his wife and children were going to be well-fed.

There was no longer any need to starve themselves daily.


Seeing that Han Qingsong agreed so nonchalantly, Lin Lan was a little surprised.

She thought that the man who originally upheld his moral principles would most definitely have told her off for being this selfish.


But since he had a good attitude towards it, Lin Lan decided to take advantage of the small victory, “We’ve all split up our homes, so should we ask the Captain to split the accounts for us”


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