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Lin Lan took Xiaowang to drink some water and eat a piece of cake on the side of the road.

She pondered as she thought about buying a bicycle; her legs would definitely break if she ever went out without a bicycle.


There was not enough dry food.

They each had a few bites and drank a few mouthfuls of water to continue the journey.

The county town was not too big, so they arrived at the post office soon.


At this time, the county’s Posting and Telecommunications Office was not big.It was also very conspicuously next to the department store.


Lin Lan entered the lobby and looked at the window where there were a few people queuing up.

Some of them called and sent telegrams, and there were two or three people at the remittance window.


She pretended not to understand anything, so she asked someone to ask where to get the remittance.


A female staff member in a gray-blue uniform helped her, asking her where she came from and how much she would withdraw.


Lin Lan tried to imitate women from other countries who had never seen the world before.

The timid eyes and timid tone of voice naturally made people want to help.


“Did you bring the remittance slip”


“The remittance slip hasn’t been sent home yet, it’s been at the post office in the past two days.

Can you check it for me If it arrives, I will wait outside for the night to pass, collect the money, and then take the baby to the hospital for treatment,” Lin Lan said, trying to make the tone of her voice as troubled as she could to spark the other party’s feelings of sympathy for her.


Sure enough, the female staff member looked at Xiaowang and asked what was wrong.

It was a pity to know that his eyesight was not good.


“This kid has such handsome eyes, why can’t you see clearly” She raised her hand and put it in front of Xiaowang’s eyes.

Naturally, he couldn’t respond.


“Wait for a moment, I’ll check it for you.”


Soon, the female staff member smiled and greeted Lin Lan, “You came here at the right time; we were just about to send the order.

If you hadn’t come this time, it would have taken at least two or three days to get the order.”


Lin Lan happily thanked her.


She took out the letter of introduction and the marriage certificate, “I am a woman of no education.

I can’t write my name, so I only know how to press fingerprints.

This is a marriage certificate that was issued by the government, can it prove that I am the wife of Han Qingsong”


“It can!” The staff inside was amused by her.


Lin Lan’s eyes were clear, “Then, please take it out for me quickly.”


This time it was 260 Yuan— 40 Yuan more than what it was before!!!


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