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Lin Lan said, “They also soak themselves in water every day.”


Sanwang pouted and wiped the sauce off his face with his fingers before tasting it himself.


Maisui and Lin Lan both found that he was dirty again, so they forced him to wash his face.

The whole room was filled with cheerful laughter.


Han Qingsong was a little stunned for a while.


Just then, the eldest brother and the second brother of the Han family pushed open the door and came in.

The eldest brother smiled and said, “I see you guys are eating.”


The second brother sneered and snickered, “I’ll say, Old Three, you guys are becoming really arrogant the moment you split the family.

What sort of good food are you guys having Will you not even send some over to our mother’s house”


As soon as she saw them, Lin Lan suddenly became nervous.

The old lady couldn’t have sent them to argue, could she


At this time, the eldest brother of the Han family was still a little stunned.

Before, he and his second brother stood outside the gates of the wooden fenced courtyard.

Listening to the laughter and giggles that were audible from inside the house, their hearts were very uncomfortable.


Thinking about how they used to fight every day without a day of happiness going by, it made them conflicted to know that laughter and joy were all they could hear once the family split up.


Old Three’s family truly had become different.


In the past, the third sister-in-law would only pull a dissatisfied expression, opening her mouth to either say dejected words or to curse as she never laughed.

At this moment, the eldest brother not only heard her speaking softly, but she was also able to make the atmosphere of the house lively as if she had become someone else entirely.


This was also a good thing.


It seemed like the saying was true, stating that husband and wife really couldn’t be separated for too long.

He used to think that it was good for the Old Three to be a soldier.

Now that he had returned, even though he could no longer be part of the military, the most important thing was to make sure that his family was harmonious and happy.


Thinking of this, he thought that it was a good thing for the third brother to change his career.

And as his eldest brother, he supported it wholeheartedly!


Lin Lan hurriedly followed Han Qingsong out to greet them.

Seeing that eldest brother Han was holding a small basket in his hand, she could not help but wonder if something was up— this was not the old lady’s usual way of approach at all.


However, upon seeing the second brother’s sour look on his face, she became alert again.


The second brother of the Han family had envy painted all over his heart.

Besides jealousy, there really was no other emotion that he was feeling. 


In the past, the allowance of the Old Three made him not desire to split up the family.

But now that the Old Three had changed his job and was currently not earning his wages, it was the second brother who wanted to split up the family.


It’s a pity that before, both he and his wife had pretended to be the ‘good people’ to please the old lady.

Now, if he were to say that he wanted to split up the family as well, it would seem like he was slapping himself in the mouth.


Old Lady Han was not as nice to him as she was to Old Four.

It was evident in the way that she would yell and criticize him all the time.


So the more he thought about it, the more frustrated he became.


He originally wanted to come to the Third Family’s house to see if the seven souls were starving and trying to ignore their thirst from a lack of both food and water.

He wanted to see their embarrassment plastered on their faces from his visit.


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