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As a result, when he heard that they were laughing so happily from a distance, he felt uncomfortable.


He was even more annoyed now as he watched them eat.


So what better defense mechanism was there for him to instigate than just spew a bunch of words out of jealousy


“I’ll say, Old Three, even if our eldest brother hasn’t been in the army, he knows that filial piety comes first.

Yet, you…”


Lin Lan was not as polite to him as she was to his eldest brother.

She grabbed the half-decent broom leaning against the wall in her hand and said coldly, “If you are not going to speak in a language used by normal humans, then go back to wherever you came from.

Don’t wait for my big broom to come and greet you.”


“Third Family, what are you talking about” Second brother subconsciously took a step back for fear that Lin Lan would hit him.


He shouldn’t have thought that she was behaving similar to a normal person; in her bones, the shrew’s wicked and violent behavior was very much still present.


Eldest brother Han said to the second brother, “You should go back first, I will have a chat with the third brother.”


Second brother Han was not happy, “Eldest brother, I have something to tell the third brother too,” He then turned to look at Han Qingsong, “Third brother, am I not welcome”


Han Qingsong, “Second brother is thinking too much.”


Second brother Han wanted to go inside the house to see what they were eating, but Erwang had already carried two wooden piers to the door, “Eldest uncle, second uncle, take a seat.”


Eldest brother Han hurriedly said, “Mother is afraid that you will not be able to cook well, so she had me bring some pancakes here.”


Lin Lan couldn’t believe it— the old lady was willing to send a few pancakes over here If it wasn’t an underhanded trick to get something from them, then this must have been an initiative taken by the eldest brother and the eldest sister-in-law.


Han Qingsong greeted them  to have dinner together.


Eldest brother Han stood at the door and glanced at the room.

There was only a square table with eight chairs in the main room.

This was something that was given to the Third Family during his marriage back then, but it could be seen that one of the legs of the table was broken and was subsidized with some bricks.

There were two chairs with problematic legs that were set aside as the children didn’t like to sit on.

Instead, they grabbed their share of dinner and sat on bricks and logs that they picked up from outside.


There was no place for them to sit.


Life seemed to be hard for the Third Family.


Eldest brother Han couldn’t help feeling sad, “Third brother, go back and get two boards.

Then, go to the carpenter to nail some small benches for them,” He sat down on the trimmed logs by the door and greeted the few children, “Eat the pancakes, and Mumu asked them to bring them.”


Lin Lan asked the children to eat the scrambled eggs with their eldest uncle and second uncle.

Although reluctant, Maisui still carried the pot out but did not put it down.


It was a beautiful sight of green chives and yellow eggs.

The two brothers have never seen such beautiful scrambled eggs with chives.


Second brother Han was so greedy that his eyes were practically shining and he wanted to take it subconsciously, but he found that he didn’t have chopsticks, so he secretly scolded the girl for being stingy.

How was he supposed to eat if he didn’t have the utensils


Then, he discovered something incredible— although there were fewer eggs and more leeks, the pan was full of oil!


How much oil was used for this scrambled egg


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