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Chapter 235 – White lily!!

“A tremor! Why!

Taula sounds surprised.

We both get down and wait for it to pass.


This shouldn’t happen in a dungeon… No, wait.

Could it be that there is a tremor outside that’s so big, that it’s even felt here”

“…! Rust! But then the damage outside is already…”

“Stop, Taula! Panicking won’t get us anywhere!”

Taula is about to get up, but I stop her.

I don’t see anything falling from above us, but it’s still dangerous.

She could fall and be attacked by a flying monster.

But it really is strange.

According to my calculations, there shouldn’t be such a destructive tremor so soon.

Did I make a mistake Or…

The tremor passes, as I think.

Taula and I look at each other.

“We need to go as carefully, but also as quickly as possible.”


I’ve figured out where we are in the dungeon, and from there, we immediately go down a slope.

If these memories are correct, the ‘Third Seat of Immorality’ should be up ahead.

The more we go down, the more damp the floor and walls get.

We eventually reach an underground lake.

This is exactly as the shaman’s memories tell me.

A lake in the middle of a large space, with water pouring into it from holes in the ceiling and walls.

There is an island in the middle of the underground lake, covered by a huge white flower.

“That’s one of the primordial demons, the ‘Third Seat of Immorality’.”

I tell Taula while pointing at the flower.

The curse placed on it really has been completely broken.

“Taula, let’s do it in one go.”


Just as we planned.”

Our plan is for me to overwhelm the ‘Third Seat of Immorality’, and for Taula to finish it off with her sword clad in purifying light.

I take out several scrolls and I’m about to 《Manifest》 Hipopo brothers through a composite activation, but then I hear a voice.

“I have been waiting for you, Master Rust and Miss Taula.”

Along with this voice, the flower that is the main body of the ‘Third Seat of Immorality’ starts stretching some of its roots.

They go over the underground lake, and all the way towards us.

The intertwined roots unravel in front of us.

“Princess Lily! Why…”

Taula is shocked by what appears.



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