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Emilia was quarantined at Sparrow Castle for a while but returned home a few days ago.

Her level of exposure was mild compared to others, so they were able to let her go quickly.

Contrary to what he had feared, Hegel, who had been greatly exposed to thoughts, was the first to recover and stood by Mrs.


He looked much healthier than before when he was in the hospital.

Arnold was aware that it was thanks to Tiarozety.

’Don’t worry.

Everyone’s safe.’

Before leaving Brandt Castle, Tiarozety had spoken to Arnold to reassure him.

Seeing her smiling brightly with a pale face, he couldn’t say anything other than to say thank you because he was sorry and thankful.

It felt like a deep bond was formed, which was different from when he simply thought of her as an Esol.

Then Lexion said.

“How are you feeling I’m sorry to let you come back during the break.”

“No, I was already resting so much that I was about to get exhausted.

What did you call me for” 

Arnold encouraged him to speak comfortably with a soft smile.

“You must have heard the news that the Crown Prince is coming.”

“Oh, yes, I heard from Oscar.

Do you have anything to prepare in advance for that”

Lexion shook his head at Arnold’s question and brought up the main topic.

“Maybe after I leave the expedition, the Knights led by the Crown Prince may arrive at Bael.”

“Huh So soon”

“Of course, it would be good if they came after I come back, but just in case.”

“But doesn’t it take a long time to get by land from the capital to Bael In addition, it is not easy to penetrate the evil dragon’s thoughts.”

That’s why I said if.

We’ll be in trouble if we’re not prepared and get hit.”

“……that’s right.”

Arnold nodded in agreement.

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After a while, Arnold asked.

“Isn’t it an excuse to say that he’s coming to pick up Princess Seirin It’s actually going to be the purpose of subjugation.”

“That’s right.

Perhaps they are trying to get Bael to trip and fall to win public sentiment”

“People’s opinion… …Does it mean that the Sparrow family can be held responsible for this”

“I have already rejected requests for reinforcements countless times.

It’s easy to blame the North for the growing situation because we didn’t help.”

“Then wouldn’t it be better not to let them come at all”

“That’s impossible.

The princess is here.

The Imperial Family may even try to charge us with treason, saying that we threatened them.”

“I’m sorry.

I think this is what happened because Emelia was close to the princess.”

“Why would it be Sir’s fault”

Arnold bowed his head with a brooding look as Lexion comforted him.

Lately, there have been a lot of things he felt sorry about.

Lexion continued calmly.

“We have no choice but to anticipate and prepare in advance how the imperial family will come out.”

“If we organize a subjugation group for the capital, the entire northern part will collapse.

Then the foundation for independence disappears.”

“So right now, I will not form a subjugation team.”

Arnold asked with his eyes wide open.

“Will the royal family stay still As your Excellency says, they may put the blame on the Sparrow family.”

He frowned when he finished speaking.

It was because he felt that the Imperial Family was very ill-natured, and it was clear that they would 

let the blame fall on the Sparrow Family for the negative news they would encounter.

They always demanded allegiance from the Sparrow family and were busy taking advantage of them.

Arnold felt resentful and unfair about it.

On the other hand, Lexion’s face was calm.

Arnold asked, puzzled.

“Aren’t you worried”

“I’ve already been prepared for this since I declared independence in the elders’ assembly.”

“That’s true, but…”

As Arnold hesitated, Lexion expressed his intention plainly.

“I’m thinking of an all-out war.”

“The Imperial Knights are as powerful as the Black Knights.

Isn’t the time too soon”

It’s like a wartime situation now.

Unlike the Black Knights, which have plenty of combat experience, the Imperial Knights only have had attack patterns for a long time“

“If you think about it, the northern solidarity has become very strong thanks to the rampant evil dragon.

In addition, the forces that supported the capital became very weak.”

“Yes, so we’ll have to take this momentum and act.

Even if the Crown Prince comes, he can’t wield the northern part at will.”

“It was for this time that you rushed the solidarity of the North.”

Arnold continued his admiration with respectful eyes.

“I wonder how far do you see… …I’m now so surprised that I’m no longer surprised.” 

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Since the first mention of the independence of the Sparrow family in the Council of Elders, Bael has been working behind the scenes to unite the North. 

No, they were already able to move quickly because the Duke had already prepared Oscar in advance.

It’s a fact that the capital doesn’t care about the North.

The northern lords’ resentment towards the imperial family had already piled up.

On top of that, Lexion Sparrow, the guardian of the north, reached out, and the majority of them joined his side.

Even those who had endured to the end agreed to join hands with Bael due to the evil dragon incident.

Territory and authority, financial and military power are all gradually gathering.

If the Hawk Mountains were protected as it is and the north was proven to be safe, it would also receive great support from the local residents.

If the public sentiment is captured, the royal family will no longer be able to interfere.

Moreover, since it was a wartime situation, if it was used well, there was a possibility that it could occupy an equal negotiating position with the imperial family.

‘If only the evil dragon is safely wiped out after this, we can establish a powerful northern kingdom.’

Suddenly, Arnold’s heart began to burn.

The conversation did not stop there.

Lexion followed suit.

“We will not set up a subjugation group on the orders of the royal family.”

“Are you saying that you will come forward on your own”

“Anyway, war with evil dragons is inevitable.

It’s important to keep the North safe before it’s too late.” 

“So you’re going to keep the North safe and then negotiate with the imperial family.”

When Arnold understood it, Lexion smirked.

“Yes, this time we won’t lose the ball to the royal family like we did last time, Arnold.”

Lexion’s voice was full of conviction.

Arnold answered, trying to calm his boiling heart with anticipation.

“The capital city has already been overturned by the evil dragon.

If the situation reaches its peak, it will be difficult to shake off Bael’s hand.”

“It will.

We’ll aim for that time and win independence from the imperial family.”

“I understand.”

As Arnold answered with all his might and smiled broadly, Lexion asked.

“You have to protect Bael well while I’m away.

In case of an emergency, you will have to take full power and confront the Crown Prince.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”



Please tell me.”

Lexion couldn’t say his thoughts readily.

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“Your Excellency”

As Arnold gently called out, Lexion licked his lips and said cautiously.

“Please take care of Titi while I’m away, Arnold.”

Somehow his voice sounded very heavy.

A request that seems to have been vomited out while capturing miscellaneous thoughts.

His request contained a lot of meaning, but it was not easy for Arnold to understand.

Arnold assumed it was because he was worried about leaving Tiarozety on the expedition. 

“Do not worry.

I will take good care of her.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Lexion’s face was filled with only meaningless emotions.


As scheduled, Lexion set out to the Hawk Mountains.

During his absence, Arnold Brandt, chairman of the Elder’s Council, assumed the duke’s rights temporarily.

It was to manage the affairs of Sparrow Castle, where there was no hostess to replace the vacancy.

Therefore, the Brandt family stayed in the castle for a limited time during the expedition.

Emelia managed the maids on behalf of Mrs.

Brandt, who was still unable to move.

She was also in charge of some of the work in the castle.

It was because Arnold had a lot of external work. 

Emilia came to greet me the day after they entered Sparrow Castle.

“Good morning, Miss Tiarozety.

This is Emelia Brandt, who will be temporarily in charge of the castle from today.”


I blinked in embarrassment at the sight of Emelia greeting too politely. 

We were supposed to call each other by name… 

Her demeanor was more polite than usual, and it was awkward.

Emilia grinned as I gave a curious look.

“Long time no see, Miss Tiarozety.”

She looked the same as usual, but she was still giggling.

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I asked with an unfussed expression.

“Are you okay now”

“Yes, I still have some aftereffects, but it’s okay.”

Emelia answered bravely and shrugged her shoulders.

No wonder she’s full of energy.

‘Certainly, your face color looks better than before.’

Perhaps it was because she didn’t have to take care of Hegel anymore.

Because he’s all better now.

There have been many changes in the Brandt Family.

Arnold, who was about to step down as chairman to take responsibility for the last incident, was reinstated as chairman by the elders.

Thus, the Brandt family seemed to feel a moral responsibility to do better than before.

In addition, Hegel, whom he thought would not be able to become a successor, became healthy, so Emilia and Hegel could have a battle for succession.

‘I hope that there will be no conflicts in the family because of me…’

What I did used to become a butterfly effect and cause another incident.

Whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

So I was a little worried that Hegel became healthy.

Then Emilia said.

“What about you, Tiarozety”

“Yes What”

“You helped Hegel.

Did you have any strain on your body”

Suddenly, her eyes drooped like a criminal.

She seemed to feel indebted to me.

Emilia continued.

“I heard you jumped into the thoughts for Hegel.”


“You were reckless.”

Emilia looked at me with sad eyes.

I didn’t know what to say.

Do you need any comfort 

Do you need any support

No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t think of it, so I decided to just tell my true feelings.

“I’m fine.”

“Miss Tiarozety…”

“I was very worried when I found out that the Brandt family was infected with thoughts.

I’m glad to see you in such good health.”

Emelia’s eyes reddened as she clasped my hands tightly and smiled affectionately.


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