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“Guh – ngh – go – ho-! Cant… move…!”

Tarawo, body rendered immovable within the Quadra Boundary, tried every way he could to escape, but I wasnt quite sure whether his arcane energy level was enough to deal with it.

“I will never live this down! You hear me!”

Lina and Pochi were speechless, not only by the surprise from seeing the magecrafts invocation, but even more so by the fact that it had been used on Tarawo.

Lina, her face indicating a slight change of mood, held her hands forward, in Tarawos direction.


It flew to where Tarawo was.

Oh, I see… it was for blowing apart the Quadra Boundarys stakes.

Tarawos face cramped up, scared out of his mind by the incoming energy blast, but not even a second later, the Boundary disappeared, setting him free.

“Oh… OOOHHH! That was quite impressive, Lina! Come, I grant you permission to carry me! Dont be shy, now!”

Lina heaved a sigh of relief then stepped forward, not toward Tarawo, but to Tifa… with quite an angry look on her face.

“Whats wrong with you, Tifa! Tarawo hasnt done anything wrong!”

Well, rather than angered, Lina is looking pretty cute and childish here, what with her not being the kind to scold other people much.

Tifa doesnt seem to be used to taking a scolding, either… just look how shes twitching right up, her eyes shut tight.

“Remember, your Familiar is your most important partner! His life depends on you!”

“Thats right!”

And now Pochis riding on the momentum.


“But look at you, using Tarawo like hes a tool! You have to consider his feelings, too!”

“Speaking from experience, I wholeheartedly agree!”

“You cant keep doing this forever! Just think of his mental health!”

“You heard her, Master!”

Oh Whyd Pochi turn on me all of a sudden

“I know there are mages who control their Familiars by force, but… Tifa, you mustnt… do that…”

Even though Linas eyes were back to their usual, gentle look, Tifa still kept her eyes closed.

Oh, now theyre open.

“I-Im only doing it the way Sir Asley taught me!”


Lina and I were taken aback, while the two Familiars turned to look at me, confused.

I mean, what! I dont even know what shes talking about! Seriously!

“Master! What in the world did you teach her!”

“Asley! Id never thought you were plotting to assassinate me!”

“W-wha-wait! Tifa, when did I even teach you something remotely close to that!”


Tifa, keeping her voice low, pointed at a certain book on the table.

Thats… one of my research journals.

“Considering the situation, it can only be a diary that he doesnt want to open up ever again.

That, I am sure of.”

“Sir Asley!”

Although this was technically class time, Lina called out my name with quite a prominent berating tone.

She proceeded to open the book…

Then the Familiars, both Pochi and Tarawo, heaved a sigh and declared,

“We must get to the bottom of this!”

“Yes, once and for all!”

“Ah – hey! Stop it!”

And there they go, snatching the book for themselves…

They proceeded to flip through the pages, with Lina looking at it from above as they went.


~Fifteenth Day of the Tenth Month~

Pochi was annoying today, as with any other day.

Ahh, so annoying.

So very annoying.

For breakfast, honey.

Lunch, honey.

Snack time, honey.

Dinner, honey.

Late night snack, honey.

Just look at her.

Look at her smile.

Cant she see how Im already so sick and tired of it

‘Its delicious! she said… sure, but only for the first bite.

Good God, shes annoying.

Come the second bite, well, I thought all hell was about to break loose.

Shes trying to kill me.

Theres no doubt in my mind.

One of these days… Ill get my payback one of these days.

~Eighteenth Day of the Tenth Month~

Pochi was annoying today, as with any other day.

Ahh, so annoying.

So very annoying.

Shed said she wanted to help me with this important research – pretty unexpected – so Id asked her to transcribe some text.

I went to check her work after a while and saw that shed stamped the text with her paw prints on the approximate interval of three words.

Since when was this a government office

‘Hows this Artistic, isnt it she said as I burned those ruined parchment sheets away.

Good God, shes annoying.

I couldnt even read them properly, for Gods sake.

Shes trying to destroy my research efforts.

Theres no doubt in my mind.

~Nineteenth Day of the Tenth Month (One Oclock in the Morning) ~

Pochi was annoying today, as with any other day.

Ahh, so annoying.

So very annoying.

Shed perform alchemy and created vantablack paint – the blackest black there ever was – and proceeded to splash it all over the room.

Id thought she would clean it up afterwards, but instead shed jumped into the sea of paint, turning herself completely into a black dog.

In that state, she was the dreadful kind of beast that Id never ever wish to see at night.

‘This is so fun! she said, but did she even realize that shed soaked my precious research black as well Good God, shes annoying!

The main dungeon was now in jet black.

Shes the kind of Familiar that exists to hinder my progress in every way possible.

Theres no doubt in my mind.

One of these days… yeah, no, I WILL get my payback.

Definitely will.

~Nineteenth Day of the Tenth Month (Sixteenth Oclock in the Afternoon) ~

Okay, technically four oclock in the morning.

Pochi was annoying today, as with any other day.

Ahh, so annoying.

So very annoying.

The time has come.

Now the resident black dog shall know whats coming to her when she crosses me! Pochis belly inflated and deflated in rhythm with every breath she took.

‘I cant eat another bite! she said, but shell be running on empty by the time she wakes up! She always is! Good God, shes annoying!!

First of all, Ill make it so that Pochi shuts up for some time.

All I need to do is cover her mouth – then I can kiss goodbye to the noisy cave and days of exclusively honey diet.

Mm, this is definitely the way.

Heh heh heh…… payback has been served.

~Twentieth Day of the Tenth Month~

I woke up early in the morning to my Familiars pained groans.

With teary eyes, she glared at me… then scratched me.

Ouch-! That hurt like hell, damn it!

“What the hell are you doing!”


She probably would sayI should be the one asking that if she could.

But, well, she obviously couldnt.

I wont waste my breath trying to make her understand, either.

Just give her a day to think it over, and shes bound to mend her ways from here on out.

Disciplinary measures are needed from time to time.

Mm, this is definitely the way.

Heh heh heh… payback – I mean, disciplinary action has been served.


…Yeah, this was… a thing.

If I remembered correctly, this was not long after Pochi had become my Familiar, so… it should be seven or eight hundred years by now.

“So, yeah, disciplinary measures.”

Tifa said in a showoff-ish tone.

Pochi, reminded of everything that had happened, blocked her eyes with her front paws out of embarrassment.

That was, so to speak, the dark age of the history between me and her.

Well, Pochi seems to still be in thatdark age though, considering what shes experiencing right now.

Lina pressed her own forehead, looking quite troubled.

Having heard what shed heard, I suppose it would be hard to come up with a reply.

But then Lina heaved another sigh.

Looks like shes gotten her thoughts together now.

“Dont you get it, Tifa Sir Asley and Pochi are this way because of how they trust each other.

Whether its Pochi or Sir Asley who gets out of line, they are always ready to forgive each other – thats how much they get along.

But the same cannot be said about how youre acting, dont you think All you did was abuse the power you have.”


Seeing Tifa keep silent, Lina continued,

“They may act like that, but they dont mean harm – that much is clear to anyone who knows them.

Thats why everyone can laugh along with their antics.

But look at Tarawo – he actually resents you for what you did.

Do you understand, Tifa”

“…I dont know.”

Lina raised an eyebrow.

Tifa startled Tarawo with how firmly she held her ground.

Is this escalating into an actual fight …Huh, thats been a while.

They used to occasionally get into arguments back in my old magic classes.

Most felt quite similar to the one going on right now, too, now that I think about it.

“How do you expect me to know! Im just doing it my way! You cant just walk up and criticize how I do things!”

The way Tifas talking now… she used to do that, too – especially when she was being careful with her stance around Lina.

“Oh, really Then why did you just say that you were doing it the way Sir Asley taught you, hmm…”

On the other hand, Lina was working at it with logic and reason, albeit in a passive-aggressive manner.

“Shut up! I wont let myself be pushed around by you anymore!”

Tifa was way past her boiling point.

“As if Ill lose that easily! Im still way ahead of you!”

Lina, seeing no other choice, flicked on her preaching mode in full force.

“Theyre raring to go at it any second now, arent they Are you sure you dont need to stop them, Master”

“Well, I did plan to start things off with a sparring match, so… it should be fine”

“I see, I see! No worries, then!”

“W-what a powerful clash of arcane energy! I must get away as far as possible!”

True – the pressure of the situation now might be too much for lil Tarawo.

“Tarawo, get over here!”


“-A-rise, House! Come on out, Baladd!!”


The four-winged dragon appeared before Tarawos eyes.

Tifa was surprised for a moment, but still showed no sign of backing down.

“Shes calling you, Tarawo!”

Okay, now Pochis just being ruthless for the sake of it.

I mean, telling him to just go against Baladd – in different circ.u.mstances, thats practically telling him to go die.

“I said get over here, Tarawo!”

Again, shes calling you, Tarawo.



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