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“So… you use magic to keep your Familiar in a compressed space.

Whos the one mistreating her Familiar now, huh!”

“Baladds size makes it hard for her to stay out – and besides, she did agree to this.

Now… looks like Tarawo is having difficulties standing in front of Baladd, hmm I wonder whats wrong”

“Tch – hey! Hurry it up!”

“Y-y-y-y-y-you called for me!”

Tarawo turned to look at us again.

‘Are you not going to step in Arent you the only one capable of preventing this situation from escalating further! Youre not going to stop them! – such was written all over Tarawos face, but I put on the heart of a demon just this once and ignored his pleas.

Both Tifa and Tarawo were still in the learning stage.

Stopping this fight – I mean, match – would be equal to stopping an opportunity for growth.

That is what I believe.

“Ooh, looks like we arrived at a great time!”

“Bruce… didnt know you were coming here as well.”

“Im here, too!”

Bruce arrived with Lala riding on his shoulders.

“Hey, looks like you two are getting along real good lately.”

“Hahaha… oh, yknow.

Lalas dangerously fast and all, but shes totally dull and pretty unreliable in a real fight, you see.

Ive been teaching her a thing or two.”

“Shes a mage, remember – her movements are incredible by that standard!”

In contrast to our good-natured banter, Tarawo looked quite downhearted as he dragged his heels toward Tifa, giving up on everything.

“Hey, Asley Gotta feel a bit sorry for Tarawo, yeah”

Lala pointed at Tarawo as if to question whether I should stop the fight.

Bruce looked up and proceeded to answer her,

“If they were a.d.u.l.ts, Asley probably would have stopped them, but hes letting them learn from experience – so that theyd know to stop themselves in the future.

By not stopping them today, hes stopping them from tomorrow on.”

“Ohh~~ Am I supposed to understand that”

“Hahahaha, well, maybe not… oh.

Looks like theyre getting started.”

As Bruce had indicated, Lina was now ready to fight, her hand tightening its grip on her staff.

Tarawo, on the other hand, still hasnt reached Tifa.

He must be extremely reluctant… which was perfectly understandable.

“Oh, you wont be talking big like that for long…”

And so the battle commenced.

It seemed that Tifa was starting out as the aggressive side, with Lina being on full defensive.

Baladd stayed put with her arms crossed, staring down Tarawo.

The sheer pressure she exerted seemed to have affected Tifa as well, however.

Now then, lets see how fast Tifas air tracing is, hmm

The hexagram pattern… so a Craft Circle.

The drawing was fast, for sure, but opening the fight with magecraft was… strategically questionable.

“Rise, A-rise, A-rise! Transient Blades!”

Her Craft Circle unleashed countless slash attacks.

Thats an exactly by-the-formula magecraft.

Huh, I dont exactly recall – did those old books not contain derivative magecraft material

Well, I suppose I could think that over some time later.

“Rise! Earth Control!”

Linas drawing was quite fast.

Considering that this was an elementary-leveled spell, this speed could be her at nearly fastest.

Earth Control was a favorite of high-leveled mages – good choice.

Still got some room for improvement, though.

“Called it! Rise, Parasitic Control!”

Oh, so shes been doing one-handed tracing in anticipation of her main attack being guarded.

Pulled that off fairly quickly, too.

Could it be that both of them were actually as fast as the other

Stopped by the dirt wall, the light slashes lost their momentum, but that didnt mean they were stopped completely.

The remaining streaks of light darted their way through toward Lina.

“Lina, watch out!”

“Yeah, this is Lina were talking about.

Shell get through this, no problem!”

The tip of Linas staff, infused with arcane energy, unleashed a sound blast.

The blades that had slipped through the wall were repelled, some destroyed and others reflected.

“Haha, look at her go.

She might even be good enough to make it to Rank A as a warrior, huh”

“Oh, for sure.

Shes already started learning how to fight with swords, you know”


“Yeah, started with Betty a bit before you had to leave for the Rank-up Evaluation.

Always healed up the scratches on her face no matter how much MP she had to use up.

Man, I wonder who shes doing that for Hahahaha!”

“Oh, yes, I wonder who Hohohoho!”

Bruce and Pochi looked my way, both with greatly irritating looks on their faces.

Now, back to the fight – Tifa leapt backwards to dodge the attack that had been reflected back to her.

Oh, Tifas movements looked fairly good, albeit still clumsy.

By warriors standards, Id say she was on par with D-ranked adventurers.

Which reminds me, what level was she on now Seeing that Pochis attention has shifted back to the match, I took the opportunity to invoke my Appraisal Glasses.


TITLES: Pupil (Excellent); Mage; Rank D; Top Student

LV: 41

HP: 296

MP: 600

EXP: 130,019

SPECIAL SKILLS:Attack Magic (Advanced)Support Magic (Intermediate)Recovery Magic (Elementary)

I was reminded once again that the concepts of genius and talent were a thing in this world.

Her attack magic mastery was quite remarkable.

Her mastery of support and recovery magic was perfectly in line with her level, but she was sure to have a great abundance of combat spells at her disposal.

But then again, she was bound to have difficulties rising above theadvanced level of mastery exactly because of this discrepancy.

To achieve that, especially at this young age, she would not only need to put in a great deal of effort, but also possess a suitable mindset.

Her physical strength also seemed lacking, but her age might be a factor here.

She still had quite a lot of time to grow up, after all, so she ought to be patient and plan for long-term results.

Now then, I might as well look at how much Lina has improved so far, too.


TITLES: Little Sister; Swordsman; Mage; Magic Classroom Graduate; Rank A; Student Council President; The Swift; The Silent Witch

LV: 63

HP: 991

MP: 1,610

EXP: 441,039

SPECIAL SKILLS:Attack Magic (Advanced)Support Magic (Advanced)Recovery Magic (Skilled)TempestLight Body

Huh, shes actually not so different from Warrens level in his corresponding time frame.

TheStudent Council President title sure was a big deal.

Moreover, Bettys teachings definitely were showing solid results here.

All things considered, Linas gonna win this by experience alone.

She may be taking a defensive stance now, but if she wanted to, she could take Tifa down whenever she wanted.

Lina wasnt necessarily holding back – surely she wanted to measure how much stronger Tifa has become as well.

But more importantly… I ended up being quite worried about what was going on with the rest of the combatants…

“Oversized lizard! You dare you laze around before me! And that condescending look in your eyes! Very brave of you to disrespect me!”

Oh, no, Chihuahua… it is very brave of YOU to directly confront a Dragon like that.

Well, Im sure hes being completely serious, but Baladd probably wouldnt take that as anything more than a puppy barking at her.

I mean, that description IS exactly whats happening, too, so…

“Know that I am a Garm, a King Wolf! Your attitude in my presence is punishable by death!”

Come to think about it, Im pretty sure hes been saying that before, too

When it came to Garm the King Wolf, one would think of the dangerous A-ranked monster, which was arguably fit for the S rank depending on the individual.

I wouldnt expect this Chihuahua to be one of them, though.



TITLES: The Cursed King Wolf; Unwavering Pride; Unranked Anomaly; Weakest Familiar

LV: 10

HP: 10

MP: 10

EXP: 9,999,999


…What in the blazes

His level wasnt matching up with his experience points, not to mention his physical strength and arcane energy being far too low even for this level.

And his titles – Id never seen any of them.

I had my attention on thecursed title in particular.

How in the world did he even get that

“Fwahahahaha! I see youre too intimidated by my threat to even take a step forward! Step aside! Leave my sight this instant, or else!”

Baladd, either bored or busted a vein at this point, unfolded her arms and breathed in.

A breath attack No, Im sure that by now, Baladd is smart enough to not use lethal force-

“Hmph! Dont care!”


She blew him away with a shot of compressed air.

Tawaro just kept rolling on the ground, looking like a childs rubber ball – Oh, he stopped.

“GWOOOOOHH-! Oh, earth, why must you send such impact running through my body, such pain biting into my bones! Heh heh heh… I never knew you hated me so!”

“So… it hurts”

“Thats right! Ah – I mean – NO!”

Acurse, huh… I ought to look deeper into it.



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