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Royal Capital Magic Guardians Headquarters…


“A Familiar… for Fuyu, sir”


Brigadier Viola asked, with quite a troubled look on her face.



Figured I’d pick out a good one myself… what do you think”


Viola’s superior, Gaston, ask as he sat in his office chair.


“I think it will well be worth the effort, and the process of choosing one for her specifically could be interesting in itself.”


“Well… any suggestions”


“Considering Fuyu’s personality, I wouldn’t recommend headstrong monsters for her…”


Gaston leaned back in his chair and stared at the ceiling.


“Hmm… beasts should be a better fit, then.”


“Yes, sir, but they also have their downsides to consider.”


“That’s true.

We have the promise of difficult times ahead of us.

It will be quite demanding for a beast to withstand the challenges its Master will face… if one even exists at all.”


Gaston rubbed his face with one hand then turned to Viola, and saw that she was smiling suspiciously cheerfully.




“You are being incredibly kind these days, Sir Gaston.”


“Hmph, the real kind person is the one who told Fuyu to ‘run away’ to the end of the world…”


Despite saying that, Viola’s kept her smile up.


“But that girl, she wouldn’t budge an inch.

Her mind’s already set on a goal, after all.

Sure reminds me of someone around here…”


“That would be you, sir.”


Viola said, grinning even wider.

Gaston widened his eyes, surprised by how prompt Viola’s reply was.


“…Not even a moment of hesitation, eh”


“I simply think that is true.”


“Hmph, whatever.

If a good idea comes up for Fuyu’s Familiar, be sure to report it to me.”


“Yes, sir.”




A few days had passed since Viola received her order from Gaston.

The door to the office opened with a loud bang.


“…Does it have to be now”


“I’m afraid it is indeed urgent, sir.”


“Well, what is it”


Gaston, anticipating a monster attack at worst, asked back as he reached for his staff, so as to be ready to move immediately.

It was quite obvious from Viola’s face that she was in a hurry.


“A Star Horse, a rare beast said to be capable of movement speed greater than sound, is up for bidding at the Auction Market! The bid is going on as we speak! I think it’s a perfect match as Fuyu’s Familiar, sir! Would you like me to-“


Viola knelt down and reported, after which she looked back up…


“Sir Gaston…”


And Gaston was not there anymore.




He ran off with all the speed he could manage.

Faster than a Star Horse, a beast that could run at the speed of sound.

He jumped, vaulted, dove, and flipped past obstacles in his way, slipped, fell, and tumbled over some, broke a few things, dodged most others, sometimes he even released a burst of arcane energy to get through the crowds in the commercial district of Royal Capital Regalia.


“There it is!!”


And at last, Gaston found the venue wherein the Star Horse auction was taking place.

Without paying the entry fee, he shouted at the bouncer,


“Bill it to Gaston of the Royal Capital Magic Guardians!”


…And rushed straight inside.


“One million Gold! One million Gold, people!”


By this time, the highest price had risen quite high, such that there would not be any higher bidder in normal circumstances.


“Ohh… what a wonderful horse this is.

Its pure silver coat exudes an unparalleled elegance!”


“One million Gold! Anyone! Any higher bidder here! …If not, then the Star Horse goes to Sir Adams-“






Gaston’s roar of a price declaration echoed throughout the venue, silencing everyone.

Despite drawing the attention of the people around him, he paid no attention to them, and simply went forward, his eyes on the prize.

The arcane energy surrounding Gaston was so strong that it created a shimmer on his skin.

Everyone gulped at watched as the Great Mage of Flame marched forward… Or rather, the powerful aura compelled that they did not look away from him.

Not even the ringman was safe.


“T-ten million Gold…!”


The ringman’s eyes went wild.

So much so that one would think his black pupils had spun off somewhere.


“…Ah, uh, yes, sir! We have a new bid! Ten million Gold! Ten million! Anyone going higher!”


Gaston grinned ear-to-ear.


[W-whew, made it in time…!]


But the next moment, something prompted Gaston’s smile to fade.

He felt it diagonally to the right behind him – an irregular vibration in the air.

It was the current head of the Adams household, in the process of standing up.

Gaston could sense all that due to his sharpened senses and current level of concentration.


[For this term, the Royal Capital Magic Guardians only has an extra of five million Gold to spend! The other five million is coming out of my savings… and secret stash! Pay any more than this, and my financial plans will be all ruined! Damn you, Sir Adams! Shouldn’t you be giving some strict training to Hornel! Wait, no, now isn’t the time to think about that! Gold! I need Gold! Should I borrow some from Viola! No, I can’t do that – not when I’m still her Commander! Then… Irene! I’d rather die than borrow from that old hag! Oh ** oh ** oh **! Think, Gaston, think! I’m the most powerful mage in the Duodecad! If I lose heart here, I’d be too damn embarrassed to face the young man again! Think, damn it! There must be some light beyond all these possibilities! I have to find it! Find the light! Eyes on the prize! I am Gaston, the Great Mage of Flame! AHHHHH!!]


In what seemed like a slow-motion stream of thoughts, Gaston came up with a single solution from an extremely small set of possibilities.






Overwhelming arcane energy surged forth.

Sir Adams instantly sat back down, his face pale.

Gaston slowly turned to his right, pretending to take notice of the chair’s slight creaking.


“…is sOmEtHiNG tHe MATter, Sir”


His eyes instilled fear in everyone who saw them.

His aura made it clear to all who and what the Great Mage of Flame was.

His arcane energy made certain to assert that this was Gaston, the one and only in the War Demon Nation.

His intimidation caused Sir Adams, father of Hornel… to instantly faint.


“…So, NO OthER BiddeRS, RiGHT”


The ringman’s eyes were now all white, his sanity slipping, but he was determined to finish his job – a display of true professionalism.


“H-HAMMER PRICE!! This Star Horse has been purchased by Sir Gaston, Great Mage of Flame!!”


Through the arcane energy release he had done, Gaston had figured out the method of Ultimate Limit for himself… though he was yet unaware of that fact.



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