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Chapter 271, King of the Devils

We did attack from quite a long range, but if that dark sphere is unscathed after taking all that, well, we might be in trouble.

Now then, how’s it look now We did dish out our big moves — Lylia’s Smiting Flash, Giorno’s Brave Blade, Pochi’s Zenith Breath, and my–


“–Wait a second! What’s up with that Pochi Pad Laser, sir!”

“It’s a pinpoint attack water magic spell, that’s what!”

“You stole that idea from my Zenith Laser, didn’t you!”

“It’s called using a reference!”


Damn it, why does Pochi feel the need to joke around even in the most inappropriate of times

Who raised her to be this way I’d like to have a looong talk with him…

Giorno and Lylia haven’t let their guards down just yet.

Neither did I nor Pochi, of course.

Wait, maybe Pochi’s got her down ages ago

Nah, of course she wouldn’t.

We’re up against the Devil King here, after all.


Suddenly, we heard the sound of glass breaking coming from the dark sphere’s direction.

The sand eventually dispersed, revealing the sphere in all its round, jet-black glory.


“Didn’t work…”


Lylia bit her lower lip.


“Nah, looks like that did SOMETHING, actually.”


Giorno pointed casually at the sphere.

I promptly looked where he was pointing at.

Pochi did as well, and shouted,


“Huh…! It’s a little cracked!”


At exactly the same time, Giorno made his next move.




He repeatedly used Brave Blade — three, four, five — TWELVE times.

This special skill is extremely difficult to fine-tune, to the point that people think only THE Hero could use it, and he just spammed it like it was easy.

The sphere must have been hit by as many as 60 slashes, all on a single spot.

This really is an amazing display of skill.

Distracted by Giorno’s rare outburst, Lylia, Pochi, and I ended up making our next moves a little slower.


“Pochi Pad Bomb!”



Pochi unleashed her Zenith Laser, and Lylia… ran forward!

Does she plan to bash it or what! Good God, she’s as violent as ever!

We spaced our long-ranged attacks apart, so as to prevent them from hitting Lylia.

Then, we waited to assess the damage resulting from our second wave of attacks.




Her voice is so deep, yet so sharp that it could split some ears — And her strength is so great that she literally could split the earth.

And the sounds of the impacts are… just about what I’d expect from such strong, focused hits repeated on such a strong surface.


“Hell yeah!”


The first to notice some change was Lylia, still bashing on the sphere–




–And then me, right after her.

There’s a big crack on the top part of the sphere… Wait, no, it’s straight up breaking apart!




Inside of it is… an unsettling space, like a void.

Lylia did not concern herself with that, however, and just kept on bashing.

Then Giorno jumped onto the sphere, on the opposite side.

I knew the Hero could be counted on.

He’s making a good combo with Lylia–


“”–Hng! Gah…””


Suddenly, I saw something… stick out from Giorno and Lylia’s backs…

And then blood sprayed all over the place.

Wait, those things are AMRS!!


“”…! DAH–!””


Giorno and Lylia briefly glanced at each other, then kicked each other away.

That got them unstuck from the arms, but also sent both of them flying in different directions.


“SHIT! Shiro! Take care of Giorno!”

“Yes, sir!”


By now, both Pochi and I are already prepared to die to whatever comes next.

Giorno and Lylia had just sustained potentially fatal wounds without even seeing it coming.

That’s how absurdly powerful the thing we’re up against is.

Pochi and I couldn’t afford to not move, however.

If we don’t hurry… those two are going to die!

Knowing that, I made my move as soon as possible.

I caught Lylia before she fell to the ground, and activated Ultimate Limit at the same time.


“High Cure Adjust! Lylia! Hang in there! You can’t die now!”


“High Cure Adjust! Giorno! Breathe! Breathe, damn it!”


All I heard back was him trying desperately to breathe.


“Holy Virgin’s Boundary!”


There’s no need to draw Circles while I’m in the Ultimate Limit state, but even then, there’s still no telling whether or not the healing will be fast enough…!




To my side, Pochi gigantified and unleashed a Zenith Breath at… whatever is ahead of us.


“M-my Drynium armor’s… totally ruined… Agh–!”

“God damn it, Lylia! Stop talking, focus on healing!”


Lylia looks like she’ll manage to heal up somehow, but… Giorno!

Right! I could try using arcane energy to temporarily simulate his missing internal functions… how’s that!


“Oof– Whew…”

“All right! He’s breathing again!”


Seeing that Pochi was trying to buy me time, I picked up Giorno and Lylia, and moved them to a safe distance away.

Despite that, I heard HIS voice 


“So much energy flowing through a human body… Fascinating…”



I reflexively hopped back out of caution, but Pochi kept on her stream of Zenith Breath.

If she doesn’t stop soon, she’s gonna get hurt!


“Shiro! Get away!”



But Pochi didn’t stop attacking.

What the hell does she think she’s doing!

I put Giorno and Lylia down on the ground, deployed a Holy Virgin’s Boundary, then leaped back over to Pochi’s side.




Suddenly, Pochi got knocked back — Like she was repelled by some invisible force.


“For a beast, she does possess superior energy within her…”


The next moment, the sphere released an ominous, jet-black aura, and then started cracking vertically.

Moments later, Pochi’s breath attack stopped.

Did she stop it herself Doesn’t look like it… Is she exhausted –No, not that, either!


“Get away, Pochi! Use Arcane Drain!”


Still, Pochi didn’t move.

It’s like she’s a frog being stared down by a snake… or something.


“I won’t have that…”


A deep, clear-sounding voice.

Not something I’d expect from a Devil… but makes me feel the chills all the same.

Then the dark sphere split in two and crumbled down.




I grabbed Pochi’s tail, started swinging…



“Sorry, not sorry!”


…And threw her to where Giorno and Lylia were.

Which is good for her and all, but it’s not safe over here, either. 

Once I tried jumping back, I felt a powerful wave of arcane energy coming from behind me.

What in the–! It’s like the consciousness manipulation technique I used to use against Shi’shichou! But the energy here is way more powerful than mine…




I forced myself to jump again to avoid the full brunt of the pressure, then I heard faint laughter coming from the sphere… just for a moment.

Then a silhouette appeared from the broken sphere, obscured and distorted by a dark aura.


“You are the only one left standing… Commendable.

I quite want you as a subordinate…”


This is it! The Devil King, in the flesh…!


“It seems that I no longer need this… Hmm!”


As soon as I heard his voice, the aura of darkness around him instantly disappeared.

And then the Devil King himself appeared from it…


“–I am Lucifer, ruler over all Devils.”


What the hell…


“I commend your ability to step forward in my presence.

Now tell me: what is your name”


Is this real…


“Well My voice did enter your ears, did it not”


THIS is his INCOMPLETE form!



“Hmm… No… That is not right.

I asked for your name, nothing else.

You do understand that, do you not”


And he could tell right off the bat that I’m using a fake name… great.

At least he doesn’t realize that I’m from the future, at least… But Bathym did say that all of the Devilkin have eyes with special powers…




Once I told him my name, Lucifer cracked a creepy grin.

He’s muscular and dark-skinned — just like any other Devil I’ve seen so far.

The difference is that his eyes are in light blue, and he has short golden hair fluttering in the wind… traits that remind me of some people from around here…


“Asley… God’s lapdog.”

“Well, the dog is right over there, actually.”

“Your Familiar Her blood is quite… dark.

Is that your doing”


So he could even tell that Pochi’s been turned into a Heavenly Beast with the Archetype Changer, huh

Anyway, I have more important issues than that now…


“And your energy is quite unique.

Are you actually human …Hmm, I suppose you are.”


His arcane energy is so powerful… I can barely keep myself standing!


“I won’t bore you with vows to avenge my subordinates.

Now, show me your power!”


Hahahaha… I might not make it through this day alive.


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