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~~Magic University, Tenth Day of the Fifth Month, Five Oclock in the Morning~~

Now, Im working with the committee in the temporary tent in the plaza in front of the Central School Building, where everyone is set to gather.

There is a chair in the middle, but Gaston isnt sitting down.

He seems full of determination, perhaps because we are preparing for battle.

Although the area had been sealed by ropes, the outside was filled with students coming to watch our activities, be it ones from the Magic University or ones who slipped in, from the Warrior University.

Lina, Claris, Anri and Hornels team are here, and so are Dragan and his pupil Egd, faces I havent seen in a while.

“Hello there, Asley.”

“President Warren.

Youre going as well”

“Im sure there isnt any mage who doesnt want to go.

Sir Gaston holds so many connections in the Nation after all.

Still, I was surprised when I heard that you were qualified with your Adventurer Rank.

A freshman already making his way up to Rank C is… Well, I suppose its only natural for you, Asley”

This boys smile feels as uncanny as ever.

That expression of his suggests that he knew I had been sneaking out of the dormitory at night.

Now that I think about it from this angle, I suppose those who uphold the dormitory rules are more common than I think

“I feel like I dont have enough freedom of movement when Im only a Magic University student, you see.

So this is my way of taking care of myself.”

Having said all that, Warren walked away.

I looked around and observed the people who seemed to be students of Magic University.

The only freshman here is me after all.

There are a few sophomores.

They most likely received special permission to participate.

And there are indeed quite a lot of juniors and seniors.

It seems like most of the seniors have signed up.

With the Beilanean adventurers ranked C or above joining in, the subjugation party should be at least 300 members strong.

“Asley! Its been a while, man! Well, just a week though.

Ha ha ha ha!”

The one who addressed me so casually was none other than Bruce.

Behind him were Blazer and Betty, pushing their way through the crowd.

“Hello there.

Ill be learning the ropes from you three once again.”

“Youve taken a great leap forward, eh”

“Oh, please give me a break… That was a surprise for me too, I swear…”

Darn it, those damned geezers…

“Hahaha, thats what I thought.

You didnt seem like someone who would push forward much.”

“Nonetheless, were glad for your achievements.

Maybe you can give us a good reference down the line someday, eh”

In a rare gesture, Blazer joked around with me.

He seems to fully consider me one of his allies and is congratulating me in his own way.


“What is it, Miss Irene”

“Wha — This kid is Irene the Invincible Sprout!”

And Bruce promptly shrunk back, another rare gesture.

“Apologies for my friends impoliteness, Miss Irene.

Well be in your care today.”

Blazer was the one who immediately came forward with an apology.

And Betty followed suit, bowing her head.

“…Its fine.

So these three are the ones, Asley The party you went with to the Labyrinth of No Return”


All of them are reliable A-ranked adventurers.”

“One of them doesnt seem to be up to snuff, though”

She took another glance at Bruce.

Bruces face suggested that he has taken back that blunder just now, but with both parties being sensible a.d.u.l.ts, neither pressed the matter any further.

“Oh, but that is not the case.

He is… my trusted friend as well, after all.”

Irene looked a little sad as she said that.

Wait, did I say something strange

Then her expression turned normal almost immediately.

So its fine after all… I guess.

“Just to confirm, you three are A-ranked.

Mind coming with me for a few minutes We need some A-ranked adventurers to be squad leaders.”


Were happy to be of help.”

“You come along, too, Asley.”

Uh, Im just a Rank B, though

“Id like you to assist Gaston.

I was supposed to be just an adjutant, but Ill be leading Squad 1 as well, you see.”

“Wouldnt that mean… there are less capable personnel than we anticipated”

“Thats right.

At first, we planned to divide the force into ten squads, but most of the people who signed up are Rank C, so there arent many to whom we can entrust a squad.

At this point, Im expecting only seven or eight squads at most.

I saw this coming, considering the low pay and high risk, but still…”

Around this time of the year is the training period for new recruits, so its understandable that there arent many capable personnel available.

That was probably also why Gaston could get some vacation time.

Moreover… the ones who knew of the increasing A-ranked monster population may have been just the adventurers who had fallen prey to them.

Theres the considerable threat of the Laughing Fox from the other day, too.

With all that considered, this area may already have become dangerous, even if its a city.

After that, I went around with Irene in search of additional capable personnel.

We only looked at the ones who had signed up, of course, so it was over quite fast.

Thirty minutes before departure, we gathered at the tent.

“Mmm-hmm, just by looking at the leaders, Id say weve gotten ourselves a well-rounded force.”

Billy assessed the squads formation.

Squad 1… Irene, the Invincible Sprout of the Six Archmages.

40 other Members.

Squad 2… Blazer, the Silver Lion.

40 other Members.

Squad 3… Bruce.

40 other Members.

Squad 4… Billy, the Holy Healer.

50 other members.

Squad 5… Betty.

40 other Members.

Squad 6… Warren, the Black Emperor.

30 other Members.

Squad 7… Dallas, the Scarlet Blade.

30 other Members.

Squad 8 and Subjugation Party Main Body… Gaston, the Great Mage of Flame of the Six Archmages.

Asley, the Tactician.

43 other Members.

Dallas, the only one Im not familiar with, is a swordsman and an adventurer.

He came to register for the mission yesterday, just before the deadline.

In any case, he had just arrived in town and had been searching for a decently challenging job.

His Adventurer Rank was A, but according to Billy, who happens to be old friends with the former, his abilities were pretty close to Rank S.

Dallas is a slender man, fifty years of age and has a long scar running from the centre of his face to the right.

Blazers team seems to have heard of his name as well, so its safe to assume that Dallas has some impressive achievements.

His nickname, Scarlet Blade, doesnt mean his sword is actually scarlet, but stems from his reputation, that his weapons would always be dyed red in the enemy monsters blood.

From the short time Ive talked with him, he seemed… boorish, and didnt appear to initiate any discussion aside from what concerned the mission at hand.

Thats my impression of him so far.

“Hmm, I never expected this little pay to attract the Silver and the Scarlet Blade into our ranks.”

“You know of us as well, Sir Gaston”

“Ive heard about you all.

Members of the Silver – Blazer, Bruce and Betty.

You separated from the Silver General to form your own group, or so Ive heard.

Argent was not happy at all, Ill have you know.”

“Huh… You are an acquaintance of old Argent, sir”

So thats how Blazers team came to be

Argent… If Im not mistaken, hes one of the few S-ranked adventurers aside from the Universities Duodecad.

“We were brawl buddies back in the day.

I have a long history with the Scarlet Blade here, too.”

“I saw your and Billys names, so…”

“Mm-hm, you have our thanks.

And you, that young man over there… youre looking pretty confident.

Warren, is it”

“Hello again, sir.

I am indeed Warren.

Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

Gaston shot a sharp glare, but Warren kept perfectly cool and disregarded his intimidation.

And as if in a comedic cue, Bruce followed the exchange and whistled.

“This subjugation party seems exciting already.

“Hmph, quite.

Now, Asley, time to explain our route of advance.”

“Yes, sir.

Hi, Im Asley, the tactician.

Nice to meet you all.

Ill now explain the Ogre Subjugation Partys route of advance.

According to intel gathered by Sir Billys Eye-Dorr Familiar, the Ogres are currently based in the west over the hills, within the Forest of Deep-Rooted Sins.

We could cover that distance within half a day, but the plan is to be on high alert at all times.

So well advance over the course of a full day.

We anticipate Ogre activity as we approach, so the ones leading the march will be Squads 2, 1 and 3 in order from left to right.

Advancing behind them will be Squads 4, 5, and 6.”

“What of me and Squad 7”

Dallas interposed a question.

A question anyone would have expected, at that.

“Well have your Squad prioritize defending Squad 8, sir.”

“Defense Would Sir Gaston even need it”

Indeed, one of the Six Archmages such as Gaston wouldnt need defending, but we had other reasons.

Irene stepped forward and explained.

“Its the rest of the Squad that needs defending.

Squad 8 is composed of those with lower combat potential and has a high distribution rate of non-adventurer students.

Were not out to play around, of course, but a lot of them are still sheltered kids, so…”

“… Thats understandable.”

They may not say it, but it involves some complicated circ.u.mstances.

Among those who had signed up, there were naturally those who were here for prestige or were ordered by their parents to come.

Even if only a few, there were bound to be those who werent ready psychologically.

We especially cant let them die.

Their parents are aristocrats who have invested good money into the Duodecad Conference and the Universities.

Its unpleasant, but it is the truth nonetheless.

Therefore, Gaston did not elaborate on the point, and Dallas did not press the matter further.

“And of course, if an opportunity presents itself, we may move your Squad to the raid unit as well.”


“Asley, isnt my Squad full of students as well”

“Im fully aware of your leadership skills, Warren.

However, Miss Irene has planned the formation for optimizing efficiency.”

“Oh-ho, going to the specialist for the best results, I see… Not bad at all.”

“And with that, your Squad and Billys are to focus on providing logistical support.

Bettys Squad will be covering you both.

Just leave the frontline battles to the first three.”

“I understand, Teacher Irene.”

Warren cracked a joke as he pushed his glasses up.

Following the explanation, Betty nodded.

“Just saying, we can take Imperial Ogres just fine, but probably not a Queen and King, all right If were caught off-guard, well most likely be wiped out.”


“Now youre agreeing with me so easily…”

Bruce dropped his shoulders upon Irenes nonchalant reply.

Looks like these two will have some difficulty cooperating, considering their personalities.

Well, if I say so myself, they wont be able to cooperate at all.

“Billy and I will be dealing with them if need be.

The Kings aside, weve hunted some Queens back in the day.”

Hmm, all things considered, it looks like we do have a good chance at Rank S monsters.

So the only problem is the King… Well, well manage… somehow.

“Now then, let us depart.”

The plan has been put in order and set into motion.

Its a good chance to see two of the Six Archmages abilities firsthand.

Ill have to learn from this as much as I can.



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