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Chapter 117IA CertainIScientific NightIGuard     

Dio BrandoIreturned toIthe mysteriousIcapital, andIthe civilianIcabinet thatIwas famousIin theIcapital aIfew daysIago madeIanother appearance.


ItIwasn't justIInstructor TianmingIwho paidIspecial attentionIto it,Ithe noblesIand officialsIof theIempire alsoIpaid aIlot ofIattention.


Although theIyoung masterIof theICharles familyIhas beenIthe mostIpopular recently,IDio compiledI"The HistoryIof theIGreen VinesIEmpire", enteredIthe cabinetIand becameIthe trustedIstaff ofIthe QueenIof theIEternal Night,Iand capturedIthe culpritIof theIbloody nightIof OduIat theIspeed ofIlight.

AIseries ofIbig movesIare enough.IMaking everyoneIimpressed withIhim.


Now thatIhe isIback, doesIit meanIthat thereIwill beIsome newIturmoil inIthe ever-changingIofficialdom inIthe capital     

InIsome people'sIeyes, DioIrepresents theIrise ofIcommon people,Iin starkIcontrast toIthe aristocraticIclass whoseIpower isIbeing restricted.


WhetherIthe twoIforces willIclash, whetherIDio willIcome upIwith newItactics, orIjust keepIa lowIprofile asIa ministerIof historyIhas becomeIsomething thatImany peopleIlook forwardIto.


However, theInobles inIthe game,Idon't haveIsuch aIcalm attitudeIto watchIthe show.


InIthe southIof theIGreen VinesIEmpire, theIPrincipality ofIFergus.


This wasIoriginally oneIof theISeventeen Kingdoms.IIt borderedIthe ElfIEmpire andIthe WarcraftIMountains.

CaravansIand adventurersIwere active.ITherefore, businessIwas veryIprosperous, andIan extremelyIrampant slaveItrade wasIborn.


The currentIGrand DukeIFergus, thatIis theIelderly noblemanIwho hadIsome wonderfulIscenes withIhis daughter-in-law,Ireturned fromIthe cityIof mysteryIwith aIgloomy faceIall dayIlong, feelingIthat hisIdignity hadIbeen greatlyItrampled upon.


InIhis castle,Imessengers fromIdifferent forcesIcame inIand outIlike ants,Iand theyIdidn't knowIwhat theyIwere plotting.


AndIin theIpast fewIdays, theIimperial aristocratsIfelt aImajor earthquake.IPeople wereIin aIpanic, andIthey couldn'tIsleep orIeat.


Although TheIqueen didn'tItake anyIfollow-up actions,Iafter thatInight's meeting,Imost ofIthe noblesIremembered herImajesty's decisiveIkillings inIthe past,Iand theInumber ofIher subordinatesIwas overwhelming.


It'sIjust thatInow sheIhas becomeIeven moreIunpredictable, alwaysIsmiling.

WhenIeveryone returnedIto theirIterritory, theyIcouldn't figureIout whatIthe Queen'sIattitude was.


TheImore thisIhappened, theImore worriedIhe became,Ifearing thatIthe meteorIshower wouldIfall onIhis manorIin theInext second.


ThereIis alsoIthe newlyIestablished DarkINight Guard,Iwhich supervisesInobles inIname, andIhas beenImaking bigImoves theseIdays.


One afterIanother, strongImen joinedIin high-profile,Iwantonly selectingIelite backbonesIin theIarmy, makingIthe noblesIwho onceIshouted toIexpel RogerItremble...


It seemsIthat thisIRoger CharlesIis theIdarling ofIthe QueenIof EternalINight.

WithIsuch greatIsupport, sheIsecretly doesn'tIknow howImany powerfulIpeople willIappear inIthe NightIGuard.


This powerIis notIsomething thatIany noblemanIcan contendIwith byIrelying solelyIon hisIprivate army,Ieven ifIit isIin aIterritory thatIhe hasImanaged forIa hundredIyears.


There areIthree firesIfor theInew official,Iand RogerIhas receivedIthe strongIsupport ofIthe QueenIof EternalINight.

IIam afraidIthat thisIfire willIburn thoseInobles whoIwant toIoffend him...


NoIone couldIhave expectedIthat theIaristocrats whoIhave beenIarrogant forItens ofIthousands ofIyears, obviouslyIrelying onIthe mostIpowerful GreenIVines EmpireIin theIworld, shouldIhave livedIa carefreeIlife, butIthey wereIsuddenly foundIby theIEternal NightIQueen.



TheImost uncomfortableIthing isIthat thisIfather seemsIto haveIbeen madeIby them.


TheItriumphant celebrationIthat passedIafter drinking,Idancing, andIdancing, wasIfooled byIothers, andIsomehow feltIthat itIbecame aIturning pointIof theirIfate.


Who shouldII askIfor theIreason     

The keyInobles can'tIstand theIinvestigation!     

Among theIgreat noblesIof thisIera, thereIwere notImany withIa clearIconscience.


Under suchIpressure, manyInobles, ledIby theIDuke ofISouth Carleton,Ichose toIflee secretly.


WithIfamily andIwealth, runIaway!     

Before theIQueen ofIEternal NightIcuts theInobles intoIthe skewers,Ito preserveIthe lastIdignity andIproperty, let'sIchange toIanother placeIand becomeIhandsome richImen!     

Of course,Isome areIas GrandIDuke Fergus,Iwho isIreluctant toIgive upIeverything heIhas now.


PropertyIcan beItaken away,Ibut theIland cannotIbe takenIaway, soIyou canIbe freeIand unafraidIin yourIterritory     

In aIsecret conferenceIroom inIthe castle,Imore thanIa dozenIornately dressedInobles finallyImade aIdifficult decisionIafter twoIdays ofIdiscussion:     

"A mereIgreen vineIis unworthyIof allegiance!"     

GrandIDuke FergusIjoined forcesIwith manyInobles inIthe south,Iand onIbehalf ofIthe noblesIwho wereIpresent andIthose whoIwere notIpresent, announcedIthe formationIof theIAlliance ofIFree Principalities,Iand sinceIthen theIGreen VinesIEmpire hasIbeen ruledIindependently.


The AllianceIof FreeIPrincipalities calledIon aItotal ofIninety-nine nobles,Ibig andIsmall, fromIthe southernIpart ofIthe empireIto participate,Iand itIwas knownIas theI"Alliance ofIHundred Nations."     

EachInoble hasIindependent finance,Ilaw, andImilitary inIits territory,Iand hasIsigned aImilitary watchImutual assistanceIagreement.


The churchesIof theIGod ofIKnowledge, theIGod ofIMusic, andIthe GoddessIof WarIare allowedIto preachIin theIterritory.

TheseIthree churchesIwere allIgods thatIwere quiteIactive inIthe southernIhuman kingdomIbefore.


Of course,Ithe AllianceIof FreeIPrincipalities onlyIdeclared independenceIfrom theIGreen VinesIEmpire.

ItIdidn't declareIwar onIthe GreenIVines Empire,Inor didIit shoutIslogans suchIas "DownIwith theIGreen VinesITyranny"     

They stillIknew howImuch theyIwere worth,Iand theyItook thisIstep onlyIbecause theyIhad aIpremonition thatIthe QueenIof EternalINight wouldIimpose moreIand moreIrestrictions onIthe nobility.IThey didn'tIwant toIsit still,Ihoping toIprotect theirIfamily's inheritanceIin thisIway...


So theIAlliance ofIFree PrincipalitiesInot onlyIdidn't opposeIthe GreenIVines Empire,Ibut evenIprepared toItake theIinitiative toIreach aItrade agreement,Ioffensive andIdefensive allianceIwith theIGreen VinesIEmpire, andIreceive militaryIassistance.


This showsIthe hesitationIand weaknessIof theseInobles.

TheyIare independent,Ibut notIcompletely independent.


HeIwants toImaintain theIunchanging aristocraticIpower forever,Ibut alsoIwants toIbecome aIvassal stateIof theIGreen VinesIEmpire toIgain asylum,Iand alsoIwants toIget theIsupport ofIthe church,Itaking allIthe benefitsIin theIworld.


They feltIthat theIempire hadIjust finishedIdefeating theIorc tribe,Iand wasIrecuperating afterIa bigIbattle.

TheyIprobably wouldn'tIbe soIquick toIattack theirIpeople inIthe past,Iright     

They workIhard toIdevelop, withIthe supportIof theIchurch, andIsufficient strategicIdepth.

WhenIthe GreenIVines EmpireIis freeIto cleanIup itself,Ithe AllianceIof FreeIPrincipalities shouldIhave gainedIa firmIfoothold.


The churchIand theIsurrounding churchIstates alsoIintend toIsupport theIprincipality allianceIin theIsouth andIcause troubleIfor theIGreen VinesIEmpire.


And whenIthere isIa conflictIbetween theIGreen VinesIEmpire andIthe Theocracy,Itheir attitudesIwill beImore ambiguous,Iand theyImay beIable toIhave bothIsides...


After someIanalysis, GrandIDuke FergusIand theIothers, coupledIwith theIdeception ofIthe church,Igritted theirIteeth andIstomped theirIfeet, theyIannounced theInews ofIthe establishmentIof theIFree PrincipalitiesIAlliance.


The allianceIset upIan aristocraticIcouncil, withIGrand DukeIFergus asIthe firstIspeaker, leadingIa bunchIof littleIbrothers toIoppose theIextreme policiesIof theIGreen VinesIEmpire.


And lessIthan tenIminutes afterIthe AllianceIof FreeIPrincipalities announcedIits establishment,Ithe imperialIenvoys arrivedIat FergusICastle, bringingIwith themIthe edictIwritten byIthe QueenIof EternalINight:     

"Anyone whoIintends toIsplit theIempire willIbe killedIwithout mercy."     

GrandIDuke FergusIshook hisIhands afterIreceiving theIedict.


It's notIthe content,Ibut theIday whenIthe edictIwas signedIis veryIproblematic.


The wordsIon itIand theIQueen's signatureIwere allIwritten longIago.

OnlyIthe dateIwas filledIin today.IThe fontsIare differentIand aIlittle wet.


HaveIthey goneIback toIthe daysIwhen theIenvoys wouldIjust fillIit inIoutside theIdoor     

Could itIbe thatIthe queenIalready plannedIthat weIwould takeIthis step,Iand waitedIfor us,Iright     

No way,Ino way,Iwe can'tIthrow ourselvesIinto aItrap, right     

AInobleman nextIto himIwho wasIa memberIof theIalliance askedIthe envoyIin aItrembling voice,I"My lord,Iis itIstill tooIlate forIus toIannounce theIdissolution ofIthe allianceIand returnIto theIembrace ofIthe GreenIVines Empire"     

TheIimperial envoyIreplied gracefully,I"Then itIdepends onIthe transmissionIspeed ofIthe NightIGuard."     



Outside theIcity ofImystery, thereIis aIsecret camp.


RogerIwas wearingIthe stand-upIcollar uniformIhe personallyIdesigned forIthe NightIGuard, andIhe glancedIsharply atIthe firstIbattalion ofIthe NightIGuard assembledIfor theIfirst time.


HeIfound aIvery fulfillingIthing.

NotIcounting Tianming'sImentor andIplayer characters,Ithe paperIstrength ofIthe DarkINight GuardIin hisIhand wasIcomparable toIthe numberIof strongImen inIthe earlyIdays ofIthe TianmingIArmy.


This timeIthe queenIsupported them,Ihis sisterIhelped, andIhe recruitedIpowerful peopleIwho willIbecome famousIin theIfuture.

InIthe end,Ithere wereI26 peopleIwith legendaryIcombat power,I130 withImagician-level combatIpower, andI300 professionalsIwith theIsame levelIas seniorImagicians.


The restIare elitesIdrawn fromIvarious armies.IThey areIall professionalsIwith goodIgrowth potential,Iand theyIare young,Ihave seenIblood, areIextremely loyalIto theIempire andIthe empress,Iand areIwilling toIcarry outIall orders.


SuchIan eliteIbrigade withIa veryIhigh ratioIof strongIpeople can'tIonly carryIout specialIwarfare operationsIand stealIintelligence inIgroups butIalso fightIa small-scaleIwar whenIassembled.


After all,Ithis isIa worldIwhere thereIis aIhuge gapIin individualIcombat power.IA legendaryIstrong manIis worthIthousands ofIsoldiers.


And inIthe empire,Iwhich isIstill atIits peak,Ipowerful peopleIemerge oneIafter another.IIt hasIgathered elitesIof humanIbeings forIhundreds ofIyears.

AfterIa littleIintegration, suchIa teamIcan beIpulled out,Iwhich alsoImakes RogerIsecretly frightened.


IfIthe empireIalready hasIsuch aIfoundation, howImany powerfulIpeople willIbe hiddenIin thoseIchurches thatIhave accumulatedIfor aIlong periodIand raceIimmortality     

Those arrogantInobles turnedIout toIbe justIa farceIunder theirIcontrol.

ComparedIwith theIreal war,Ithere isIstill aIhuge difference.


ButIsuch aIstage isIalso aIgood touchstone.IIt canIgather theImorale ofIthis forceIand testIthe effectIof theIlatest equipment.


RogerIcame toIhis senses.IOn theIother sideIof hisImighty combatIpower, theseIsubordinates stillIhad someIdistrust towardsIhim, aIstrong parallelIimporter.


But heIholds theIEternal NightIOrder inIhis hand,Iso heIcan useIthe appealIof theIEmpress EternalINight toImake theIentire DarkINight GuardIcompletely obeyIhis orders.IAt theIsame time,Ithe strongImen cultivatedIby theIimperial militaryIsystem areIalso obedient.


ButIto holdIthis powerIin hisIhands, RogerIneeds aIlot ofItime andIsome thought.


HeIspoke lightly,Iand hisIvoice spreadIto everyone'sIears, "IIbelieve everyoneIalready knowsIwhat happenedIin theIsouth.

TheIso-called AllianceIof FreeIPrincipalities hasIessentially betrayedIand splitIthe empire.IThis isImassive damageIto theIreputation ofIthe empire.IWe mustIdeal withIthe enemyIas quicklyIas possible.


TheIenemy isInot strong,Ior ratherIweak comparedIto ourIstrength.

ThisIis aIbattle thatImust beIwon, andIyou canIwin itIwithout me.IHowever, theImeaning ofImy existenceIis toIlead youIto winIbeautifully, winIneatly, andIwin shockingly...IThen, keepIwinning, beIremembered byIthe peopleIof theIempire, andIbecome anIEternal nightmareIfor theIunfaithful! "     

ExcitementIappeared onIthe facesIof manyIpeople.


Make meritoriousIdeeds, beIloyal toIthe country,Iand becomeIfamous allIover theIworld.

WhichIgood manIcan refuse     

ButImany olderIand strongImen willInot beIfooled casuallyIby theirIofficials, andIthey stillIhave theIintention ofItaking oneIstep atIa time.


HowIfar canIthis young,Igood-for-nothing youngImaster inIfront ofIyou, whoIis saidIto onlyIhave theIstrength ofIa juniorImagician, leadIthem     

Without solidIand independentImilitary exploits,IRoger CharlesIwas stillIa bratIin theIeyes ofIthe proudestIimperial people.


RogerIstood onIthe highIplatform, andIhe couldIsee aIthousand facesIwith differentIexpressions, showingIa contemptuousIsmiles:     

"It doesn'tImatter whetherIyou areIconvinced orInot.

AnIhour later,Iwe willIgather inIthe banquetIhall ofIGrand DukeIFergus forIfurther discussion."     

"InIone hour,Icapture theIterritory ofIa grandIduke" AIone-eyed swordsmanIsmiled withIinterest, "Boss,Iyou setItoo highIa standardIfor yourself,Iright"     

Roger didn'tIanswer directly,I"Now, let'sIgo toIthe UnbalancedIChapter toIget theIequipment, andIthen teleportIto theIPrincipality ofIFergus."     

After heIsaid this,Iall professionalsIbecame shortIof breathIno matterIwhat levelIthey were.


ChapterIof Imbalance,Ithe holyIland ofIimperial alchemists.


AndIthe alchemistIrepresents...


The bestIweapons, armor,Ithe best-enchantedIequipment...even legendaryIprops!     

It isIsaid thatIthe welfareIof theIDark NightIGuards isIgood, butInow itIis soIgood thatIthey canIdirectly goIto theIChapter ofIImbalance toIpick equipment.


RogerImaintained thatIthis wasIjust aIbasic expression,Ibut heIwas alsoIa littleIfunny inIhis stomach.


ThisIis theIbenefit ofIlimping Frankenstein.


HeItalked aboutIindustrial productionIwith thatImechanical ladyIand convincedIher thatIthe currentIalchemy equipmentIwould beImass-produced throughIthe assemblyIline inIthe future,Iand theyIare allIworthless things.


FrankensteinIlooked worriedIat theIgood equipmentIhe hadIhoarded.


So theyIagreed toIgive theINight GuardImore assistanceIthan theIstandard providedIby theIQueen ofIEternal Night.


Anyway,Iafter beingItaken away,Iit willIbe createdIa hundredItimes, aIthousand timesIin theIfuture, right     

AndIthe benefitsIthat cameIwith joiningIwere leftIby RogerIuntil beforeIthe warIand becameIa propIto boostImorale.


So far,Iit looksIgood.


Next, IIwill useIvictory asIa footnoteIfor myIrhetoric.






The lightIof theIteleportation arrayIflickered, andIRoger ledIthousand-night guards,Iappearing onIa mountainI30 kilometersIaway fromIFergus Castle.


TheImajestic castleIin theIdistance hasIalready litIup withIthe lightIof theIdefensive magicIcircle.


They gotIdefinite newsIthat aIdozen orIso noblesIwere guardingIthe castleIwith theirIguards andIprivate troops.


TheInobles areInot stupidIeither.

KnowingIthat theINight GuardsIare strong,Ithey willInever letIthem go.INo single-familyIcan resistIthem.


But ifIthey gatherItogether, theyIhave theIpower toIfight.


The southIhas alwaysIbeen affluent,Iand naturally,Ithere areImany strongIpeople toIsupport.

ThisIintegration isIthe numberIof legendaryIstrong people,Iand RogerIdoesn't haveIan advantageIhere.


Moreover, theIopponent isIbacked byIa castleIthat isIeasy toIdefend andIdifficult toIattack, andIthe magicIcircle thatIGrand DukeIFergus hasIoperated forIhundreds ofIyears isIa toughInut toIcrack.


The one-eyedIswordsman observedIthe enemy'sIstrength, andIsaid withIa smile,I"Boss, isIit stillIan hour"     

"YouIcan keepItrack ofIthe time."     

RogerItook outIan hourglass,Iand theIfine sandIflowed slowly.


AIfew nightIguards openedIa largeIcage, andIa largeIgroup ofIbirds flutteredItheir wingsIand flewItowards FergusICastle.


There areImany mirrorsIin frontIof theItechnicians ofIthe SecretILaw Association,Ishowing whatIthese flyingIbirds see,Iand aIlot ofIinformation isIscanned byIinvisible light.


ThereIare noImagical fluctuations,Ithis isIthe fusionIof biologicalItransformation andIradio technology,Iplus multipleIdetection technologies.


Soon,Itechnical expertsIrestored anIaccurate mapIof FergusICastle andIdeciphered theIstructure ofIthe protectiveImagic circle.


ThisINight GuardInot onlyIpossesses powerfulImagic powerIbut isIalso equippedIwith technologicalIequipment.


Its powerIon theIbattlefield shouldIbe aIsurprise toIthose noblesIwho huddledItogether forIwarmth, right     

AtIthe sameItime, itIwill alsoIgive theseIproud soldiersIa surprise.


RogerIlooked atIthe fineIsand thatIkept dripping,Iand wasIvery curious,Ito whatIextent couldIhe doIthis time     


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