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Chapter 4: Rebirth (2)


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Gu Yu and Jingzhe looked at each other. In the end, Jingzhe went to get a mirror and handed it to Shen Miao.

In the bronze mirror, the girl had a round face and a plump forehead. Her large almond-shaped eyes were slightly red, and her nose was round and her mouth was small. She still had a baby face. She was not very beautiful, but she was cute and refreshing.

It was the face of a young girl who would be considered as a good wife by the royal family.

The mirror in Shen Miao’s hand suddenly fell to the ground, making a crisp sound. The sound of the glass breaking hit her heart like a huge storm.

She pinched herself hard, and tears flowed down her face.

The heavens did not let her down!

She was back!

Gu Yu and Jingzhe were shocked. Gu Yu quickly went to pick up the pieces on the ground and said anxiously, “Miss, please be careful.”

“Miss, why are you crying” Jingzhe wiped Shen Miao’s face with a handkerchief. She saw that Shen Miao had a strange expression on her face, looking like she was crying and laughing. Shen Miao muttered, “I’m back…”

She grabbed Jingzhe. “What year is it this year”

Jingzhe was a little scared, but she still answered honestly, “In the 68th year of Ming Qi. What’s wrong, Miss Do you feel unwell”

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“In the 68th year of Ming Qi, in the 68th year of Ming Qi…” Shen Miao’s eyes widened. In the 68th year of Ming Qi, when she was 14 years old, she met Fu Xiuyi and fell in love with him. She even forced her father to marry her!

At this moment, Gu Yu said anxiously, “Miss, don’t scare us. Don’t tell me you’re not in your right mind. Miss, you are scaring us to death!”

In her previous life, Shen Miao spent most of her time working for Fu Xiuyi, but her life in the Shen family was boring. She remembered this clearly, and she remembered everything related to Fu Xiuyi.

Shen Qing told her that Fu Xiuyi was coming to the Shen family’s mansion to visit her second uncle and third uncle, and took her to see him. When they reached the garden, Shen Qing pushed her down from the rockery.

At that time, there were other officials who were with Fu Xiuyi. They thought that she was a joke, although they had long heard that she was infatuated with the Duke of Ding, the title of Fu Xiuyi back then.e.

In her previous life, when she woke up, she blamed Shen Qing for pushing her into the pond, but no one trusted her. Shen Miao felt extremely aggrieved. The old madam even made her stay in the temple hall and prohibited her from going out during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Shen Yue secretly let her out and brought her to the chrysanthemum banquet in Yanbei Hall.

Shen Miao closed her eyes.

The Shen family had three branches. The eldest branch, Shen Xin, was Shen Miao’s father and the son of the old general’s first wife. The first wife died in her middle age, and the old general married another one. The new wife gave birth to the second branch, Shen Gui, and the third branch, Shen Wan. After the old general died, the new wife became the old madam today. The Shen family did not split up. The three brothers supported each other and had a good relationship.

The Shen family had been in the military for generations. In Shen Xin’s generation, in addition to the eldest branch holding the military power, the second and third branches were civil servants. Shen Xin was out fighting all year round, and his wife was also with him in the army. Shen Miao had always been in the Shen family and was brought up by the old madam and her two aunts.

In her previous life, she only felt that her aunt and old madam treated her especially well. She did not need to learn any of the rules and etiquette that Shen Yue and Shen Qing wanted to learn. Now, it seemed that they were just neglecting her.

Every time Shen Xin and his wife returned to the house, they would feel that their daughter was more mischievous than before.

In this life, she wanted to see how these people would repeat the same trick!

As she was thinking, she heard the girl running in and saying, “Miss, Second Miss is here to see you.”



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