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In the “Integrity First” live broadcast room:



[Hahahahahaha, you shouldn’t talk about morality with the live broadcast room!]      

[I’m too happy to stand it, is this the charm of an overturned anchor!]     

[I bet on a hundred points that the opposite side’s mentality is probably going to collapse and they’re going to be stunned!]     

The live broadcast room system shouldn’t be lying.     

After all, the anchor of the red team had already gone through several instances, and even if they were horrified and shocked, they reacted very quickly.

——This doctor Lin Qing, who seemed to be an NPC of the instance, was actually an anchor of the black team!     

Damn it! This guy lied to them all the way!     

This dog thing!     

In an instant, all of them immediately switched to state as if facing an enemy, and when they remembered how terrified and fearful they were with this person before, and how they obeyed his every word, the anger, and embarrassment after being fooled flashed through the eyes of all the anchors.    

They were no longer stingy with points, and all kinds of props suddenly appear in their hands.     

“I surrender.”     

The young man in front of them raised his hand and made a gesture of admitting defeat.     

The other party’s straightforward response surprised everyone.     

Including the audience who was watching the live broadcast in high spirits at the moment.     



[Ah What Surrender What the hell]   

[Does the anchor know what he’s talking about If he surrenders, the black team will admit defeat and die!]

The anchors of the red team did not think about this direction of development, and they were all startled.

All the props in their hands stopped, not knowing whether to throw them or not.

“Fuck him, kill this guy!”

Kong Laoliu said through gritted teeth.

He hated being fooled the most in his life, and he had been fooled for so long!

As soon as he remembered how sincere and frightened he was in front of the other party just now, the resentment suddenly surged up, making him full of shame and anger.

“I guess, just killing me alone won’t allow you to complete your mission, right”

Wen Jianyan said.

The young man’s voice was calm and slightly cool, which made all the red team anchors present recover from their emotions and fell into contemplation.

Indeed, the other party was right, they had two main missions.

The first was to retrieve the item and destroy the black team.

The second was to complete the “plan”.

According to the system’s statement, as long as they seized the legendary hidden item within an hour, they would win.


Those two main missions would definitely not be able to be completed.

Winning or losing a team battle was related to life and death, while the main missions… were related to interests.

Weren’t they actively participating in this instance because of its low difficulty and high returns

If Captain Black was killed here now, it would be difficult to find the other two black team members within an hour.

The so-called “stolen item” would be nowhere to be found, and completing the “plan” would become a fantasy.

Seeing that the other side fell into contemplation, Wen Jianyan said again:

“I understand that you must not want to believe me.”

“To express my sincerity.”

He slowly placed the jar with the baby in his hand on the table, and pushed it forward: “I can give you this item directly.”


The anchors of the red team all widened their eyes.

They almost couldn’t believe their ears and looked in shock at the captain of the black team who had deceived them all the way not long ago.

Is this guy trying to kill himself

“Don’t pay attention to his words! Just kill him!” Kong Laoliu gritted his teeth and said viciously, “Don’t forget how long this guy has lied to us before! He must have other plans!”

Wen Jianyan glanced at the jar:

“But, as long as this prop is in your hands, the red team will win the battle in an hour, right”

Kong Laoliu choked.


As long as the prop was in their hands, they were sure to win, no matter what small tricks the opponent used, it was useless.

Wen Ya pondered for a while, then withdrew the props in her hands.

She took two steps forward and took away the item on the table.

【Ding! Congratulations to the anchor for getting the hidden item (legend) in the instance! 】

A familiar beep sounded in her ear.

Proving that this was indeed the legendary item they had been fighting for and that it had not been secretly changed.

She narrowed her eyes slightly and looked at Wen Jianyan with an incomprehensible look.

Her eyes were like a knife, cutting through the other person’s body inch by inch:

“What’s your purpose”

“I’m not afraid of death.” 

The young man sighed lightly.

Under the glasses, his dark eyes flickered slightly, and a layer of shadow was cast on his handsome face.

The former terrifying and gloomy temperament had disappeared, and the pale face looked particularly vulnerable.

“Or… In fact, I wanted to die in your hands from the beginning.”


The red team anchors on the opposite side were all shocked.

The young man pursed his lips stoically, with his slender and pale as porcelain-like fingers, he held the hem of his knitted sweater and slowly pulled it up—

His waist was thin and firm, his skin was pale, his muscles were beautiful and smooth, and his narrow curves extended into his trousers that fit snugly over his hips.

Under the illumination of the overhead light, the red team anchors in front could clearly see a deep blue-black mark on the other party’s waist, which was in sharp contrast with his pale skin, looking particularly shocking.

“This is…”

Li Zongze was surprised and took a step forward subconsciously.

“You should know, I have got something in this instance that can subvert the balance of this instance…”

Wen Jianyan let go of his hand and put down the hem of his clothes:

“But, in revenge, I was being haunted the most terrifying ghost in the entire instance.”

He raised his eyes and looked at the free anchor opposite: “You said before that the smell on my body doesn’t look like that of a living person, right” 

The other party nodded.

“You guessed right.” The young man gritted his teeth: “My body is being occupied by a ghost.

His name is Lin Qing, and he was the obstetrician and gynecologist of this hospital.”

He pointed to the nameplate on his white coat.

“I’m getting more and more unable to control my actions, and the time I’m being dominated is getting longer and longer…”

Wen Jian paused, and continued with a bit of suffocation:

“If it continues like this… I would also soon become his puppet, and will be left in this instance forever.” 

There was silence in the Dean’s office.

Wen Jianyan raised his head.

His pale lips were pursed tightly, and his handsome face looked fragile and frightened, full of confusion and sadness: “So, I’d rather… be killed by you as a human than be like a walking dead.

Like a monster, wandering in this instance and continuing to take people’s lives.”

All the red team anchors were quiet.

Although the expressions on their faces did not change, the bottom of their eyes flickered.

After all… it seemed that apart from the reason the other party just explained, there was really no other reason that could explain his current behavior.

And his previous behavior seemed to match the so-called “being dominated by a powerful ghost”.

“So, I hope you win.” 

The young man looked at the people in front of him and said sincerely, “As a reward, I am willing to give you the item I got.

But, in order to protect its safety, I hid it in a place.

I only have one request… After I tell you the location of my teammates, I hope you won’t hurt them.

Let them switch to the red team, and let me disappear alone.”

In the “Integrity First” live broadcast room:




[Am I the only one who slowly looked up at the name of the live broadcast room]


Wen Jianyan’s both hands were tied and he was thrown at the door of the Dean’s office.

His eyelashes drooped slightly, his expression calm.

Not far away, the people from the red team were arguing fiercely.

“Isn’t it Do you really believe what this guy said” Kong Laoliu asked anxiously, “I’m telling you, just kill him directly.

It doesn’t matter if the mission is completed or not, the team battle will be won.”

Wen Ya said calmly: “We have already won the team battle.”

She shook the prop in her hand.

“……” Kong Laoliu gritted his teeth.

Li Zongze also agreed with Wen Ya’s opinion: “That’s right.

Since we’re in a sure-win situation now, then it’s time to seek benefit for ourselves.

Since the guild chose us to come in, it must have placed high hopes on us.

If we haven’t even completed the main tasks in this kind of sure-win hunt, how can we go back to report”

“Yes, so we don’t have much time left.” Wen Ya concluded: “We have to complete all the missions within an hour, the time can’t be wasted anymore.”

She looked at everyone: “Have you found the key” 

Kong Laoliu nodded coldly: “I found it in the drawer.”


Wen Ya nodded and walked toward Wen Jianyan.

“Can you… can you contact your teammates” The young man raised his head uneasily: “I want to know how my teammates are doing now.” 


It turned out that Su Cheng’s prediction was not wrong at all.

In this short period of time, the number of people in the team battle displayed in the app was getting bigger and bigger.

The number of red team members was increasing at a speed visible to the naked eye, while the black team had maintained a miserable three people.

Under the pursuit of more and more people, it became more and more difficult for Su Cheng, the cockscomb head, and Lin Shen to escape.

The props and points in his hands were rapidly consumed, almost to the point of exhaustion.

The front, back, elevators, and stairs were almost blocked by the people from the red team, making it difficult for them to escape.

There were not enough points in the account for the three of them to buy the cloak of concealment.

The three looked at each other with despair in their eyes.

It’s over.

Su Cheng gritted his teeth and raised his hand to wipe his face fiercely.

He really… he really couldn’t do anything right.

Almost every time, Wen Jianyan had come to rescue him.

Finally, this time the other party gave him the task of diverting attention, but he…

Su Cheng clenched his fist tightly.

Even after his nails dug into his flesh, he didn’t feel any pain.

However, at this moment, the footsteps that had been chasing after them stopped.

After a brief phone ringing, there was a low and muffled conversation came from the end of the corridor.

He couldn’t hear the content, but he still subconsciously paid full attention.

After a few minutes, the conversation disappeared.

“The black team in front.” A voice raised: “Your captain has surrendered.”


The cockscomb head’s eyes suddenly widened, and he could hardly believe his ears.

Boss… surrendered

“However, he lay down a condition before surrendering.

Our team will provide you with the points to join the red team.

Then even if your captain failed, you will not die.”

In an instant, the cockscomb head’s face turned white.

But, but…

He had signed a contract with the captain, even if he had points, he could not switch teams!

His heart sank all the way to the bottom of the valley, and he slowly turned his head to look at Su Cheng in fear, almost ready to be abandoned.

However, the strange thing was that Su Cheng, who had been very depressed just now, had a light in his eyes.

It was not like the joy after hearing that you have survived the disaster, but more like… the thrill after being rescued

He lowered his voice and said,

“Our chance is here.”

The cockscomb head: “…What”

He looked at Su Cheng in confusion, almost unable to understand what the other party said.

Su Cheng said, “Hurry up, let’s run away before they start attacking us!”

This was an opportunity created by that dog liar for them.

It must not be wasted.


The phone was hung up.

Wen Ya looked at Wen Jianyan: “Are you satisfied”

Wen Jianyan breathed a sigh of relief: “Yes.”

Wen Ya looked at the other three: “Who is going to you watch over him The remaining people will look for the clues in the Dean’s office”

Kong Lao Liu volunteered: “I’ll do it.” 

As he spoke, he stared at the young man in front of him with distrust, as if the other party would disappear in front of him in the blink of an eye.

Wen Ya frowned: “Don’t let the anger get you.”

Kong Laoliu gritted his teeth and showed a smile: “How could I”

“…Okay then.”

Wen Ya sighed, and finally, let the other party go.

Soon, only Kong Laoliu and Wen Jianyan were left in the corridor, and the remaining three entered the Dean’s office and started searching for clues.

Kong Laoliu walked in and said to Wen Jianyan in a low and sinister voice:

“That bitch has been deceived by your good face, but I, Kong Laoliu, won’t.”

He sneered a few times:

“I don’t care what you’re planning to do.

As soon as it’s over, I’ll kill you with my own hands, so that you can understand the price of cheating.”

After speaking, a sharp blade with a cold light suddenly appeared in Kong Laoliu’s palm, and a sly smile appeared on his face.

: “Don’t worry, I’ll do it quickly, just like slaughtering a pig.

As soon as all the blood is out, you will die.” 

The young man leaned against the wall, his legs slightly bent, appearing to be a bit shorter than the other party.

He raised his head, his eyelashes moved slightly, his eyes gentle and calm.

Hearing the other party’s threat, he even smiled:

“By the way, how has Kong Shixing been recently”


Kong Laoliu’s pupils suddenly contracted.

Sure enough, it was him!

He was now finally certain that the person in front of him was definitely the anchor Kong Shixing told him about — he know that Kong Shixing was tricked by this damn scammer into spending many points to buy the highest-level consumption for three days!

If he didn’t kill this guy, the hatred in his heart wouldn’t be setteled!

A trace of murderous red light swept across his eyes but it was suppressed ruthlessly.

No, this guy was still useful for the time being.

If he killed him, he would be troubled by his teammates.

However, the other party said shamelessly again:

“Next time you see him, remember to say thank you for me.

Those three days of vacation were very wonderful.” 

The young man leaned back casually, his eyes narrowed, and a smiling light flickered in his eyes: “Really generous of him.”


Kong Laoliu couldn’t bear it.

He was originally a butcher, and the time he spent in the nightmare even made him lose his respect for human life.

Human life was too worthless, and a ghost could kill so many easily.

Although the person in front of him couldn’t be killed, that didn’t mean he couldn’t vent his anger!

What’s more, he knew very well where to stab would not be fatal.

Kong Laoliu raised a ferocious smile on his face and leaned in suddenly.

The barbed sharp knife in his palm shone with a cold light, and then he stabbed it viciously toward the opponent’s stomach!

At that moment, the young man suddenly raised his hands which were tightly wrapped with the rope around the wrists.


The rope was cut by the dagger and fell to the ground.

The next second, Kong Shixing felt a chill on his wrist and saw a small blue-black hand resting on his own hand.

Then, a terrifying ghost baby appeared in front of him, staring at him with those pitch-black eyes without whites.


“Don’t hurt my mom.


A terrible scream rang out in the corridor.

The three anchors in the Dean’s office were startled and rushed toward the corridor quickly—

The cut rope was on the ground where Wen Jianyan’s figure should be, while Kong Laoliu fell to the ground alone, holding his wrist and wailing.

He could see a blue-black baby handprint slowly emerging on his hand, looking particularly terrifying and shocking.   

“That guy ran away!” 

Kong Laoliu screamed in a shaking voice with fear in his eyes.

Wen Ya was startled, and then quickly calmed down: “It’s okay, at least the item is still in my hands—” 

As she spoke, she turned to look at her backpack. 

…the backpack was empty. 

How was it possible!  

Wen Ya sucked in a breath of cold air, with an unbelievable expression on her face:     “Impossible, this, this is impossible—”

Kong Laoliu screamed: “How can it be impossible! That guy has a ghost baby working for him! He must have sent a ghost to steal the item while you weren’t paying attention!”     

Wen Ya’s pupils shrank suddenly, she took out her mobile phone and skillfully pressed a series of numbers.

Soon, the call was connected.  

For the first time, her voice lost its composure: “Quick, check if the black team surrounded by you is still there!”  

After three minutes, Wen Ya’s face turned pale. 

According to what the other group of the red team said, it was clear that after receiving the news that the captain of the black team had surrendered and that they had won the battle, everyone relaxed and stopped being wary of the three black anchors.     

Although the other party had never come out of their hiding place, they didn’t think about it.

After receiving Wen Ya’s call, they hurried to look for them, but the place was empty and no one was there.

They didn’t know where the three black anchors went.

She forced herself to remain calm: “It doesn’t matter.

We will rush to the second underground floor as quickly as possible.

There should be a chance for us to turn the tables…”

Kong Laoliu was helped by Li Zongze.

Hearing Wen Ya’s words, he subconsciously touched his pocket, and the next second, his face turned pale: “…the key, the key is gone.”


“It must be… that guy must have stole it.

The smile on the other party’s lips when he bumped into him flashed in his mind, Kong Laoliu’s expression was grim and he gritted his teeth.


Cheng Mi hung up the phone.

He took a deep breath and rubbed his eyebrows while clenching his teeth secretly.

According to the conversation on the other end of the phone, he has completely figured out what happened just now…

Obviously, the captain of the black team was not only good at deceiving his teammates by making them relax their vigilance and saving his teammates who were about to be besieged, but he also took away the key to the second underground floor and the legendary item as the key to victory when escaping.

To make matters worse, he was afraid that the other party could still make the ghost baby work for him in a certain sense.

The combination of these elements was too deadly.

If this trend continued to develop, he was afraid…

The red team would lose.

A look of anger flashed in Cheng Mi’s eyes.

In the end of the hunt, the red team turned out to be at a disadvantage!

Were the people from the Dark Fire and the Eternal Days all idiots! He shouldn’t have entrusted this important task to them!

In the end, the oracle had to come to end it… really, they hadn’t been able to do anything but ruined everything.

He took out the compass from his bag.

His eyes fell on the thick black line that symbolized ominous cause and effect, and the corners of his lips were slowly raised, revealing a cold and gloomy smile.

It looked like… he had to use the backup method.

The author has something to say:

Cheng Mi: I’m the biggest idiot.


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