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“Final Saber!!!”

A golden glow crushes the monsters in the garden.

Having mowed down the enemy with the strongest attack Skill using a one-handed sword, Zecca looked around and sighed.

“Where’s Belial He’s not here…geeze, I want to beat him!” Zecca yelled, annoyed.

Then, she heard a strange noise.


Zecca looked up at the unfamiliar sound.

“Is that… a wyvern” Zecca asked.

The Wyvern.

It is a Flying-type monster that is rarely found in GOO.

The Meteor Birds head to intercept them, but it’s hard to remain calm with enemies flying overhead.

“But I also have the infinite Guts stacks from EnjouP, so I wonder if I can still manage,” Zecca said.

Even if she’s suddenly hit by a wyvern’s fireball, she can handle it with Guts.

She’ll just focus on the enemies on the ground.

And just when she thought of that,


The wyvern in the sky shoots fireballs.

But the target isn’t Zecca…


“EnjouP’s HP has hit 0.

EnjouP has died.”

“ENJOUP-iiiiiii!” Zecca squealed.

The fireball from the wyvern killed EnjouP.

With this, the infinite Guts stacks that protected Zecca are gone.

“Kuh… with this, things are getting desperate..

anyway, I’ll kill as many as possible!”

Zecca regains her spirit.

However, a few meters next to her, a monster she had never seen ran through.

It’s a creature in red armor.

When she looked at it, Belial King was displayed above its head.

Belial King doesn’t pay attention to Zecca and runs towards the castle while dodging the attacks of her summoned beast allies.

“Ku, there’s no way I’m letting you through… aah, geeze!” Zecca yelled.

Zecca is surrounded by the other monsters and cannot move.

Then Belial King entered the castle.

Only 10 minutes later.

A Demon-like monster with pale skin wearing red armor appeared on the 4th floor where Donald and the other players were waiting.

“My, my, my, my… you’re already here… do you know what that means☆” Donald asked.

Although he’d already received a message from Zecca, Donald was astonished at Belial King reaching 4F far too early.

Even though the lobby, 2Fand 3F were protected by the AI, they were still using powerful summoned beasts.

“It’s a monster that specializes in breakin’ through a guild home’s defenses,” Kon said.

“… I’m sure it is,” Remma said.

“That’s why we’re going to stop it here.”

“That’s right, y’all,” Kon said.

“Come on, summoned beasts!!”

With Kon’s shout, the summoned beasts placed on 4F attacked Belial King all at once.

Intermediate summoned beasts such as Maiddragon and Unicorns began fighting Belial King along with Remma.

But their purpose is just to act as a deterrent.

While Remma and the others are buying time, Kon uses Backup Cheer to strengthen Donald.

“Hunnu… my power is soaring☆.”

In addition, he activates Fighting Spirit: Ultimate and Fighting Spirit: Zero to increase his Strength value to the limit.

“… Are you ready” Remma asked.


With Position Change, Remma swaps places with Donald, one of her party members.

With this, Donald instantly moves behind Belial King.

“This is the end☆,” Donald said, swinging his right arm wide and slamming it into his opponent.



Belial King was hit by Donald☆Magic (which was just a normal punch), got launched skyward, and crashed into the ceiling.

Belial King’s HP gauge rapidly dropped and hit 0… or so they thought.

“What in the hell was that” Kon asked.

“… I’ve never seen that before,” Remma said.

As soon as the HP gauge reached 0, another HP gauge appeared on top of it.

In addition, a Skill activates on the entire field.

“Belial King’s Skill, ‘Evil Aura’, has been activated.

All of the Player’s Buffs will be Dispelled.”

“I see now,” Donald said.

“If we try to defeat it in a single blow with excessive buffs… it’s got a countermeasure for just that☆.”

“This might be Maou-han’s fault,” Kon said.

“Belial King’s Skill, ‘Gate Open’, has been Activated.”

In addition, Belial King activates a new Skill.

Then, a portal opens on the ground, and monsters spring out from there.

Those include True Vampires, Death Demons, and Cerberuses.

Apparently, some of the monsters in the garden were transported here directly.

“Donald-han, the monsters from that gate all got Decoy on ‘em,” Kon said.

“Say it ain’t so~then we can’t stop Belial King at a~ll☆!””

“… This is bad,” Remma said.

“Belial King is heading for the exit.”

“No fair that the enemy is the only one with Threat Management, y’all,” Kon said.

This is why Belial King broke through the lower floors with haste.

Gate Open summons subordinates and casts Decoy on them, taking the summoned beast’s assault from Belial King.

He plunges even deeper into the gap in their defenses.

“No choice now but to put it all on Johann-chan☆,” Donald said.

“Tha’s right,” Kon said.

“If it’s Maou-han, she’ll do somethin’ about it.”

“… Onee-chan, I’m counting on you.”

Belial King reaches the silent throne room.

Then, Johann and a summoned beast greeted him.

Its name is Hinadora.


I’ve been waiting for you, Belial-san,” Johann said.

“Mokkyu,” Hinadora goes.

“We’re all set,” Johann said.

“Well then, let’s get things started, shall we”

It’s the final battle of the Raid event!


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