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As Sukyung climbed the stairs to the third floor, she couldn’t help but frown, Sungwoo had always told her she was a VVIP client, but it seemed that the young girl she just saw was the real VVIP customer.

After all, there were several shop employees working on her all at the same time. 


Wasn’t the level of importance of a client proportional to the number of employees that were assigned to work on her And if many employees worked on her too, Sungwoo would’ve never dared to spank her like he did before.

And he certainly would’ve never kissed her. 


Just remembering the kiss made her blush.

Fanning her face with her hand, Sukyung continued to walk up the stairs.

She just couldn’t remember why she couldn’t stop thinking about him.


“I must’ve lost my mind.”


Just then, a female employee approached her and asked, 


“Pardon Can I help you”


Sukyung almost fell down the stairs because she was so surprised.

The employee looked at her with a funny look.

Sukyung regained her balance and looked around the third floor.

Unlike the second floor, which had three large rooms with a long hallway, the third floor was an open space.

There were several beds placed in the area.

She even spotted some unfamiliar looking machines and a large lamp.


Sukyung explained,


“Umm… I had an appointment with President Jin, but I think this time slot was double booked.

He told me to come up here to get a massage in the meantime.”

“Ah, are you Ms.

Kim Sukyung, who had the original reservation today”


When the employee smiled in understanding, Sukyung nodded nervously.

The woman’s smile widened as she turned.

She gestured to Sukyung and announced, 


“Please come this way.

Have you had a facial massage before”


Oh, wait.

Yes, just once.”


Sukyung remembered winning a contest for a free facial at a cosmetic shop.

She went to get it done, and at the end, the lady tried to sell her a yearly skincare membership.

When Sukyung refused, the woman got very angry.

After this experience, Sukyung never went for another facial again. 


The employee smiled again and offered Sukyung a tank top dress that was made of terry cloth.

She explained, 


“Please go change in the changing room.

You need to take your underwear as well.

Depending on the boss’s order, the type of treatment for today will change.

Please don’t be so nervous.”


Sukyung must’ve looked scared because the woman’s tone was reassuring.

Sukyung managed to put on a smile and accepted the gown and a basket where she was asked to put her clothes. 


Sukyung walked into a small changing room and began to get undressed.

After putting on the terry cloth dress, she folded her underwear and clothes and put them in the basket.

When she walked out and handed the basket to the employee, she placed it inside a locker. 


The employee escorted Sukyung to a bed.

After having her lying down, she explained, 


“I’m going to take your makeup off now.

Until the boss gets here, we’ll begin with the steam treatment.

It will open up your pores.

If anything feels uncomfortable, please let me know.”


The woman began to gently wipe Sukyung’s face with cleansing lotion.

The cool and gentle touch felt so wonderful.

After her face was cleaned, a steamer was brought to be placed above Sukyung’s face.

The employee closed the curtain for privacy and left Sukyung. 


She wasn’t wearing her underwear.

All she wore was a towel-like material, so at first, Sukyung felt a little awkward.

But soon, she began to feel relaxed and sleepy.

There must’ve been a heating pad on the bed as well because she felt warm and cozy. 


Sukyung thought that it must be nice to be rich.

Did other women enjoy things like this regularly Will there ever come a day when she can enjoy this lifestyle 


In the end, Sukyung concluded that it was very unlikely.

She sighed a little, feeling depressed.

But there was no point in worrying about the future.

She just needed to enjoy the present while she could. 


Sukyung was just about to fall asleep when she heard some women whispering nearby. 


“No way!”


It was so quiet on the third floor that Sukyung could hear the conversation even though the women weren’t talking loudly. 


“I swear! Chief Song saw it.”

“Why would Boss date someone like her Didn’t he date the singer Jo Mira not too long ago” 

“Who knows I’m just telling you what I heard.

I mean, didn’t you think it was weird that the boss takes care of that woman all by himself Maybe she’s super rich or something.

“I doubt it.

I saw her clothes and jewelry, and they were cheap stuff.

Maybe Chief Song didn’t see things clearly.

I just can’t believe it.”

“It’s true.

I can’t really believe it either.

They just don’t suit each other.”


The women giggled among themselves before walking away.

Just then, a sharp voice of a middle aged woman rang from the staircase. 


“Arum is a little bit allergic to cucumber.

If you put any cucumber on her, her skin will turn red.”


One of the employees replied,


“Yes, of course.

Please don’t worry and let us take care of her.

You need to wait downstairs.

There is a nice waiting area on the first floor.”


The middle aged women then said to her daughter, 


“Arum, if you have any problems, just call me, okay”

“Gosh, I got it, Mom.

Just go away already.

You’re annoying everyone.”


Their footsteps got closer and closer.

Suddenly, the curtain beside her bed opened and Sungwoo appeared. 


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