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“Yes, I’m obviously talking to you.

Who else is here” 


The young girl laughed and looked at Sukyung.

She asked, 


“Are you planning on becoming an actress or something”


Sukyung stammered,


“N…no, it’s not like that.

Umm, I… I’m here to improve myself a little.”


You must be rich.

I had to fight so hard with my dad to pay for this.

He kept asking me why I need to spend so much on myself.”


Sukyung nodded in understanding.

This was going to cost her all of her savings as well.

She hadn’t paid yet, but when the time came, she knew her hands would be shaking as she made the payment.

Whenever she saw herself in the mirror, she was glad she decided to do this.

But it was still so much money.


Sukyung asked,


“How about you Are you planning to become an actress”

“Yeah, ultimately, that’s my goal.

But for now, I’m going to enter a model contest.

I should’ve begun at a much younger age, but it was only recently that my mom took my side.

But now that she’s going to back me up, it should be okay.

Even today, she begged the CEO here to take me in as an emergency appointment.

Normally, I heard they would never do something like this.”


When the young girl explained, Sukyung asked,


“And your mom agrees that you should become an actress”


The girl pouted and shrugged before answering,



She was a beauty queen when she was younger.

She said that if I’m gonna do this, I might as well get the best care possible.

So she made my dad pay for all of this.”


Sukyung exclaimed and replied,



You must be very happy.

Normally, aren’t most parents against their kids doing something like this”

“That’s true.

I know I’m really lucky that way.

I have friends who left home because their parents refused to help.

But none of them turned out great.

I’m lucky that my mom is so understanding.

I even got plastic surgery done not too long ago.”


The young girl suddenly raised the blanket and showed Sukyung her breasts.

Sukyung’s eyes widened as she stared at the girl’s nicely shaped breasts.

Sukyung had been to public bathhouses, so it wasn’t like she had never seen other women’s naked bodies before.

But she still had never met someone who was so open about showing off their body. 


The girl continued to explain,


“By the time I enter the contest, they will look more natural.

I asked the doctor to give me Jessica Alba boobs, but he said they will look too big for me.

He also said having big boobs is a minus for a model.”

“Oh… I see.”


How would Sukyung know what breast size a model should have Watching the girl’s dark nipples, Sukyung couldn’t help blushing.

The girl noticed Sukyung’s discomfort and began to giggle.


“Gosh, look at your face! You’re so red! Have you never seen someone’s breasts before You got them too, don’t you Let me have a look at yours.

Are they big or small


Sukyung shattered,


“M…me I… Umm… Mine’s just average.”


When the girl tried to pull Sukyung’s blanket, Sukyung screamed.

The young girl laughed even harder and replied, 


“You’re so funny! You’re old, aren’t you So why are you so embarrassed There aren’t any guys here.

It’s just us.”

“B…but… I…I’m just not used to it…”


The girl shrugged and answered, 


“Well, I had to show mine to a doctor and a couple of nurses when I got the surgery.

After that, I guess I am no longer shy about showing them.

Besides, it’s possible I might have to show them to many people from now on.

President Jin told me earlier that I better get used to it.”


Sukyung gasped in shock.

Get used to showing her boobs to everyone Sukyung blinked.

Did Sungwoo do something inappropriate to this girl No way! Her mother was here too, so he wouldn’t dare. 


Sukyung asked, 


“How old are you”

“I’m in high school.

I’m in grade 11.

I know.

I should’ve begun when I was much younger.”


Grade 11 When Sukyung was in grade 11, that was the last year she spent with her parents before they passed away.

It was probably the happiest time of her life.

If she could go back to that time, Sukyung was willing to give up anything she had right now. 


The young girl looked a little disappointed as she explained,


“It would’ve been better if I began two years ago, or even last year.

But it’s not too late for me.

I want to do this, so I better find a way.

I really want to become an actress.

Being a model is great too, but I’m a little too short for that.”


Sukyung asked,


“Couldn’t you just go become an actress straight away Go for auditions and stuff”

“My acting isn’t good enough right now to get a role that way.

It will b e better for me to make a debut as a model first.

I’ll work as a model to get better known.

Hopefully, I’ll get offers from some agencies.

I heard this is how a lot of the actresses make their way.

How about you What do you do How old are you”


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