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Seeing Peng Qius shocked expression, Wen Yuan shook his head and smiled evilly.

“Im sorry to disappoint you.”

Peng Qiu paled and murmured under his breath, “He definitely doesnt like you.

Youre not worthy of him at all… why…”

I dont deserve it, so you deserve it

Wen Yuan was speechless.

Too lazy to argue with him, he turned and left.

Although slapping Peng Qiu was quite refreshing, Wen Yuan was still a little uncomfortable when he mentioned Qi Jinrans ex.

Was the matter that Grandpa Qi kept silent about also related to Qi Jinrans ex What happened then

Returning home with a heavy heart, he found that the new oven in the kitchen on the third floor was installed.

Wen Yuan immediately forgot the previous unpleasantness, and buried himself in the kitchen to make the strawberry red velvet cake and mango mille-feuille1Chinese name is “thousand layers” and a mille-feuille is the closest match he had always wanted to try.

While waiting for the cake to bake, Wen Yuan decided to clean up the old things that were not in use in the kitchen.

“Sister Xue, can I put the old oven2Probably a microwave oven in the warehouse in the basement”

“The basement is a bit damp.

There is a utility room on the roof, which can also store things.” Xue Rong was preparing lunch for Qi Jinran in the kitchen.

“Well, then Ill bring it over.”

Wen Yuan carried the old oven to the fourth floor.

There was a small room at the end of the hall, which should be the utility room Sister Xue mentioned.

Twisting the handle, the smell of dust flooded his nose as he pushed the door open.

Wen Yuan turned on the light to see many large and small cardboard boxes piled up inside.

It was probably all unused, old things.

Putting the oven in a corner, Wen Yuan covered it with a cloth.

When he was about to turn to leave, he tripped over the edge of a hard object.

He held on to the corner of the table to stabilize his body.

Looking down, it turned out to be a cardboard box sealed with glue.

Probably too much time had passed, causing the glue to dry and crack.

The carton lid was flipped up, revealing the objects inside.

Wen Yuan didnt intend to spy on Qi Jinrans privacy, but his pupils dilated slightly as soon as his gaze landed on the contents.

There seems to be… a portrait inside.

Wen Yuans heart skipped a beat.

Driven by great curiosity, he opened the cardboard box to see what was inside.

It was actually a half-length portrait of Qi Jinran.

The frame is extraordinarily exquisite, and the person in the picture is smart and expressive.

It is obvious that the painters skills are superb.

There were also black initials in the lower right corner of the portrait, NS.

Seeing Qi Jinrans bright and gentle eyes in the portrait, Wen Yuan could easily guess what kind of feelings the painter of this painting had for Qi Jinran.

Could this NS be Qi Jinrans ex

Did Qi Jinran keep his paintings here because he still misses him

Many guesses flashed through Wen Yuans mind.

Not daring to ponder over it, he put the painting back in the cardboard box, closed the door, and hurried downstairs.

“Xiao Wen, Mr.

Qis dinner is ready, and its in the insulated box.

Would you like to go to the company to give it to him”

Wen Yuan didnt hear what Xue Rong was saying, and nodded absently.

“Thats great.

Werent you making cake You can also send some to Mr.

Qi and as a late night snack.”

Wen Yuan finally remembered that his cake was still in the oven.

With an “ah!”, he quickly turned around and rushed to the kitchen.

Fortunately, it wasnt burnt.

But the surface was a little dry.

Wen Yuan breathed a sigh of relief.

Forgetting his previous pondering, he cut the cake into small pieces, and began to squeeze on cream and decorating the pieces with fruit.

Xue Rong watched from the side, envious.

“Xiao Wen, when will you teach me how to do this”

“You can come and learn whenever you have time.

But Im also a rookie, and my skills might be average.”

“Stop kidding yourself, these things look better than the ones displayed in the shopping mall window.”

“Youre overpraising me.”

Under Xue Rongs earnest gaze, Wen Yuan went out with the insulation box and cake box.

Shuixieju3Recall, thats the name of their mansion/home is very close to the Qis Group building, about ten minutes by car.

After thanking the driver, Wen Yuan carried the bag and entered the building a little nervously.

Thinking that Qi Jinran was in a meeting, he didnt dare to disturb him, and only sent a text message to Zhuang Jie.

However, Zhuang Jie seemed to be busy and did not reply to him.

Just as Wen Yuan was worrying about how to get in, he suddenly thought of his identity as an intern.

Hurriedly flipping out the electronic ID in his mobile phone, he showed it to the front desk.

“Ah, from BV, who are you looking for” The little girl at the front desk was a little puzzled.

“Im looking for… Assistant Zhuang.”

“Senior management are all busy with year-end debriefings these two days.

Assistant Zhuang and President Qi are both in the conference room.

Why dont you go to the lounge upstairs and wait.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Unable to enter the top floor, he could only wait in the office area one floor below the top floor.

At the end of the year, various projects are coming to an end, so the office area was still brightly lit.

Wearing a temporary ID around his neck, he walked in.

Before he could reach the lounge, he was stopped by a middle-aged man.

“Intern! Come help me make copies of these materials, its urgent!”

Wen Yuans foot paused and he turned to look at him.

“Youre… call me”

“Who else Whats with these interns! Leaving work earlier than the leaders They have no motivation at all!” The man said impatiently.

Wen Yuan thought about it.

Theoretically speaking, he is indeed an intern of the Qi Group.

Anyway, Jinran is still in a meeting, so its fine for him to help.

“Twenty copies, right” Wen Yuan put the bag on a desk, and took the thick stack of materials from the mans hands.

“Ill go make the copies right away.”

The man then showed a reluctantly satisfied look before leaving.

Half an hour later, Qi Jinran came down from the top floor and saw Wen Yuan surrounded by several enthusiastic female employees in the pantry.

“Xiao Wen, the mango pastry you brought is delicious.

I have never eaten such a delicious one before.”

“Yeah, this strawberry cake is also delicious, and the fruit is very fresh.”

“Xiao Wen, how long have you been in the company Do you have a girlfriend I have a cousin…”

Qi Jinran frowned and coughed lightly.

When the several female employees saw him, they were frightened.

Quickly calling out “Mr.

Qi”, they hurried back to their workstations.

Wen Yuan had just sorted out the copied materials.

Looking up, he saw Qi Jinran, and surprise flashed across his eyes.

“Have you finished meeting”

“Why didnt you come directly to the top floor” Qi Jinran looked unhappy.

“I didnt want to disturb you, so I came in by myself.

Anyway, Im also a Qi Group intern.” Wen Yuan smiled.

Thinking that Qi Jinrans dinner was still in the bag, and hurriedly took out the insulation box.

“Wait, Ill warm it up for you again.”

He had just put the lunch box in the microwave when a mans impatient voice came from behind.

“Newcomer, have you finished copying the materials Youre even eating supper, ah”

He is the deputy manager of the engineering department, and he also has some power.

He is usually best at flattering superiors and squeezing inferiors.

He was quite unhappy seeing Wen Yuan was so popular with female colleagues, and took the opportunity to attack.

“Which department do you belong to Who recruited you—”

Midway through talking, he suddenly noticed someone else standing in the pantry.

When the person turned around, he was so scared that his soul almost fled.

“Mr… Mr.

Qi… why are you here”

Qi Jinran raised his eyes coldly.

“My dinner is hot in the microwave, do you have any opinion”

Sweat poured down the deputy managers back as he quickly said: ” No problem.

But Mr.

Qi, you ate too little earlier.

Why dont I help you to order a dinner set with tea”

“Mind your own responsibilities first.” Qi Jinran scolded coldly.

Lowering his eyes, he glanced at the piles of copied materials on the table.

“Even interns arent obliged to help you with this.”

“Yes, Mr.

Qi, youre right.” The deputy manager lowered his head, sweating profusely.

After telling off the other person, Qi Jinran led Wen Yuan to the top floor under the curious eyes of the staff.

“If someone asks you, do you always help” Back in his office, Qi Jinrans face did not look very good.

“I didnt have anything to do this time, and so… I wont next time.”

“You should be hungry, hurry up and eat first.” Wen Yuan took out the lunch boxes with various dishes and placed them on the table one by one.

“This chicken soup is made by Sister Xue with an old hen brought from her hometown.

Its very nutritious.

You should try it.” Wen Yuan gave him the chopsticks.

The corners of Qi Jinrans mouth moved.

Under Wen Yuans expectant gaze, he picked up the soup bowl.

Halfway through eating, he suddenly remembered something.

“Did you make the cake they ate before”

Wen Yuan nodded with some embarrassment.

“I originally wanted to bring it to you and Zhuang Jie, but when they saw it, they were hungry and said they wanted to eat, so I—”

“All done” Qi Jinran clenched his chopsticks tightly.

“No, no, theres one left.”

Wen Yuan flipped through the paper bag and took out the last little cake left.

“This one has the biggest strawberry, I specially reserved it for you.”

Qi Jinran stared at the fresh, tender, red strawberry on the velvet cake, and his heart softened.

Throat bobbing, he suddenly said, “My hands arent free.”

Wen Yuan didnt think too much.

Picking up the strawberry with a fork, he brought it to his mouth.

Qi Jinran raised his eyes and looked at him with bright black eyes.

It was only then that Wen Yuan realized how ambiguous his actions were.

His ears flushed blood red.

He was about to withdraw his fork, but Qi Jinran raised his head slightly and ate the strawberries on the fork in one bite.


Gotta wonder if author is treating the strawberry scene as a euphemism for WY sending himself to QJR without thinking.


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1Chinese name is “thousand layers” and a mille-feuille is the closest match2Probably a microwave oven3Recall, thats the name of their mansion/home


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