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Wen Yuan didnt know how he had provoked Qi Jinran again.

After thinking about it, he hesitated, “But there is no escort bed1dont know the right term.

Basically an add-on bed for those who need to stay by a patients side here…”

“I will ask the nurse to find me an empty hospital bed.” Qi Jinran lowered his eyelashes.

Arranging the quilt that had slipped from his shoulders, his voice was slightly hoarse.

“You dont need to help me think about this, just have a good rest.”

“Okay.” Hearing Qi Jinrans insistence, Wen Yuan couldnt persuade him anymore.

Suddenly remembering something, he opened his mouth again.

“You didnt tell my parents and grandpa about the car accident, did you”

Qi Jinran narrowed his black eyes and looked at him with a bad look.

“Why, you want me to help you hide it from them”

Wen Yuan shook his head.

“Thats not what I mean.

Its too late today.

You can inform them tomorrow and let them get a good nights sleep.”

Qi Jinran didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“Okay, Ill do as you say.”

Wen Yuan put down his worries thoroughly.

The effect of the anesthetic had gradually worn off after talking to Qi Jinran for a while.

The first thing he felt was the pain in his left leg, which was vague, as if the flesh and blood at the wound had not healed.

It didnt take long for the piercing pain to come from his right leg which was in a cast.

The piercing pain spread to his nerves, penetrating his bones, as if a huge pair of scissors had cut through his right leg, randomly stirring the insides with the shape blade..

Wen Yuan couldnt maintain his calm expression, and curled up with cold sweat covering his forehead.

“Did the anesthetic wear off Its starting to hurt” Qi Jinran observed his expression, and instantly understood after seeing his face pale and him biting his bloodless lips.

Wen Yuan nodded without any strength.

“It… my right leg…is very painful…”

“The doctor prescribed painkillers, you should take two first.” Qi Jinran was very experienced in this kind of thing, and took them out.

Holding a glass of warm water, he helped Wen Yuan up, and let him lean on the head of the bed to take the painkillers.

“This medicine…will it work” When Wen Yuan finished taking the medicine and lay back on the bed, his face was still pale as paper.

Qi Jinran wiped the sweat from his forehead with a handkerchief, gently stroked his face with his fingers, and whispered, “Everyones physique is different, and painkillers are also different from person to person.

Dont think about the pain, think about something else, okay”

Wen Yuan reluctantly hummed.

He looked closely at Qi Jinrans face, and a trace of something flashed in his black eyes.

His left hand came out from outside the quilt, and firmly grasped Qi Jinrans sleeve.

“Jinran, were you… in such pain at that time”

Qi Jinran was stunned.

Many emotions flashed across his eyes, before they soon returned to calm.

“Its okay.” He didnt want Wen Yuan to imagine his pain, and responded lightly.

“I feel the same way now…” Wen Yuan suddenly thought of something.

The corner of his mouth grinned unconsciously, as he said with a smile, “I also hurt my right leg.

Do you think the two of us are very fateful and a match made in heaven”

Qi Jinran smiled bitterly, and knocked his forehead.

“This kind of fate, its better not to have.”

Wen Yuan wrinkled his nose and said angrily, “Cant you see that Im teasing you Why are you so confused”

Qi Jinran laughed lightly, and he held Wen Yuans hand instead.

Bowing his head, he kissed the back of his hand.

“Okay, its all my fault, I apologize to you.”

“I also want a kiss on the face.” Wen Yuan pointed to his cheek dissatisfied.

Qi Jinran lowered his long eyelashes and looked at his scarred face.

His eyes were full of distress, but he still lowered his head, carefully avoided the wounds, and kissed him on the cheek.

The warm breath sprayed on Wen Yuans cheeks.

It was a little itchy, and he wanted to scratch it, but remembering the wounds on his face, he could only grit his teeth and forcibly hold back.

Qi Jinran finally kissed him on the lips, biting Wen Yuans dry, bloodless lips until they turned a little bloody, and then backed away.

“My god, its already three oclock in the morning.” Seeing the time on the wall, Wen Yuan sighed exaggeratedly.

The painkillers kicked in and his right leg wasnt as painful as before, and his tone was naturally much lighter.

“Are you tired Go to sleep first.” Qi Jinran sat back on the chair.

“Not tired, Ill ask if there is an escort bed.” Wen Yuan was about to ring the bell when someone knocked on the door of the ward, and a young nurse in green clothes walked in pushing a light blue hospital bed.


Qi, we just found an empty hospital bed for you.

You can use it first.” 

The Peoples Hospital is a public hospital, and the beds are very tight, so Qi Jinran did not force the nurses to help him find an empty hospital bed.

Unexpectedly, after the nurses at the nurse station knew about his situation, they were all eager to help, and soon found an empty hospital bed for him.

Qi Jinran glanced at the nameplate on her chest and smiled politely.

“Nurse Zheng, thank you.”

“Its nothing, just a little effort.” The little nurse smiled kindly at him, then turned to Wen Yuan and said with concern.

“Is there anything else Is someplace uncomfortable”

“No, its much better after taking the painkillers.” Wen Yuan smiled.

“Thats good, youre very brave.

We had a young man who screamed in the ward all night after an operation on his leg, and the painkillers didnt work.

Youre much stronger than him.”

“Really” Wen Yuan chuckled twice.

“Maybe its because I have family with me.”

The little nurse didnt know the relationship between Qi Jinran and Wen Yuan.

He only knew that the tall and handsome man had waited all this time, so when Wen Yuan mentioned family, he couldnt help asking, “Is this Mr.

Qi your family Is he your brother or—”

“Hes my husband.” Wen Yuan replied with a smile in his black eyes.

“Oh, I say, no wonder.” The little nurse understood instantly and sighed.

“The two of you have a really good relationship.

Many couples here have a caretaker accompany their partner when theres an accident.

Few are willing to be here in person, and stay with them.”

Wen Yuan glanced at Qi Jinran.

His chest was warm, and he didnt speak.

When the nurse left, he hurriedly asked Qi Jinran to rest on the escort bed next to him.

After seeing Qi Jinran lay down, he was relieved, and gradually became a little sleepy.

Closing his eyes, he fell asleep.

The ward was quiet.

In the darkness, hearing the even and long breathing from the next door, Qi Jinran slowly opened his eyes and sat up silently.

He got out of bed and walked to Wen Yuans hospital bed.

The faint moonlight filtered in and shone on the boys side face.

Qi Jinran touched his forehead and made sure that the touch under his fingertips was warm before taking a breath and sitting beside him.

When Wen Yuan woke up, the sky was already bright, and the air after the rain was exceptionally fresh.

He turned his head and saw the orange-red morning sun rising from the sky.

The escort bed beside him was still clean and tidy, and Qi Jinran was no longer there.

Wen Yuan looked around and was about to make a phone call to ask where Qi Jinran was, when hurried footsteps suddenly sounded outside the door of the ward.

“Yuan Yuan, how are you Are you okay” Early in the morning, Qi Jinran called Ye Xia and Wen Chengmin.

After the two heard the news of Wen Yuans car accident, they hurried over without even having breakfast.

As soon as she entered the ward, Ye Xia saw the scars on Wen Yuans face, and she was so distressed that her eyes were red.

“Mom, Im fine, theyve already finished the operation.”

“It rained so hard last night, you couldve stayed at the airport for one night.

You just had to rush home, you!” Wen Chengmin couldnt bear it and let out a long breath.

Without waiting for Wen Yuan to speak, Qi Jinran stood in front of him, and bowed deeply to Ye Xia and Wen Chengmin.

“Dad, mom, Im sorry.

Its because I didnt take good care of Xiao Yuan.

If you have to blame someone, blame me, its all my fault—”

“You kid, what are you talking about!” Ye Xia hurriedly held his arm, urging him to up.

Seeing Qi Jinrans bloodshot eyes and exhausted face, she guessed that Qi Jinran must have been here to take care of Wen Yuan all night.

“I know, seeing Xiao Yuans accident, you must be uncomfortable.

How can we blame you”

“Yes, Jinran, dont blame yourself, Xiao Yuans car accident was an accident.

You dont need to be stressed.”

“Mom, Im hungry, did you bring anything to eat” Wen Yuan really didnt want to see Qi Jinran blame himself, so he changed the subject.

“I asked Sister Xue to make simple porridge and snacks, and theyll be delivered soon.” Qi Jinran said.

“Its still Jinran who is considerate.” Ye Xia looked at him with admiration.

After a few people chatted, the doctor came in to check Wen Yuans condition.

His various indicators had returned to normal values, and the wound on his leg had begun to heal.

After sharing some precautions, the doctor left the ward.


An emotional chapter.

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1dont know the right term.

Basically an add-on bed for those who need to stay by a patients side


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