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After Wen Yuan sent the text message, Zhang Huaite didnt reply for a long time.

He wasnt sure, so he glanced at Qi Jinran.

“Jinran, you say Huaite… will he care”

“Will he care, well find out when we return to Wancheng tomorrow.”

“Well, when I get back to Wancheng, I have to discuss with Huaite how to increase the customer flow.”

“You said earlier that the style of the dessert shop across the street is very similar to yours”

“Yes, but I havent seen it yet.

Ill go there tomorrow to see what their stores desserts taste like.”

Qi Jinrans eyes were dark, and he put one hand around Wen Yuans waist and touched his black hair.

“You take a few pictures and send them to me.

If the design style is very similar, we can sue them for infringement.”

“En, Ill go get it tomorrow.”

It only takes three hours to return to Wancheng from S city.

As soon as he landed, Wen Yuan couldnt wait to go to the dessert shop.

To his surprise, Xiao Hui told him that the store manager took a leave of absence today and was not in the store.

Only the head chef and a few assistants were busy in the back kitchen.

Since Wen Yuan came over that day and talked with the new head chef, the head chef did not rush to leave, but said that he would try and stay for a while.

 But Wen Yuan also knew in his heart that this chef and Zhang Huaite had different personalities, and he would not stay for too long.

They have to find another one soon.

If Chen Xingyu can come back, it would be for the best.

Chen Xingyu and Zhang Huaites baking skills are on the same level, and if the two continue to cooperate, the dessert shop will definitely thrive, but unfortunately…

 Wen Yuan walked into the shop opposite of them, and could smell a sweet fragrance.

In addition to desserts, this store also sells coffee and various milk teas.

The decoration style is a low-end version of their store.

Wen Yuan sat down on a booth and found that the plants in the store were all fake, and the flowers on the table were also fake, and suddenly wanted to laugh.

No wonder, as soon as he entered, he smelled a faint plastic smell.

He ordered a few signature desserts, took them away, returned to his shop, and tried them with Xiao Hui.

The store imitated their cheesecake, but the taste is far from their store.

The taste of cheese is not strong, and the cake is not soft enough.

As for other desserts such as Black Forest Red Velvet, the cream tastes like inferior margarine.

No wonder the price is so low.

“F*ck! This macaron is too hard, like a stone.” Xiao Hui took a bite of the blue macaron and put it down.

“Such unpalatable food, I dont know why business is so good.” She was indignant.

Wen Yuan glanced at the opposite side with a light expression.

“They have just opened, there are various promotions, and the price is lower than ours.

When customers compare, of course they will choose them.

Many people dont pay much attention to desserts, so its normal that they cant tell good or bad.”

Xiao Hui was so angry and threw the macarons on the table into the trash can.

“Its just that bad money drives out good money, and the owner of the store opposite is too disgusting.”

“Thats how the market is.

When someone does well, everyone wants a share of the cake, which can easily lead to infighting.”

“By the way, did Huaite say where did he go” There were very few customers on Monday, so even if Zhang Huaite wasnt there, the back kitchen wasnt too busy.

“I think he bought a plane ticket and will be going elsewhere.”

Ticket Wen Yuans heart moved.

Could it be that Huaite really went to see Chen Xingyu

“Wen Yuan, I think those online food anchors are very popular, should we also invite an Internet celebrity or something”

Wen Yuan had the same idea as Xiao Hui a few days ago, but after a little investigation, he decided this idea was not very feasible.

“Those Internet celebrities have too much water,1as in marketing or hype and the live broadcast fees are expensive, so we may not be able to make money back.

Why dont we try to create an account ourselves.”

Xiao Hui clapped her hands and smiled at the idea.

“Yes, why didnt I think of this There are so many handsome guys in our store.

What kind of internet celebrity do we invite, the handsome guys in our store can become internet celebrities themselves!”

Wen Yuan smiled, but his expression was a little depressed.

“Lets talk about it when your manager comes back.

We can make a preliminary plan first, and discuss it with him when he comes back…”

Wen Yuan stayed in the dessert shop for an afternoon, talking to the chefs and assistants.

After a meeting to stabilize the forces, he returned to Shuixieju in the evening.

He was making a red velvet cake, and his phone suddenly vibrated while he was spreading cream.

He picked up the phone, and heard Zhang Huaites slightly hoarse voice.

“Wen Yuan, can you take me in I cant go home today.”

Wen Yuan was startled and looked out the window.

Zhang Huaites white Chevrolet was parked outside.

Wen Yuan had a hunch about what was going on, so he walked downstairs quickly towards the entrance.

In the driveway, the Chevrolets window was lowered, revealing Zhang Huaites face.

Seeing the bruises on the young mans face, Wen Yuans expression was extremely shocked, and his mouth gaped open.

“Huaite, you got into a fight with someone”

Zhang Huaites handsome and deep face was a little gloomy, and he did not deny it.

“Damn, who did you fight with” Wen Yuan suddenly thought of a possibility and looked at him in disbelief.

“You wouldnt have gone to S City and see that Zixuan—”

“Ouyang Zixuan.” Zhang Huaite said those four words coldly.

“Who told him to do anything to Chen Xingyu.”

Wen Yuan didnt believe that Ouyang Zixuan would be the kind of insensitive person.

He was eager to know what happened, so he took out his mobile phone and called Chen Xingyu.

However, no one answered.

“Dont call, Ill tell you what happened.” Zhang Huaite turned off the engine, got out of the car, and slammed the door shut.

“Do you have wine at home”

In the living room, Zhang Huaite held a half-empty red wine bottle.

His long and thick eyelashes drooped down, and his fair face had a touch of red.

Wen Yuan brought the freshly baked red velvet cake in front of him, and said tentatively, “Huaite, have you eaten Would you like to eat something first”

Zhang Huaites state was very bad.

“I cant eat anymore, forget it.”

Zhang Huaite took a sip of wine, put the bottle on the coffee table.

The black hair on his forehead fell down, and his expression was unprecedentedly sluggish.

“Huaite, did you go to S City to find Chen Xingyu” Wen Yuan asked cautiously.

Zhang Huaite didnt speak, just drank glass after glass of wine.

He did go to S City to find Chen Xingyu, wanting to know why Chen Xingyu was able to be with other men so quickly after confessing to him.

He didnt want to believe it, and had to see it with his own eyes.

As a result, as soon as he entered the classroom of the baking school, he saw Chen Xingyu standing with the man wearing glasses, discussing the steps of making European buns.

Chen Xingyus face was stained with flour, and the man with glasses reached out and wiped it for him.

The two were very close.

Unspeakable anger immediately swept through Zhang Huaite.

The person who used to work closely with Chen Xingyu in the back kitchen was obviously him, so why is there another man beside him now And Chen Xingyu was smiling so happily at that man!

The flames of jealousy burned his heart, and Zhang Huaites face even distorted from anger as he strode up to Chen Xingyu.

He didnt want to start a fight with Ouyang Zixuan, but when he saw him appear, he suddenly became defensive.

He wanted to say a few words to Chen Xingyu, but he was stopped.

“Zhang Huaite, what are you doing here Didnt you reject Xingyu” In the empty classroom with no students, Ouyang Zixuan looked at him coldly, blocking Chen Xingyu behind him.

“This is between me and him, dont butt in!”


Damn, who expected a love triangle.

You can really draw one of those relationship net things now.

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1as in marketing or hype


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