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Shi Xia was frustrated, she was at the verge of becoming crazy.

Her radishes were almost finished.

And if the things continued to be as it was, she would not only starve to death but also be driven crazy by this dark place.

Just when she was at her wit’s end, a door opened up at the top of her head.

That’s right, a door opened.

The door opened as if it was there all the time, but she was too blind to see it.

The originally pitch black place suddenly lit up slightly as the door opened with a click.

The door looked like a trapdoor was opened from the outside.

A young man of about twenty years old peeked inside before starting climbing down.

His mouth was complaining to particularly no one as he climbed, “Which big guy fell down again Why do they love to jump from here……”

The man looked down* and instantly froze, staring at her dumbfounded.

[T/N: In the RAWS, the man was climbing up which didn’t make sense.

So I changed it to climb down.]

Shi Xia also looked at him with dumbfounded eyes.

The two looked at each other with eyes as wide as saucers ……

Half a minute later.

“You are alive” The man asked with trembling voice.

“Uh …… Yes” She can’t be dead since she just finished eating her last radish, right

The man became instantly ecstatic as a smile slowly bloomed on his face, “You are alive! You are really alive! Great!” He extended his arms to hold her hands in excitement and squeezed them hard, “I haven’t seen a living person in a long time.

Congratulations on jumping from the cliff ah.”

Shi Xia: “……” Is this something to celebrate =_=

“My name is Kong Yang.” The man introduced himself with an excited face, “I’ve been alone in this valley for years, without anyone to accompany.

Now I finally have someone to talk to.

By the way, what’s your name”

“Shi …… Xia Shi.” Shi Xia quickly changed her name because it was too dangerous for her own life. Mom, Dad, please forgive your poor daughter.

“So it’s fellow Daoist Xia Shi*.

Let’s go, let’s go out of the formation.” Kong Yang pulled her with an excited face and helped her climb out the cliff to the exit up above.

[T/N: In cultivation worlds, one cultivator calls the other cultivator as Daoist or fellow Daoist.

You can say it’s a term of showing respect to the other party.]

Once she came out, the once dark view of her immediately changed and a wide open field came in front of her.

She had to squint a little at the sudden brightness.

Something soft touched her feet, when she looked down, she saw lush green grass appeared under her feet.

Thousands of unknown flowers bloomed on both sides of the path they were standing on.

Far ahead of her, the vague outline of a village could be seen.

The breeze was blowing gently, caressing her face and hair in a soothing manner.

After spending so many days in the pitch blackness, Shi Xia was mesmerized by the view in front of her.

Looking up, rather than seeing a blue sky, a huge golden formation was hovering above their heads.

The formation had densely written words, which were glowing black and white.

Through the gaps of the words, she could vaguely see the top of the cliff, from where she was thrown by Yuanwu.

“This …… is ……” Shi Xia was confused.

Where the hell was she

“That is the Spirit Extermination Formation.” Kong Yang explained, “That black and white light you are seeing is the Chaos Qi.”

“The Chaos Qi” What kind of thing is it Can it be eaten

“You don’t even know that How on earth did you fall from there” Kong Yang looked at her with a curious face.

He thought for a while and pulled her to sit down next to him before continuing, “The Chaos Qi is considered the Qi, which was responsible for opening the sky and splitting the earth at the beginning of the world.

It can devour all spiritual things.

I don’t know why this Qi exists in this valley.

But because of this chaotic Qi, this valley has formed a natural Spirit Extermination Formation.

We cultivators need spiritual energy to enhance cultivation and become immortal.

But this Spirit Extermination Formation can destroy any spirits.

The higher the cultivation level and the more spiritual energy in the body, the more violently the Chaos Qi will react.”

“Oh……” No wonder those old men looked so miserable.

“I have noticed one thing.

If someone, whose cultivation level is higher than the Foundation Building, falls down the cliff, he would immediately die.

I was at the Qi Refining stage when I fell, and was also badly injured at that time.

It took me years to recover.

What about you”

“Uh ……” the corners of Shi Xia’s mouth twitched as she repeated the same sentence she had been saying after falling down the cliff, “I have no spiritual roots.” So I have zero cultivation level.

Kong Yang froze before nodding slowly, “No wonder you don’t have any injuries at all.”

“By the way, I saw many people fall down before, but the bodies all disappeared.”

“Oh, that’s the formation I laid.” Kong Yang pointed to the golden spell formation above their heads and said with a proud face, “You know, those people from the immortal world love to throw things down here.

They even throw dead bodies here every once and often.

The bottom of this was not a place where you can come and go as you wish.

It is so beautiful here and the space is also little, but those people still dare to throw people here! Why would I bury them So I laid a formation that would make all the bodies that fall disappear.

Otherwise, the ground would have been full of dead bodies.

The formation can make all the body turn to dust and disappear.”

“Oh ……” Just say that the formation is used for sweeping, Shi Xia said in her heart.

“Huh Is that a dragon pearl in your hand” Kong Yang pointed to the white pearl in her hand and asked.

“Hmm.” Shi Xia nodded.

“No wonder it rang so loudly just now, so it was a dragon that fell down before I came.” He looked relieved, “It’s been a while that a dragon have fallen.”

“Do dragons fall down often” So dragons are such common creatures She hadn’t seen one before, could it be because all of them fell down here

“No, not all the time.” Kong Yang shook his head and said after pondering for a while, “only …… a dozen or twenty every once in a while.

Not much.”

Shi Xia: “……” This is not considered much The number is pretty big, okay They are dragons ah! Not domestic animals.

“Chaos Qi is not bothered by the Heavenly Dao* and is not bound by time and space.

So sometimes, strange things also fall down.”

[T/N: Laws of the world in cultivation novels.

In the cultivation world, Heaven and Heavenly Dao are two different things.

Heaven means where gods or cultivators who ascend as a god live.

And Heavenly Dao means the rules which revolve around the world.

In simpler terms, laws of nature.]

Aren’t dragons gods How did it become something strange


“Not bound by time and space, you mean that the time in the Spirit Extermination Formation is not accurate”

Kong Yang nodded, “Although the people or things that fall down may appear now, it is possible that they had fallen thousands of years ago, or just recently.”

No wonder the day she fell down, she met the old man Lin who also fell down.

It turned out that they weren’t from the same time and space.

In this way, the dragon that she just met might have fallen down millions of years ago.

“But this dragon pearl of yours is peculiar.” Kong Yang looked at the pearl in her hand curiously and said, “I’ve seen many dragon pearls, green, gold, blue, red, but not white ones.”

“You like it Here you go!” Shi Xia handed it to him without any hesitation.

Kong Yang froze, “You’re just giving it to me”

“Of course! You are the one who saved me after all.

Didn’t you say that people can only enter this valley but not leave In this case, this dragon pearl is useless to me no matter how valuable it is.

I don’t have any spiritual roots, so it’s unlikely that I will be able to leave the valley.”

“Sister Xia is kind.

From today onwards, I, Kong Yang, will be your friend forever.” Kong Yang laughed and took the dragon pearl before suddenly thinking something.

He took her by the hand and said enthusiastically, “Let’s go.

I will show you something good.”


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