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Jiang Hanfei raised his hand and brushed the hair on her face to the side.

He looked at the woman’s cherry lips and then kissed her with a dark look in his eyes.


Jiang Hanfei kissed her with a good lingering tongue kiss.

When they parted, a strand of silver silk was still clinging to the corner of their mouths, which looked ambiguous.


“Luo Luo,” the man licked the woman’s slightly swollen red lips.

His voice was hoarse as hell.


The man’s eyes were filled with a reflection of her.

The fire had intensified deep in his eyes, and something in his crotch tended to raise its head.

Sensing the change in his body, the woman pushed him away partly in panic.

“I, I’m going to take a shower first.”


Su Yunluo lay on the bed, covered with a soft blanket.

The man dropped an “I’ll be out soon” before entering the bathroom.

Now listening to the sound of water rushing in the bathroom, she panicked.

Su Yunluo knew what would happen next but was inevitably a little nervous and apprehensive.


The water in the bathroom stopped abruptly, then she heard footsteps slowly approaching this way.

Su Yunluo turned her back to the man, pretending to be unaware of the man’s movements, and closed her eyes.


As usual, the man lifted the blanket and lay in, locking the woman’s soft body in his arms.

Then, he kissed the woman’s nape.

Noticing that the woman only shuddered slightly and did not refuse, the man’s movements became more indulgent.


The woman only felt shame as she listened to the licking and sucking sounds that were getting louder and louder behind her, and her face turned red with embarrassment like fire.

The woman was wearing a silk nightgown, and through the thin fabric, she could feel the heat of the man’s body.

The heated palm rubbed against her waist and gradually climbed upward to grip her full roundness.


“Mmm,” Su Yunluo couldn’t help but escape a sound.


The man stiffened and pulled the woman’s body over to face him.

Su Yunluo was caught off guard, crashed into the man’s fiery eyes, and somewhat shyly turned her head away.


Su Yunluo bit her lips, a look that would let the gentleman Jiang Hanfei pick a way to transform into a wolf.

“Okay, don’t bite yourself.” The man freed her red lips, and his tongue covered her lips gently.


At some point, the woman’s clothes were removed, leaving only underwear as the last barrier.


The woman’s white neck was marked by him.

The man held his breath as he admired the woman’s chest: The two snow-white breasts were plump and upright.

At the top were pink buds that trembled gently.


His hands trembled as he covered the soft breasts, and their feeling gave him an incredible sensation.

Jiang Hanfei gently kneaded, allowing the snow-white flesh to change into various shapes in his palm.


“Mmmmm,” the woman let an audible moan.

Her nipple was licked carefully in his mouth, and her bottom couldn’t help but spit out a stream of nectar.



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