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When Jiang Hanfei returned home, it was just mealtime.

Looking at Su Yunluo’s back as she worked in the kitchen, the fatigue of many days of the business trip was gone.

His eyes also unconsciously turned gentle.


He gently walked over and hugged her from behind, “Luo Luo.” Jiang Hanfei bowed and printed a kiss on her cheek.


“You’re back.

Go to your room and change your clothes.

There is another dish to get before you can eat.” Su Yunluo smiled and pushed him out of the kitchen.


It was a simple three dishes and one soup, but it satisfied Jiang Hanfei.

No matter how good he ate outside, Jiang Hanfei still preferred to eat at home.


His parents divorced when he was young, and Jiang Hanfei followed his mother.

Later, when his mother started a new family, he felt out of place and decided to move alone.


The failure of his parents’ marriage made him long for a family.

But at that time, Su Yunluo and Xu Xiangchen were still together, so he thought his wish would not come true.

But he never expected to get what he wanted.


For him, with Su Yunluo, he could only call it home.

Now that they were living together, he began to be insatiable.

He hoped to use marriage to connect the two of them so that they would be regarded as complete.


After dinner, the two sat in the living room watching TV.

Recently, a traditional Chinese costume drama became very popular.

The theme was a typical palace drama, but the plot was new and not clichéd.

Plus, the actors’ faces and acting skills were right where they should be, which sparked much discussion.


Jiang Hanfei could look at the audience’s mentality when he first looked at it.

He just got into an occupational disease and unconsciously started to review the actors’ performance with the director’s eyes.

“The male lead’s emotions are not in place, not showing the kind of force.”


Su Yunluo laughed at him.

“How can there be so many problems I think the performance is quite good”


Jiang Hanfei seriously refuted her, “Not good.

This scene should show the emotion of sadness.

The tears are there, but the hero’s face does not appear sad.”


Su Yunluo quietly looked at him.

She suddenly “pfft ” a laugh.

She found that the man would have such a childish side for the first time, arguing with her over a trivial matter.


“You are making fun of me,” Jiang Hanfei looked at her sullenly.


“No, no, I just think you’re cute.” Su Yunluo was full of smiles.


“No, I have to punish you for that.” Jiang Hanfei jumped on her on the sofa and tickled her.


“Giggle, so itchy.

I’m wrong.

You let me go,” Su Yunluo blurted out, begging for mercy.

Her hair became a bit messy.


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