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Han Qingsong, “…” He couldn’t help but bend his eyebrows.


…I’m so ashamed.


Han Qingsong picked up the needle, “I’ll help you.”


Lin Lan looked at him in horror, not realizing that he knew how to sew.


Han Qingsong met her surprised expression, showed a smile and reached out to her.


His fingers were slender and knuckles were also clearly defined.

It was the definition of a handsome hand, even if it was decorated with a lot of calluses and wounds.


Lin Lan reached out and shook it; it was hard enough.

If this hand slapped or spanked a child, it would most definitely hurt, “You’re going to think that I’m a joke.”


Han Qingsong, “…”


He took advantage of the situation to hold her hand as his generously large hand wrapped hers at once.


His hands were dry and warm with the strength of years of training.


This feeling made Lin Lan a little strange.

Her heart started to beat faster and she quickly pulled out her hand.


Han Qingsong, “The thimble”


Lin Lan’s cheeks flushed as she quickly took it out of the needle and thread basket.


Han Qingsong tried it out and put it on his finger.

Soon, he began to transform into a kind old mother to sew a quilt.


Lin Lan, “!!!”


Han Qingsong was tall, so sitting on the kang seemed to make the kang even smaller.

She saw that his right hand was holding the quilt from under the fabric and his left hand was holding a needle.

With that, he started to sew with one stitch.


“The quilt is too thick and the cotton is old.

You have to go in diagonally and come out diagonally,” Han Qingsong was still explaining the key points to her.


Lin Lan was stunned.

Now, she understood the sentence ‘men who did housework are the most handsome’.


A few minutes later, Han Qingsong said, “You need to find some powder to mark a straight line or the seam will be crooked.”


Lin Lan crawled over to take a look, “It’s not crooked, it’s alright.”


No matter how crooked it was, it was better than her sewing.


Han Qingsong still put it down, “I’ll borrow one from the sister-in-law’s house in the back.”


Lin Lan immediately said, “I’ll go.”


Soon, she borrowed the talc powder bag for sewing the quilt with straight lines.

Under Han Qingsong’s command, she marked several white lines on the quilt.


“If you sew according to this seam, it will not be crooked,” He began to sew the quilt.


Lin Lan followed along, “I’ll start sewing from here, we should hurry up together.”


She listened to Han Qingsong’s instructions and felt that there was no problem in mastering it, but the lower hand could not be seen, so it was easy to pierce it with one needle…


“Ah!” She hissed and quickly pulled out her hand.


Han Qingsong threw down the needle and thread, took her hand over and squeezed it until blood beads came out.


Lin Lan was afraid that he would stick her finger in his mouth like those TV shows, so she hurriedly pulled it back, “It’s alright, no matter who sews the quilt, who wouldn’t get pricked before”


Han Qingsong, “Just let me sew it, you can pour me a bowl of water to drink.”


Lin Lan took the tea jug he brought back and poured a cup of water, “I haven’t bought a thermos at home yet, so let the water cool down for a while.”


Han Qingsong said it didn’t matter, “I often drink boiling water outside, it’s fine.”


Lin Lan handed him the tea jug, but he took her hand and lowered his head to drink water, so Lin Lan had to tilt it.


After drinking, she saw that there were water droplets on his mouth.

Afraid that it would drip onto the quilt, she wiped it for him.


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