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From there on, Old Lady Han continued as she cut her off, “Not just that, she even hurt me too.

She even wanted to hurt an elder like me and pushed me to the wall as if she wanted me to hit my head and die! If it weren’t for Old Three who held onto me later, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have made it out alive!”


Lin Lan watched them twist their words to suit their narrative as she cleared her throat. Relying on Han Qingsong’s return to give him a show, aren’t you all Fine then, it’s my turn to take part in the acting roles!


She looked at the old lady, “I’ll say mother, why are you still lying when you are this old You bumped your head over towards me and I was afraid that you would hit your head against the wall with how fast you were heading.

Even if you didn’t appreciate it, you shouldn’t have wronged a good person.

And second sister-in-law, I’m not done with you yet so I’ll settle my accounts with you now.

My children’s father earns allowances to support our whole family by being in the army and I work every day to earn work points as well.

I won’t say anything if you avoid labor by remaining at home, yet you took advantage of my absence at home and pushed Sanwang on a rock and even used a stick to hit him And that’s something that I saw— could it be that you’re hitting him every waking hour of the day when I’m not present”


The old lady and the others were stunned.

Unexpectedly, Lin Lan, who would cry and protest when she faced an unfavorable situation, could speak so fluently and sarcastically.

No one interrupted her words due to the shock of her fluency.


Wang Xiufen was so wronged; what the heck did she mean by ‘every waking hour of the day’ What was ‘avoiding labor’ You’re the one avoiding labor, aren’t you I just took a break for one day!


Just as the old lady and Wang Xiufen were about to speak up for themselves, Lin Lan said first, “At any rate, let me reason with you about the matter of funds and spendings— since that’s the only thing that you guys care about so gravely.

Xiaowang was sick and we went to the doctor, so what’s wrong with that Why don’t you see the good in me and instead, you guys tried to beat me up to death and also force me through a divorce.

Isn’t Xiaowang his father’s son Shouldn’t he  see a doctor with the money his father earns I’d dare to report this to the County Revolutionary Committee! Anyway, the money is all spent, so you don’t have to think about getting it from me.

Even if you beat me to death, I wouldn’t be able to return it to you!”


“Bull**, bull**!”


Another commotion broke out in the small room.

Despite the eldest sister-in-law’s cries to get them to eat, her voice was drowned out by the chaos in the room.


Han Qingsong frowned and yelled, “Stop!”


The noise disappeared instantly.


Everyone looked at each other before they started to rant again.


Han Qingsong motioned for them to go out and said that the room was too crowded.

The rants and arguments of the three women were more than capable of making the air boil.


When they all went out, Han Qingsong glanced at Lin Lan and motioned for her to go out and talk as well.


Taking advantage of their absence from the room, Lin Lan slammed the door shut.


Han Qingsong felt the gust of wind formed by the slamming of the door as his clothes ruffled along.

His body jerked from the shock of the force as his eyebrows twitched slightly.


Old Lady Han grabbed his arm, “Old Three, you see what I’m trying to tell you What are you waiting for!”


Second sister-in-law, “Third brother, what are you waiting for! She even dares to beat your mother!”


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