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“Old man, I’ve made my decision— they will be divorced.”

Old Three was an officer.

Even if he was divorced, would it be impossible to find a good and obedient daughter-in-law

If things went her way, he should find a wife who is the daughter of a Commander.

That would truly be two peas in a pod— her status would be high enough for him and she could even aid in his promotion in the army as well.

As a literate, she would know about filial piety.

She wouldn’t piss the family off and would even send money home— how nice would that be!

The Han family’s second brother and second sister-in-law clapped their hands as they agreed, “Mother is right.

Third brother, you have to think about it.”

The eldest brother and the eldest sister-in-law looked troubled, “Father, mother, third sister-in-law is not that bad, I don’t think there’s a need to go for divorce.

They already have a bunch of kids together; what would others think about us if they divorce and Old Three gets a new wife”

“What’s there to worry about the kids They can just stay here; with you guys and me here, how could the kids suffer” The Old Lady Han didn’t see the point of that argument.

She kept poking Old Han’s head, trying to get him to speak.

Although she could complain and rant all she wanted, it was the male parent who had the final say.

The Old Man Han kept fiddling with the cigarette pot.

His guilty conscience kicked in as he felt that it was a bit harsh to drive the third daughter-in-law out of the family.

After all, she had given birth to a total of five children and she did her fair share of work as well as she wasn’t the type to sit back and relax while the others worked.

He thought that it was better for them to live separately.

By doing so, they could still work together and it would prevent a lot of the sparking conflicts between her, the second sister-in-law and the old lady.

“Old Man, it’s alright; I know you can’t bring yourself to say it, so let’s just leave the decision as it is,” The Old Lady Han waved her hand, “Old Three, go back and tell her that you will go to the Commune Revolutionary Committee tomorrow and divorce the marriage.

Get her to return to the Lin family quickly…”

The second sister-in-law of the Han family added fuel to the flames, “It’s really rare to see someone who had no second thoughts about hitting mother like that,” She patted her head slightly and cried out in pain.

The old man didn’t say a word as he just looked at Han Qingsong.

The old lady also forced him, “Old Three, you have to say something, quick.”

The atmosphere in the house became a little stagnant as no voices were heard.

Even the swishing of the fan had stopped, and the only audible sounds were a mix of the collection of exhales and the buzzing of mosquitoes.

Everyone looked nervously at Han Qingsong’s mouth.

At this time, his already serious face looked even more grave as his deep eyes were particularly darkened.

Han Qingsong,”No.”


The old lady didn’t understand; what went wrong with the offer

That one word of his was indeed a quick answer, but it wasn’t the answer that she wanted to hear.

The old lady’s facial expressions suddenly fell, “Old Three, after you’ve become an officer, your wings are tough and sturdy now, so you don’t see the need to respect this old woman anymore, do you”

The eldest brother of the Han family quickly nudged Han Qingsong , asking him to elaborate a little more.

In response, Han Qingsong replied, “Mother, no.”

Old Lady Han was so angry.

She knew for a fact that he wasn’t the most eloquent when it came to speaking because everything he said would irk her.

However, she thought that he would have picked up a few skills by now since he was an adult.


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