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“Mother, let’s build two small rooms first; it wouldn’t take many materials to make,” They’d make do for two years first before he starts to build a new house.


“What sort of crap are you talking about” Old Old Lady Han said, “There is a shack outside the wall of the Third Master’s house where firewood is usually kept.

Just go and live there.”


The eldest Brother of the Han family wondered, “Mother, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”


“What’s wrong about that When the second son of the Liu family had no place to live when he got married, he just went to Yongshun Da’s house to bunk in.”


Han Qingsong, “I’d better ask the Secretary Head first.”


In the past, he was called the Secretary Head, but now he was the Director of the Company and Village Revolutionary Committee.


The eldest sister-in-law hurriedly said, “They are all enjoying the shade at the Brigade Headquarters though.”


At this moment, the men were basically making small talk and fooling around in the Brigade Headquarters.


Han Qingsong nodded and told his parents that he was about to go.


When the old lady still disagreed, the Old Man Han said, “Just let him go, you’re always fussing around; he is no longer a child that is a few years old and he is more than qualified to be in charge of his matters.

Besides, it is inevitable for him to not visit the Secretary Head and the Captain now that he’s back.”


Old Lady Han was still unhappy as she started pouting angrily, thinking about the allowances and the backpack that was full of items.


Han Qingsong returned to the room and was startled when he saw Lin Lan doing needlework and telling stories to the children on the kang.


In his memory and under his impression, this sort of scene was even more unlikely than an enemy’s automatic surrender without resistance.


He glanced at her, “I’m going to find the Secretary Head.”


Lin Lan nodded, “Then you should bring something for him as well.”


He came all the way back from camp, so it made no sense for him to show up empty-handed when meeting the Secretary Head and the Captain.


Han Qingsong brought his backpack over and opened the buckle.

He took out two bottles of malted milk extract and grabbed two handfuls of candy.


Lin Lan looked at it and pulled a piece of cloth from the clothes drying pole over the head of the kang and gave it to him to wrap it up with.

This was to make sure that the items weren’t too conspicuous.


Malted milk extract was rare these days; not everyone can bring them home.

Even if Han Qingsong came back, this wasn’t something that could be simply given to others; there had to be a request that came with it.


Han Qingsong pocketed his items and said, “I was in a hurry to get back, so my backpack was stuffed in a mess.”


Lin Lan looked at him, is he implying that I should clean it


Isn’t he worried that I would take the contents inside


Han Qingsong picked up the cloth and put the backpack in Lin Lan’s hand.

Before he left, he glanced at the children, “Eating a piece of candy will cause cavities if you don’t take care.”


After that, he left.


“Mother-” Erwang and Maisui were excited.

Did father want them to eat the candies


Lin Lan hurriedly shouted, “Don’t forget to get Dawang and Sanwang to come home.”


Those two arrogant children were definitely used to listening to the nonsense of the men at the Brigade Headquarters.

Some of the men specialised in spreading idiotic stories, so she was worried that Dawang would be affected.


Listening to the sound of Han Qingsong’s footsteps leaving, Lin Lan hesitated for a while but opened the backpack in the end.

She reached in and tried to take something out, but the backpack was too deep and it took her entire arm’s length to reach the bottom.


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